Chapter 1925 - Heaven Sect

“This matter seems unfair to Qing Shuang and is not fair to Qing Lin… I shouldn’t have done this… But Zhou Yi’s thousand years of obsession… Forget it, I can’t make it perfect.” Wang Lin sighed.

As the sea dragon under him roared, they left the Earth Sect. Before Wang Lin came here, he didn’t expect to meet him and her.

“Situ, Qing Shui, Xu Liguo, Liu Jinbaio… There are many friends from the past. I wonder if they are somewhere… looking at the same sky.” Wang Lin sat on the head of the sea dragon as he looked up at the sky with a melancholy gaze.

“I wonder if Situ was able to begin his life as a king. I wonder where Senior Brother Qing Shui went. Xu Liguo is cunning and ever-changing. Liu Jinbiao comprehended the dao of deception, I wonder if he is still comprehending it...

“And also… Li Qianmei.” After meeting the first old friend that reincarnated, Wang Lin felt ripples echo in his heart. Their vivid faces flashed through his mind.

The sea dragon rushed toward the other powerful sect on this continent, the Meng Earth Sect, under Wang Lin’s command. This sect was equal to the Earth Sect.

With Wang Lin’s Empyrean Exalt cultivation and the Golden Exalt sea dragon, the trip was smooth. The Meng Earth Sect respectfully handed over the map jade in fear of displeasing Wang Lin.

Wang Lin also spread out his divine sense in the Meng Earth Continent. Although the probability was not high, he still wanted to see if he could find some old friends.

But he found nothing.

With a sigh and a blessing toward Zhou Yi and Qing Shuang, Wang Lin sat on the sea dragon as it flew toward the Heaven Continent.

The entire Eastern Continent only had a few Empyrean Exalts. In the Heaven Continent, there was the Heaven Sect, which was part of the nine sects and thirteen factions. The old ancestor of the Heaven Sect was rumored to be a genius in the same generation as Luo Yunhai.

However, his cultivation stopped at Empyrean Exalt. He onced followed Grand Empyrean Gemini; however, something happened and he silently left. He returned to the sect and hadn’t left for tens of thousands of years.

The strongest sect on the Heaven Continent was the Heaven Sect. Among the nine sects and thirteen factions, only the Heaven Sect ruled over the entire Heaven Continent.

The Heaven Sect was different from other sects. Instead of just one sect, they had a total of 19 branch sects across the Heaven Continent and completely controlled the resources of the whole continent.

At this moment in the Heaven Continent, a giant sea dragon quickly moved through the continent. Wang Lin was sitting on the head of the sea dragon, calmly looking at the earth below.

The reason this continent was called the Heaven Continent was because the clouds were all very low. The clouds were supposed to be high in the sky, but due to some strange changes, these clouds were close to the ground. It was as if one only needed to reach up and grab them.

As a result, the entire Heaven Continent was like a wonderland that was shrouded by clouds year-round.

In the Heaven Continent, there were countless mountains, and the highest peak was called the Heaven Peak. From afar, one couldn’t see the whole mountain, as part of it was covered by the clouds. They made it look extraordinary.

On this day, the sea dragon appeared as ripples echoed. It floated in the sky and stared at the mountain below. Its Golden Exalt cultivation completely spread out and shrouded the area.

Wang Lin stood on its head in full white, looking extraordinary among the white clouds. He stepped across the endless white clouds toward the peak of the mountain.

Wang Lin stood on the top of the snowy peak and allowed the wind to cause his white hair to flutter. The sea dragon circled around him and looked around with a cold gaze.

“I’m Wang Lin. I request to meet the Heaven Sect’s old ancestor on Heaven Peak!” Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out like millions of bolts of thunder exploding. The rumble spread with him as the center like real thunder and covered more than half the Heaven Continent in a flash.

In the Heaven Continent, all the cultivators in all the branch sects of the Heaven Sect and the many sects that were under the Heaven Sect trembled when they felt this powerful divine sense sweep by.

Even the clouds above the Heaven Continent seemed to collapse. When the divine sense spread out, the clouds avoided it, so everything within millions of kilometers around Wang Lin became clear!

Heaven Continent, main location of the Heaven Sect. As Wang Lin’s divine sense echoed through the endless mountains, a shocking aura erupted, causing the world to change colors. The clouds split as a white-haired old man walked into the sky.

As he stood there, the world seemed to tremble. He looked into the distance toward where the peak was. His eyes lit up, he waved his sleeve, and he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was at the peak of Heaven Mountain. Ripples echoed as he walked out. He didn’t even look at the sea dragon around the mountain but stared directly at Wang Lin.

There was 10,000 feet of sky between the two of them. As the old man looked over, Wang Lin looked up and his eyes shined. Their gazes met for the first time.

It all looked silent, but thunderous rumbles echoed in Wang Lin’s mind. The old man’s gaze was like hundreds of thousands of needles that entered Wng Lin’s eyes. It seemed like they were going to pierce his body.

Wang Lin’s body trembled and the golden light in his eyes became even stronger.

The white-haired old man’s entire body trembled. He felt like Wang Lin’s eyes contained a golden sword. This sword gave off extremely powerful celestial energy, it was sharp, and it even gave off a powerful pressure.

When it entered his mind, it felt like the golden sword had stabbed his body.

“Why did you summon me here?” The white-haired old man withdrew his gaze. He looked at Wang Lin with a serious expression.

“I have just entered the Empyrean Exalt stage and would like to ask Fellow Cultivator for some pointers, nothing else.” Wang Lin had no grudge against the Heaven Sect. His words were polite and he clasped his hands at the white-haired old man.

The white-haired old man immediately laughed and battle intent appeared in his eyes. It was rare for a life or death battle to happen between Empyrean Exalts, but it was normal to have exchanges. However, because there were far too few Empyrean Exalts, it was rare for one to give up the chance to battle another.

This kind of exchange was good for both of them.

“Good!” The white-haired old man stepped forward and raised his right hand. He waved at Wang Lin on the peak and all the falling snow on the peak trembled. It formed a snowstorm and rushed at Wang Lin from all directions.

This snowstorm contained nine spells. The storm howled and raged as it drowned Wang Lin inside.

Wang Lin laughed as he raised his right hand and threw a punch!

This punch also contained nine spells, and they were nine War Spirit Prints!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and shook the surrounding world. The snowstorm trembled and exploded so that snow covered the world.

Thunderous rumbles continued to echoed across this place, along with the earth-shattering laughter.

Several hours later, Wang Lin’s figure retreated out from the endless snow and stabilized himself tens of thousands of kilometers away. 

“Fellow Cultivator’s cultivation is extraordinary. This battle has benefited me greatly, many thanks!”

At the same time, the white-haired old man also retreated tens of thousands of feet in the other direction before stabilizing himself as well.

“You have just entered the Empyrean Exalt stage and you are able to fuse nine spells into your movements. You also don’t look very old; this old man admires you!”

The two of them were tens of thousands of feet away from each other. They both clasped their hands at each other and smiled.



The two of them closed in rapidly from two different directions. The thunderous rumbles even caused the sea dragon’s heart to tremble, and it retreated. It looked at the two terrifying figures and blinked before retreating some more.

This battle lasted for seven days. Wang Lin and the white-haired old man skirmished 23 times!  Every skirmish, they would split apart to recover their cultivation and think about the previous skirmish. They would also talk to each other.

This kind of battle between Empyrean Exalts involved no hatred, so it was good insight for both of them.

“Fellow Cultivator Wang, I can see you are still holding back a bit. Our battle strengths are similar, so why not go all out?” At the end of the 23rd skirmish, the white-haired old man laughed from the distance.

“Ok!” Wang Lin stood up and his five-element true body appeared!

With only one true body, Wang Lin’s battle power would increase and he could battle against an Empyrean Exalt that had fused 18 spells!

“Essence true body! And it’s no ordinary essence true body, but an essence true body of a fusion of multiple essences!” The old man’s pupils shrank as he looked at Wang Lin’s essence true body.

The two of them attacked at the same time, and the white-haired old man no longer held back. He erupted with the power to fuse 17 spells!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and three days passed. After three days, Wang Lin smiled as he stepped onto the back of the sea dragon and it flew away.

“Fellow Cultivator Mu Rong, many thanks!”

As the snow fell, the white-haired old man stepped out and looked at Wang Lin’s direction with a serious expression.

“He hasn’t used his full strength… with his cultivation, I wonder how far he will get in the Empyrean Trial.” The white-haired old man waited until Wang Lin disappeared completely before leaving.

“There is a new Empyrean Exalt in my celestial clan. This matter needs to be reported to the Grand Empyrean.” These 10 days of battle had also given him a lot of insight.

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