Chapter 1924 - Waiting for the Autumn Wind

Wang Lin stepped forward. All the Earth Sect disciples between him and the man were all pushed aside by an invisible force. When Wang Lin’s step landed, he appeared before the man named Qing.

“Senior…” The man was startled as he looked at Wang Lin. He was at a loss. The same look appeared on the woman’s face, along with panic. Wang Lin was being accompanied by the old ancestor and the sect master, so he had to be a powerful person!

Old Ancestor Zheng Tianlin saw this and was shocked. Doubt appeared in his heart, but no matter how much he pondered, he couldn’t think of the real answer, so he didn’t act recklessly.

When the sect master saw this, coldness appeared in his eyes. He was suppressed by Wang Lin’s aura and didn’t dare to speak. He also couldn’t see Wang Lin’s expression, only his back. However, he felt like he had found an opportunity to act, so he pointed at the man named Qing and roared.

“The two of you have guts. Without Senior doing anything, I’ll remove the two of you from the sect!” With that, he moved forward to show off.

“Stupid!!” When the Golden Exalt old man heard this, his expression changed. He turned to wave his sleeve and was going to stop the Earth Sect’s sect master.

However, before he could do anything, Wang Lin turned and the gentleness in his eyes turned into a chilling gaze.


This word was like a bolt of thunder that exploded in the Earth Sect, creating countless echoes and a powerful sound wave. All of this landed on the sect master, causing his body to tremble. He coughed out blood and was thrown far away.

One word, one sound could cause a late stage Void Tribulant sect master become seriously injured. The pupils of the Golden Exalt old ancestor shrank and he immediately clasped his hands at Wang Lin.

“Senior, please don’t be angry. This descendent of Junior hasn’t cultivated for long. Although talented, he is too reckless and has been spoiled by Junior. Junior will immediately remove his position as sect master and hand him over to Senior to deal with. Junior will find a new person to take the position!”

This sudden change startled the nearly 1,000 rank 5 disciples. They looked at Wang Lin with indescribable fear.

The man named Qing trembled and the woman beside him held his hand. Sweat appeared in their palms.

“You… What is your name now?” Wang Lin looked at the man named Qing. In a trance, he saw the person who had burned his body to protect the female corpse. Who laughed as he gave Wang Lin the Ascendant Crystal and burned his soul to fight against his enemy!

At this instant, Wang Lin saw the man who became a sword spirit and looked at the awakened Qing Shuang, who had lost her memory. The bitter pain and countless years of silent companionship where he waited forever. He never gave up, even in death and when she forgot him.

His feelings shocked the heavens, his feeling moved the earth!

The reincarnation spell was not able to hide your thousand-year obsession...

“My name is Qing…” the man softly said while looking at Wang Lin. Even facing Wang Lin, there was still that sense of coldness from his body.

“Qing… One word…” When Wang Lin heard this, he felt a stab of pain in his heart. This came from his understanding of the man before him and witnessing this man’s bumpy life.

The man pondered for a moment and said, “Yes, I’m an orphan. I gave myself the name ‘Qing.’” The woman beside him held his hand even tighter.

“Feelings that can’t be forgotten even after reincarnation… He was infatuated and guarded a corpse for a thousand years. When she woke up, they were strangers. Countless years of waiting, waiting for her to remember him… Obsessed for life… In this life, his name is Qing… How is that his name? It’s clearly the woman he is obsessed with. Qing Shuang’s Qing!!” Wang Lin looked at the cold-looking man and didn’t speak for a long time.

This coldness was different from Qing Shui’s. This came from his previous life as a sword spirit. The coldness of the sword had nothing to do with emotions, and even after reincarnation, it was still there.

“I tempered with his and Qing Shuang’s reincarnations… Especially Qing Shuang’s. Even though she was Qing Lin’s daughter, she was the one I changed the most!” Wang Lin sighed and looked at the woman next to the man. She looked nervous and panic filled her eyes. She grasped her lover’s hand as if she was afraid of losing him. She seemed to be very afraid before Wang Lin, and if she wasn’t holding her lover’s hand, she would be helpless.

She was afraid of Wang Lin. The moment she saw Wang Lin, her body trembled. That fear came from her soul; it seemed to be engraved into her soul and couldn’t be erased.

Wang Lin looked at the woman and slowly asked, “What is your name?”

The woman trembled, subconsciously retreated a few steps, and hid behind her lover. She held onto her lover’s hand and her face was pale without any trace of blood.

“Her name is Zhou Yiting…” The person who answered Wang Lin was the man she was holding onto.

“Zhou Yiting…” After Wang Lin heard this name, he looked at the woman profoundly.

“Back then, Zhou Yi called Qing Shuang ‘Ting Er…’ In this life, she should not remember her past life…” Wang Lin closed his eyes. Back then, he did one thing.

He shouldn’t have done this, because everyone had the right to their memories. But during Qing Shuang’s reincarnation, he wiped her memory!!

It wasn’t a seal, he had completely erased her memory!! This caused intense suffering for her soul. This was why she still felt unimaginable fear toward Wang Lin, even after reincarnation.

“I don’t believe you didn’t recover your memory of Zhou Yi, you just chose to be cold. I witnessed most of your time with Zhou Yi. Since you chose to forget and have chosen to reincarnate by my hands, then I’ll assume you did this intentionally. Therefore, I’ll help you erase your memory!!

“From now on, you will never have the memories of your previous life. You only have the memories of your current life!!” This was what Wang Lin had thought to himself when he erased Qing Shuang’s memory.

He didn’t tell this to anyone, nor did anyone notice. He did this on his own to help Zhou Yi.

While Wang Lin’s eyes were closed, the man holding the hand of his longer hesitated and said, “Senior… You… Your cultivation level is high. Can you help me resolve a confusion…” 

The moment he spoke, the woman grasped his hand tightly as if their hands were going to merge into one; not even death was going to separate them. She looked nervous and sad - she even seemed to forget her fear of Wang Lin.

“Qing, that’s a dream. It’s only a dream!!!”

Wang Lin opened his eyes and looked at the man.

The man held his lover’s hand and softly muttered to her, “I just want to know the answer.

“While cultivating to this point, I felt like I have done it all before, and I quickly reached the point I’m at today… In these hundreds of years, I always had a dream, and this dream was the same...

“In that dream, there was a woman. I could only see her back and she wore white. She gave me a familiar feeling but also made me feel very sad and cold. I always wanted to see her face, I wanted to know who she was...

“I faintly felt like she was my wife in my previous life… If I had a previous life… She was probably my wife...

“It seems like the purpose of my existence is for her. To wait for her to turn around and look at me…” the man whispered, and his eyes revealed a deep sense of confusion.

His confused expression was the same as the one he had while guarding the corpse for a thousand years, hoping for a miracle...

The surroundings were completely quiet and only the man’s voice echoed. The Golden Exalt old man looked at this and then at Wang Lin. He had some speculations and he silently pondered.

Wang Lin looked at the man and didn’t speak for a long time. He could erase Qing Shuang’s memory, but he didn’t want to change this man’s memory. Because this man was his friend, his benefactor.

Wang Lin wanted him to choose the right path in life himself.

“On the spring of one year, I walked under a tree and looked at a leaf. I liked it very much. When autumn came, I came to the tree again, but I could not find that green leaf. I thought I couldn’t find it...

“But I didn’t know that it was still there, it’s just that its color had changed… When I turned to leave, the autumn wind blew by and the yellow leaf flew off. It circled me and accompanied me along the way, but in my melancholy from missing the green leaf, I never noticed that the leaf I was looking for was by my side the entire time...

“This is my answer to you.” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with reminiscence as he spoke.

“If one dsy you find that my answer is correct, you can take this pill. This will make it so you will never see that dream again.” Wang Lin turned and stepped toward the head of the sea dragon. He left a withered, yellow pill that was like an autumn leaf. It floated before the confused man.

“Zheng Tianlin, these two are my best friends, and they are now reincarnated into your sect. This is a great fortune for your sect. I’ll help your sect three times!! If anything happens to them, I’ll be coming to question you!” Wang Lin’s voice echoed in the Golden Exalt old man’s heart. At the same time, Wang Lin waved his hand and a jade with his imprint flew out toward the old man.

“Thank you, Empyrean Exalt!!” The Golden Exalt trembled and bowed at Wang Lin. This was a great gift!!

At this moment, a breeze blew by and caused the man and woman’s hair to flutter. Two strands of their hair intertwined together like two butterflies dancing.

Wang Lin didn’t unlock the man’s memory seal but gave him a choice. He looked at the man profoundly before withdrawing his gaze. He stood on the sea dragon and it carried him away.

“Zhou Yi, Big Brother Zhou, forget me, forget the cave, forget your previous life. In this life, cherish the people near you. She is the one you waited for a lifetime to turn around, the figure in your dream.” Wang Lin let out a sigh.

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