Chapter 1923 - Meeting

Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the world; not even the endless sandstorm around the Earth Sect could suppress his voice. Everything seemed to freeze before Wang Lin’s voice.

It only seemed like everything frozen, as the wind and sand still moved.

However, even so, his divine sense caused a storm that shook the souls of all the cultivators in the Earth Sect.

Under his divine sense, the higher one’s cultivation level, the stronger one felt it. The old ancestor of the Earth Sect was at the Golden Exalt stage. Although the sect master hadn’t reached Golden Exalt, he was still a late stage Void Tribulant cultivator.

The two of them were the most powerful cultivators in the Earth Sect.

At this moment, the Earth Sect's sect master was currently scolding his three disciples. He had a serious expression and was angrily scolding one of them. His words caused a pressure that made the disciples tremble.

But at this moment, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out. He didn’t want to hurt anyone, so the three low cultivation level disciples could resist, but their expressions changed and they felt like a wind had blown by.

However, the expression of the Earth Sect's sect master changed greatly. He felt like hundreds of thousands of bolts of thunder had exploded in his mind and the world was collapsing on him. His body trembled and he rushed out of the sect without hesitation.

He didn’t dare to not come out, he didn’t dare to disobey!

There was also the Golden Exalt of the Earth Sect. He was in closed door cultivation year-round and would not easily come out. At this moment, he was sitting there when his heart rumbled. Wang Lin’s divine sense was overbearing and forced through all obstacles to echo in his heart.

The Earth Sect’s Golden Exalt old ancestor opened his eyes, and they were filled with shock and fear.

“Empyrean Exalt!” At this moment, the Golden Exalt felt the world collapse before him. He felt that only one fragment needed to fly toward him to make him fall.

Fear filled his mind. The Golden Exalt old ancestor immediately teleported outside the Earth Sect.

Aside from them, in a pavilion in the rank 5 region, the man named Qing felt this divine sense as well. His body trembled and he became even more confused than before.

Not only him, but the woman next to him also trembled, and a flash of confusion appeared in her eyes.

The entire sect of 30,000 disciples all felt their minds tremble, but it was due to awe. Confusion only appeared in the man and woman.

However, neither of them knew that at that moment, both of them looked so similar.

Outside the Earth Sect, Wang Lin calmly stood at the head of the sea dragon and looked at the sandstorm before him. The Earth Sect's old ancestor appeared, followed by a ray of light that was the Earth Sect's sect master.

When the Golden Exalt old ancestor appeared, he saw the sea dragon under Wang Lin. The moment he saw the dragon, his heart skipped a beat. The sea dragon was equivalent to a Golden Exalt cultivator, and a powerful one at that. It was slightly stronger than the Devil Dao Sect's sect master.

“A Golden Exalt sea dragon as a mount…” The Golden Exalt old man felt sweat on his forehead. He looked at Wang Lin, calmly standing on the sea dragon’s head, and his heart trembled when he met Wang Lin’s gaze. He quickly clasped his hands and bowed respectfully at Wang Lin.

“Earth Sect’s Zheng Tianlin greets Senior.”

As he spoke, the sect master also arrived, but with just a glance, his face turned pale. He was shocked by Wang Lin’s luxurious mount and obediently stood beside the old ancestor. He bowed at Wang Lin in awe.

“Junior didn’t notice Senior had arrived, I hope Senior can forgive me. If Senior doesn’t mind, please come into the Earth Sect so Junior can pay his respects.” The Golden Exalt Zheng Tianlin was very respectful and didn’t dare to be rude. He was afraid of offending this terrifying Empyrean Exalt.

He didn’t even dare to spread out his divine sense to check Wang Lin’s cultivation level. It was very rude for a weaker cultivator to spread out their divine sense to check the cultivation level of a powerful cultivator.

With that terrifying divine sense, he could clearly judge that the person before him was an Empyrean Exalt. The Golden Exalt sea dragon also caused his heart to tremble.

“I have only meet Empyrean Exalts twice,and each of them can make a continent tremble… This person suddenly appeared before my sect; could it be that someone in my sect has offended him?”

Wang Lin smiled and said to the old man, “No need to enter the sect. I’m passing by the Meng Earth Continent and need the most complete map your sect has. Can you give me one?” 

With that smile, the Golden Exalt let out a big sigh of relief. He was afraid someone in the sect had offended this Empyrean Exalt. It has to be said there were only around 1,000 Empyrean Exalts in total. Most of them were on the Central Continent, some followed a Grand Empyrean, and the rest stayed in a sect, acting the true ancestor.

After hearing that Wang Lin had only come here for a map, the old man named Zheng Tianlin quickly nodded.

“Senior is being polite. Junior has the most complete map the sect owns on me. This contains the entire Eastern Continent and beyond. Even a big part of the Southern Continent.” As  he spoke, he waved his right hand and a golden jade appeared. He respectfully handed it to Wang Lin.

Wang Lin accepted the jade and scanned it with this divine sense. The map was wider than this tortoise shell, and it was quite detailed.

“It even has maps of the Southern Continent.” Wang Lin smiled and looked at the Golden Exalt old man.

Seeing that Wang Lin was very satisfied, the Golden Exalt old man relaxed even more.

“When Junior became a Golden Exalt, I went out to gain experience. I went far south and recorded everything I saw along the way and left it in the jade. If Senior needs it, there is no need to make a copy. Just take it, Junior has backups.”

After putting away the jade, Wang Lin wanted to give some benefits, but he had just reached the Empyrean Exalt stage. He was also held at the scorpion temple for over 100 years, so he really didn’t have anything worth taking out.

It has to be said that a map jade was very secretive and would often not be given out casually. It was the accumulation of several generations of a sect.

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin’s right hand reached out at the void and fire gathered in his palm. This fire turned into an Immortal Fire seed that contained some fire essence.

“I won’t take your sect’s map for nothing. This contains a trace of fire essence. If anyone inside your sect can sense it, it can increase their chances of forming a fire essence.” Wang Lin waved his right hand and it flew toward the old man.

The old man’s face revealed a joyous expression. He quickly received it and put it away inside his storage space. He bowed at Wang Lin but secretly sighed in his heart. Every Empyrean Exalt he had met was extremely stingy. The two he had encountered before were like this, and the third one now as the same.

After giving the fire seed and taking the jade, Wang Lin turned to leave. He casually spread out his divine sense across the sect. This was a subconscious behavior due to his cautious nature. The sea dragon flew 1,000 feet up.

“Goodbye, Senior!” The Golden Exalt old man relaxed completely and clasped his hands.

The Earth Sect's sect master that had accompanied him but had no qualification to speak also clasped his hands.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin suddenly stopped and turned around. He stared at the Earth Sect and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

At that instant, his divine sense spread out and he felt a soul aura that made his mind tremble!!

The sea dragon felt Wang Lin’s divine sense and let out a roar toward the sky. It then charged toward the Earth Sect.

This change was too sudden; the Golden Exalt Zheng Tianlin simply didn’t expect it at all. He turned around, and as his expression changed, the sea dragon flew over his head into the Earth Sect.

“Senior!!” Zheng Tianlin’s expression became suspicious and he turned around to look at the Earth Sect's sect master, who was also shocked. They turned into two rays of light and flew after Wang Lin.

As the sea dragon rushed into the Earth Sect, its roars echoed across the world, making the 30,000 disciples tremble. They felt the illusion of heaven’s might descending.

The sea dragon floated above the area of the rank 5 members. Wang Lin stood on the dragon’s head and looked down. He entered a trance.

The Earth Sect's old ancestor and sect master quickly caught up. The sect master was pale. He didn’t know why Wang Lin had suddenly come here. He looked at Wang Lin and his heartbeat accelerated.

“Senior, these are my sect’s rank 5 sect members…” The Golden Exalt old man felt bitterness in his heart. He took a deep breath and quickly gave an introduction.

“Rank 5 disciples, listen to my order. Everyone come out and greet Senior!” The Golden Exalt old man’s mind turned rapidly. He vaguely guessed that the reason this emotionless Empyrean Exalt had suddenly rushed here was because one of the rank 5 disciples had made him unhappy or was a descendant of an enemy.

“Fortunately, it’s just the rank 5 members. Even if they all die, we can’t offend this Empyrean Exalt!” The Golden Exalt Zheng Tianlin immediately made a decision. All the rank 5 disciples walked out with pale expressions. They knelt toward Wang Lin and were about to bow.

Among the crowd, there was the man named Qing and the woman beside him.

The two of them were about to bow, but Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He moved in a flash and waved his sleeves. A gentle force spread out and stopped them from kneeling.

Looking at the man, Wang Lin revealed a gentle expression.

“Big Brother Zhou…”

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