Chapter 1922 - The First Old Friend

The imperial edict from the Celestial Emperor told Wang Lin to meet him in the imperial city, but it didn’t give a date, so Wang Lin naturally wouldn’t go immediately.

In a flash, three years passed.

In these three years, Wang Lin created a cave under the vast desert of the Meng Earth Continent. He sat there and comprehended all the insight he had gained from fighting the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor.

After three years under the desert, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes looked like they contained the stars.

“Due to my cultivation level without the soul armor, at most my punch can only contain nine spells.” Wang Lin raised his right hand before him and squeezed. Muffled rumbles came from his palm.

“Even so, my punch is much stronger than it was three years ago. If I were to face the Devil Dao Sect ancestor again without the soul armor, I could match his first punch!”

When Wang Lin faced the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor’s first punch, he was forced back three steps. Now, after three years, although this cultivation level remained the same, his battle strength had increased greatly.

“Unfortunately, after three years of observation, I learned that Golden Exalt origin souls can only allow me to create up to six Spell Veins, and I will need nine of them!” Wang Lin had clearly felt the power of the Rapid Spell Art in his battle against the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor.

However, the reason this spell was so powerful was because the Spell Veins Wang Lin had formed were very high quality. But the higher the quality, the more difficult it was to create new Spell Veins.

The Devil Dao Sect’s sect master’s origin soul had opened up the fourth and fifth Spell veins, but the sixth Spell Vein required nine Golden Exalts!

“To create new Spell Veins like this is really… too difficult. The sixth vein requires nine Golden Exalts, the seventh requires nine Empyrean Exalts. Could the eighth require nine Ascendant Exalts… If so, would the ninth require nine Grand Empyreans… Perhaps the ninth will only require one Grand Empyrean…” Wang Lin smiled bitterly.

“The Rapid Spell Art must be cultivated. It is extremely powerful and it allows me to use my full power!

“My real cultivation level is only early stage Void Tribulant. Due to this restriction, at most my fist can only integrate nine spells. I must obtain the metal and wood essences as soon as possible and form their essence true bodies. Then, with five elements fused into one, my cultivation level will rise to mid stage Void Tribulant.

“Then I can integrate even more spells. I just don’t know how many I will be able to fuse after reaching the mid stage of Void Tribulant!

“Aside from that, I must battle against even more Empyrean Exalts and gather the attention of the rest of the Grand Empyreans… In addition, I must seek information about the Empyrean Trial and see if it is really as what the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor had said.”

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he stood up from his three years of sitting.

“I must head to the Empyrean Trial and see how many levels I can break through with my current cultivation level!”

Wang Lin’s body appeared on the desert in a flash. He waved his sleeve and a sea dragon appeared below him. The sea dragon let out a roar and revealed a look of respect.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm as he stepped into the head of the sea dragon. The sea dragon rushed forward and disappeared without a trace.

“The Meng Earth Continent has two sects. One is the Earth Sect and the other is the Meng Earth Sect! Both are part of the nine sects and thirteen factions, but they only have Golden Exalts, no Empyrean Exalts!” Wang Lin sat on the sea dragon and checked the introduction of the Meng Earth Continent from the tortoise shell.

“Although I need the origin souls of Golden Exalts, these two sects have no feud with me, so forget it!” Wang Lin eyes lit up and he sent out a divine sense message. The sea dragon under him flew toward the Heaven Continent that was connected to the Meng Earth Continent.

The tortoise vaguely pointed out that the Heaven Continent’s Heaven Sect had an Empyrean Exalt!

“However, although the map in the tortoise shell looks large, it is only a portion of the map. I need to head to the two sects in the Meng Earth Continent to obtain their map jades.”

If Wang Lin entered the Meng Earth Continent with his previous cultivation level, both sects would be behemoths he wouldn’t want to provoke, so he would have carefully avoided them. However, it was different now. In his view, they were ordinary sects and there was nothing terrifying about them.

“This place is closest to the Earth Sect, so let’s go there first!” The map appeared in Wang Lin’s mind, and a moment later, the sea dragon changed directions. It flew straight east and disappeared without a trace.

The Meng Earth Continent was mostly covered by deserts, and the deserts continued like an ocean. Whenever a storm rolled by, large amounts of sand would fly up, creating a terrifying sandstorms.

These sandstorms could be strong or weak. Weak ones could make a mortal tremble, but a strong sandstorm would cause cultivators to tremble and immediately avoid it. This was because the sandstorm contained a strange magnetic force that had a huge effect on cultivators. It would suck a cultivator in, and not even their origin soul can escape.

Fortunately, sandstorms that contained this kind of magnetic force were rare. They were huge and could be seen from far away, giving pme time to avoid it. However, on the eastern part of the continent, there was a region that was covered in a sandstorm year-round. Every hundred years, the sandstorm would erupt with its full power, and almost no could could be seen around the region during that time.

Normally, this place was dark and covered by the sandstorm. This made it very difficult to enter unless one had a special method.

In this strange sandstorm, there was a sect that was famous across the Meng Earth Continent: the Earth Sect!

In the Meng Earth Continent, there were numerous sects, but only the Earth Sect and the Meng Earth Sect were the heads of the continent. No one dared to provoke these two giant sects, and they controlled the entire Meng Earth Continent.

At this moment, in the sandstorm where the Earth Sect was located, the world was dark. A huge sea dragon appeared, and Wang Lin was sitting on its head. The moment they appeared in the sandstorm, there was a powerful howl of wind.

Although this wind was abnormally powerful, when it landed on Wang Lin, it couldn’t even cause a strand of his hair to move. It was as if Wang Lin’s body was an illusion and not real.

As for the sea dragon, it didn’t care about the wind at all. It revealed a cold gaze and stared into the depths of the sandstorm.

Feeling the sandstorm, it contained the power of the wind and earth. Wang Lin calmly allowed the sea dragon to fly forward. The wind raged before him, but the sand that got near Wang Lin immediately surrendered and scattered.

They casually flew toward the center of the sandstorm. There was an earth-yellow light that covered an area of tens of thousands of kilometers that prevented the sandstorm from reaching inside.

That place was the location of the Earth Sect.

The entire Earth Sect was like a garden of eden, and it seemed very special inside the sandstorm. There were mountains, flowing water, and pavilions everywhere. There was also a large amount of disciples flying through this area.

The Earth Sect had less than 30,000 disciples, this was very different from the other nine sects and thirteen factions. The Earth Sect only want the talented and not ordinary disciples!

The disciples had a strict hierarchy, and there was a total of nine different ranks. At the same time, the amount of resources each disciple got was far more than the rest of the sects because there were only 30,000 disciples!

They spent all their resources to cultivate these 30,000 disciples, especially those that had more talent. The Earth Sect had also gathered an unimaginable amount of resources.

In the Earth Sect Sect, the amount of rank 1 sect members was very low, less than 100 people. The rank 9 sect members numbered the highest, more than 20,000.

At this moment, where the rank 5 sect members were located, there was a beautiful pavilion. Two cultivators were sitting inside.

One was a man and the other was a woman. The man looked like he was only around 30 years old. He was very handsome but gave off a cold aura. His cultivation level wasn’t high, only at the second step of Nirvana Scryer. 

The woman beside him was not cultivating but was looking at the man beside her with a soft gaze. Her gaze was filled with attachment.

However, just at this moment, the man sitting there trembled violently. His face became distorted, as if it was very painful, and he let out muffled roars.

This sudden change caused the woman’s expression to change. She immediately placed her hand on his chest and injected her cultivation into his body.

A moment later, the pain on his face reduced and he suddenly opened his eyes. In a short period of time, his body was soaked in sweat.

The woman wiped the sweat from the man’s forehead as she bit her lip and softly said, “You… You have tried many times, don’t try again… That dream, is it really that important?” 

The man silently pondered and looked out the window. After a long time, he calmed down.

“That dream is very important!!”

“More important than me?” The woman bit her lower lip until it bled.

Confusion appeared in the man’s eyes.

“This dream has accompanied me for nearly 200 years… There is a person in that dream. I can’t see her appearance, but I feel like I exist just for her… It seems like she was my wife in my previous life…”

“It’s just a dream, Qing, it’s just a dream!!” Tears appeared in the woman’s eyes as she looked at the man she had loved deeply for more than 100 years.

“Is it a dream…” The man named Qing was even more confused.

“It’s just a dream…” The woman cried as she hugged the man like she was afraid of losing him. She continued to say these words to him.

“Is it really just a dream…” The man closed his eyes.

At this moment, while the man was confused, Wang Lin calmly flew over the light curtain. He flew through the raging sandstorm and felt the magnetic force inside, but he could ignore it.

The sea dragon stopped while carrying Wang Lin and remained unmoving in the wind. However, the sea dragon’s eyes stared at the Earth Sect ahead with a cold gaze.

“Earth Sect’s sect master, old ancestor, quickly come out!” In the sandstorm, Wang Lin’s divine sense spread out like thunder throughout the entire Earth Sect. It echoed in the heart of every cultivator, including the confused man.

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