Chapter 1919 - Wearing the Soul Armor!

Inside the storm, thunderous rumbles echoed before Wang Lin, and he withdrew his fist. His body trembled and he retreated three steps. The first step left a fire-red footprint.

The second step was a green footprint that was covered in vegetation. The third step caused the earth to become metal, like a metal footprint.

During the three steps, Wang Lin raised his head and looked at the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor.

The storm gradually dissipated and the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor walked out and calmly looked at Wang Lin.

“To not die or be injured by my punch and only taking three steps remove the three spells that entered your body. You have the power to destroy the Devil Dao Sect!”

Wang Lin looked at the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor with a solemn expression. That punch contained nine spells, but he could only block six. The final three steps were to deal with those remaining three spells.

“Is this the power of Grand Empyreans? Very strong!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined. He wanted to fight an Empyrean Exalt!

“So Empyrean Exalt cultivators fight like this…” Wang Lin recalled the punch from the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor and his eyes became brighter.

He was learning!

“This is the second punch!” The Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor stepped forward. His red hair moved without any wind and his eyes revealed a strange light. As he raised his right hand, his whole body rapidly changed between real and fake. It looked extremely strange as he threw the second punch!

The moment the second punch appeared, the entire Devil Dao Sect trembled. It was as if an invisible force had appeared and torn open the sky and earth, causing the area around Wang Lin to turn into a void!

This was an endless void. In the darkness, Wang Lin could not see the sky or earth. It was as if he was in another world by himself, and the only other thing was the punch!

This punch contained 18 spells.

If a Golden Exalt saw this punch, they could only feel despair and horror as they weren’t qualified to resist. Even 10 Golden Exalts wouldn’t be able to delay this punch for one breath of time.

This was no longer a difference in quantity, but in quality!!

Golden Exalt cultivators still used spells to fight. However, Empyrean Exalts fused the dao into their bodies and integrated it into every movement of their bodies. It was on a much higher level!

“There are 18 spells inside the fist… Very strong! Fusing the dao with my body, I can’t do that yet!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he raised his right hand. He punched toward the second punch coming at him!

“I can’t fuse dao with my body and use spells with just a movement from my body. This punch contains a fusion of my ancient and celestial powers. It has no spells, but it contains the power of my faith and will!” Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with battle intent. He stepped forward with a roar as their punches collided!

A thunderous rumble echoed across the void. As the sound became even more intense, the void began to show signs of collapse. In an instant, the void was torn apart and formed a destructive collapse.

After the void collapsed, the sky was still the sky of the Green Devil Continent and the earth was still the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect. Wang Lin stood there, 1,000 feet from the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor.

Blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. Wang Lin felt like a powerful impact was echoing through his body and he was pushed back seven steps. Each step was different, and after seven steps, a rumble came from his body. He lowered his trembling right arm and drops of blood fell on the ground.

“A powerful second punch, 18 spells fused into a punch. Just one punch can isolate a space from the world.” Wang Lin looked up and wiped away the blood from the corner of his mouth as he looked at the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor.

“Your cultivation level is not high, but your battle power barely reaches Empyrean Exalt. But you don’t know how Empyrean Exalts battle. I believe I should be the first Empyrean Exalt you have gone up against,” the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor slowly said as he walked forward. His gaze toward Wang Lin became a bit serious.

“A cultivator that doesn’t know how Empyrean Exalts battle can take two punches from me. This person is not ordinary!”

After walking out 10 steps, the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor’s eyes shined brightly like he was the spirit of the world. He looked at Wang Lin as he raised his right hand for the third time.

The Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor slowly said, “If you can take my last punch, then the matter of you destroying the Devil Dao Sect will be written off! This punch contains my full power. If this punch can’t kill you, then I really can’t kill you. You must have you own reason for why you destroyed the Devil Dao Sect, but I won’t ask what it is. This third punch will end it all! 

“This punch contains 27 spells, how many can you take?” the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor said as he raised his right hand.

Wang Lin clearly knew that without wearing the soul armor, he couldn’t take it. That punch was powerful enough to kill him completely. Not even his Ancient Dao body could survive this punch; he would be completely destroyed!

“Empyrean Exalts, they are indeed worthy of being the peak below Ascendant Empyrean!” Wang Lin closed his eyes and the tattoo of the Heavenly Bull on his face began to spread. At the same time, Wang Lin’s cultivation surged.

This aura spread out from the Heavenly Bull soul and entered Wang Lin’s body and flesh like crazy. It also entered Wang Lin’s origin soul and soul, causing his cultivation level to immediately climb from early stage Void Tribulant to mid stage Void Tribulant. However, this wasn’t the end. It climbed into the late stage of Void Tribulant, until Wang Lin reached Golden Exalt, before it stopped.

This sudden change caused the pupils of the Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor to shrink for the first time.

“Borrowing the soul force? This is the soul power of the Heavenly Bull. So you are recognized by the Heavenly Bull!! To raise your cultivation level to this extent, you can hear the voice of the Heavenly Bull soul!” The expression of the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor changed for the first time!

He was well aware of the 72 souls that were suppressed in each of the 72 continents. Although they were all suppressed, the levels of suppression were different in each continent, and so was the strength of each soul.

Some of them were already dead souls; only half of them were still alive. For example, the Green Scorpion Soul. It was originally extremely powerful, but the suppression on it was not weak. It had also been suppressed for a very long time, even before the formation of the Heavenly Bull Continent. Its soul had been weakened far too much.

The soul of the Heavenly Bull was different. Out of the 72 continents, the Heavenly Bull had joined later, so it was sealed for a shorter period of time. The Heavenly Bull was also powerful and was ranked 18th among the 72 souls.

Obtaining the recognition of a soul was not that special. Any continent where the soul was still alive would have messengers like this. However, obtaining recognition was only the start. Even with the soul force, at most they could reach the late stage of Void Tribulat, not Golden Exalt!

This was a consensus that people came to after countless years. It was by no means impossible, but very few people could hear the roar of the soul and receive a higher degree of recognition to reach Golden Exalt.

But Golden Exalt was the absolute limit and couldn’t be exceeded. If it was the rank one soul sealed under the imperial city, it might be possible after reaching high recognition, but it would be impossible for the other souls.

Most importantly, the number of cultivators that could reach Golden Exalt with the soul armor was even lower than Empyrean Exalts, around the same as Ascendant Exalts. This was because at most, only two people could receive high recognition on each continent.

As a result, the Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor had never heard of someone who was an Empyrean Exalt and had also received high recognition by a continent’s soul.

In his view, the chance of this happening was even lower than someone becoming an Ascendant Empyrean and just a bit more likely than a new Grand Empyrean being born.

“Enduring two punches from me proves that he’s qualified to be an Empyrean Exalt. To even have high recognition of the Heavenly Bull… This…” The Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor revealed a hint of emotion he hadn’t revealed in a long time.

“Any Grand Empyrean who saw this person would want to take him under them… I just don’t know what cultivation level he will reach with the power of the soul armor!” Devil Dao Sect's old ancestor’s eyes lit up. He raised his right hand and threw out the third punch.

The moment this punch flew out, the fist that contained his 27 spells formed a giant black hole between him and Wang Lin. This black hole seemed to devour everything, and the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect were being swallowed by it.

Even the sky seemed to collapse. It distorted and arched and was being devoured by the black hole.

The earth turned into a strange half-circle that was being mercilessly pulled by the black hole.

The black hole released a strange howl as it flew toward Wang Lin!

Wang Lin opened his eyes and Golden Exalt power filled his body. He clearly felt a sense of strength he had never felt before flow through his body. His body trembled and a second body appeared.

The second body took a step and then a third, fourth, fifth… Until the 98th body appeared. 97 of them were afterimages and one of them was real.

“I can’t fuse dao with my body or use spells with just my movement. However, I can use the Rapid Spell Art to use 98 spells at once to battle an Empyrean Exalt!!”

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