Chapter 1918 - The Body is Dao!

The soul search spell was an extremely powerful spell. However, for a Golden Exalt, even if their origin soul had lost all will, their powerful cultivation formed a strong protective barrier over the countless years. This made it very difficult to soul search them.

Even with a forced soul search, one could only obtain some fragments, not everything. Maybe if one’s cultivation level was far above a Golden Exalt, then one could perfectly extract the memories.

Although Wang Lin could win against Golden Exalts, that was due to the fusion of his Ancient Dao body and his cultivation, allowing him to reach that battle strength. In truth, his cultivation level was only early stage Void Tribulant.

While the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master’s origin soul was being refined into a Spell Vein in Wang Lin’s body, Wang Lin tried to soul search it. However, he could not find any important memories, like the secret behind the war with the Heavenly Bull Continent. He could only find some thoughts about the Empyrean Exalt ancestor.

“The Devil Dao Sect’s Empyrean Exalt ancestor, an Empyrean Exalt under Grand Empyrean Dao Yi…” The sun was hanging high in the sky and shining on the earth. Wang Lin opened his eyes and his eyes lit up.

In his body, the fourth and fifth Spell Veins appeared!

A Golden Exalt had allowed two Spell Veins to appear! Wang Lin waved his arms a bit and shadows appeared. Wang Lin clearly felt not only his casting speed increase, but also his terrifying physical strength.

This was the key to the Rapid Spell Art; it was what attracted Wang Lin!

“Let’s test how fast my body is!” Wang Lin looked up and his body moved. He was still sitting under the sun, but the sunlight distorted and a second Wang Lin appeared 30 feet away.

This second Wang Lin stood there and smiled. As he walked forward, the sunlight distorted again and a third Wang Lin appeared 100 feet away.

The third Wang Lin frowned and looked up at the sky. It was unknown what he was thinking.

Soon, the sunlight continued to distort as the fourth, fifth, sixth… Until a total of 98 figures appeared! Some were sitting, some were flying, some were walking, some were casting spells, and some were waving their fists. Each was different, and at a glance, it was a shocking sight.

The 98th figure sat down next to the first figure. The two looked exactly the same, only their expressions were different.

“98 afterimages is the limit,” the last figure murmured as the first figure disappeared. Then the second, third, fourth, until 97 figures dissipated.

The 98th figures could each be considered an avatar. This was the afterimages left due to Wang Lin’s extremely fast physical speed. This meant that his speed was already shocking.

It was very simple to reach this kind of speed with the help of spells, but to achieve it purely through the physical body was not ordinary!

“Now I have six Spell Veins. The Rapid Spell Art can form nine Spell Veins, but it doesn’t say nine is the limit. Maybe when I get nine, there will be new changes...

“This spell is extremely powerful, so I must focus on it!” Wang Lin at down and his eyes shined. The path ahead had been determined, and now it was all about how he would walk down that path.

“After dealing with the matter at the Celestial Clan, I’ll go to Teacher and cultivate there. Once I’m more powerful, I can go anywhere I want to search for Wan Er’s soul!

“My current battle power is very high, but still far away from that of those old monsters.”

“My nine essences have fused into three. According to my understanding, if I can form the other two elements for my five-element true body, I should reach the mid stage of Void Tribulant!

“Similarly, if I could add two more special essences to my thunder essence based essence true body, then I should be able to reach the late stage of Void Tribulant, Golden Exalt!

“Finally, the most difficult will be the ethereal essences. If I can comprehend two more ethereal essences and combine the five, I should reach peak Void Tribulant, Empyrean Exalt!

“After that, if all my essences form their own essence true bodies, then with these three essence true bodies, my cultivation level will go beyond Empyrean Exalt and reach a point where I’m only second to Grand Empyreans!

“Although I don’t know the method to become a Grand Empyrean, Teacher said that it requires great luck and for the Immemorial God Realm to open...

“But if I can fuse all three essence true bodies into one, perhaps I can become a Grand Empyrean!” As Wang Lin silently pondered, his eyes shined. This was all his own analysis, and he needed time to verify.

“If my analysis is correct, there must be another level above Grand Empyreans! Perhaps this level is the fourth step, or perhaps not… That level would require my three essence true bodies to fuse into one and reach the level of true soul!!

“This level should be something not even the Grand Empyreans have reached, something they are always in pursuit of! Or perhaps that is the level of the Celestial Ancestor and the Ancient Ancestor!!” Wang Lin’s mind was clear at this moment. Although this was his own speculation and judgement, it was the path he needed to walk in the future.

Whether it was true or not, he would know once he reached that point!

“Special essences and ethereal essences are not easy to obtain. However, the metal and wood elements should be easier.” As Wang Lin pondered, the afternoon sun was shining in the sky, but a faint thunderous rumble came from the distance.

Wang Lin raised his head, looked at the sky in the distance, and slowly stood up. A breeze caused his hair and clothes to flutter, and with the ruins in the background, Wang Lin gave off a strange temperament.

“Here he comes!” Wang Lin’s eyes were suddenly filled with battle intent!

“To attract the attention of the Grand Empyreans!

“Become famous across the 72 continents of the Celestial Clan!

“This battle is the beginning!!”

As the thunderous rumble in the sky spread, it enveloped the entire world. A powerful killing intent spread out as the ray of light that seemed to split the sky in half rushed into the Green Devil Continent.

There was a red-haired man inside the light!

In an instant, the thunderous rumble dissipated from the world. It was like the moment when a noisy room suddenly became quiet. When the rumble disappeared, the light collapsed and the entire world was dead silent.

A figure appeared 1,000 feet before Wang Lin!

The red-haired old man was wearing a purple robe with edges and a Tai Chi pattern on right corner. This Tai Chi pattern was fire red, as if it represented dao!

The red-haired old man stood there, and after a long time, he looked at Wang Lin and said, “Was it you who destroyed my Devil Dao Sect?” He was very calm and didn’t show any emotion at all. However, his voice set off countless echoes that became more and more intense. In the end, the sky rumbled, the earth roared, and a shocking sound wave attacked Wang Lin’s body.

As Wang Lin calmly stood there, his pupils shrank slightly and he slowly said, “Yes!” 

“After destroying my Devil Dao Sect, you still waited here. Are you going to challenge me?” After the red-haired old man saw how calm Wang Lin was, his eyes became even more intense.

Wang Lin looked at the red-haired man and calmly said, “Yes!”

“Good!” The Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor showed no contempt and didn’t show any anger. At his cultivation level, all the emotional fluctuations were gone from his body. He was an Empyrean Exalt under Grand Empyrean Dao Yi. Although he was not the strongest Empyrean Exalt, he was still at the top of the Celestial Clan.

“I’ll give you the opportunity to challenge me. If you can endure three punches from me, then I’ll forget the matter of you destroying the Devil Dao Sect!” The Devil Dao Sect’s old ancestor waved his sleeve and threw a punch at Wang Lin.

This punch caused the world to change colors and the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect distorted. Everything changed; it was as if this space had become a separate existence.

Inside the distortion, all the power of the world was absorbed by the red-haired old man’s punch, and there was no power of the world left in this space.

“At the Empyrean Exalt stage, there is no need to perform spells. A cultivator’s body is their root. There is no need for an extremely powerful physical body, one just has to put dao into the body. Make one’s body their dao!

“With the body as dao, even a normal punch contains the dao the destroy everything!” This was what Grand Empyrean Dao Yi had told the red-haired old man.

This punch made Wang Lin’s pupils shrink. His white hair moved without any wind and his eyes shined brightly. He felt the terror of the punch. Even though it looked ordinary, as the punch moved, the world moved as well!

This punch also contained nine different kinds of spells. These spells t required no seals or divine sense; just a casual punch would cause the spells to appear!

This was the true power of an Empyrean Exalt. This punch would make Golden Exalts tremble in fear. This punch was enough to kill them 100 times!

This was the result of fully integrating one’s dao and will into one’s body. The body was dao, the fist was dao!

The world distorted. As Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered, he didn’t retreat but also stepped forward and threw a punch with this right hand!

He didn’t immediately put on the Heavenly Bull soul armor, but tried with his own power. He wanted to see how he matched against an Empyrean Exalt without the Heavenly Bull soul armor!

At this point, rumbles began to interrupt this silence and the earth began to shatter layer by layer under the collision of their punches. Everything collapsed, but the distortion prevented the collapse from spreading out far, and it could only fly into the air!

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