Chapter 1917 - Celestial Clan's Grand Empyreans

“The imperial city is a place I must go. Not for the thanks, but for my vow to Lian Daofei! I must restore Dao Fei’s memories to repay for all he has done for me!” Wang Lin revealed a determined gaze.

He remembered the kindness others had given him!

Back then, the madman had given him kindness. Now he had to go to the imperial city to see if the madman had fully recovered. Then he would have no regrets and would untie the knot in his heart.

“No matter what his personality is, changed or not, even if he thinks of me differently, I must go and see for myself!” Wang Lin silently pondered, but there was a hint of melancholy in his eyes.

He didn’t know what the madman was like now. He didn’t know if the madman would still roar and clamor around him.

“I’ll tell you, this king is powerful!”

“You, you, you… This king will bite you to death, bite you to death!!”

“Damn it, you dare to pretend to be dead before this king?”

“It’s raining… Eh, Little Red, come and message my shoulders…”

“Tell my big brother that this king is tired. I won’t cultivate today and will go out to play… Tell him not to come and find me. Once I finish playing, I’ll come back. If he dares to take me back like before, I’ll cut off my relationship with him!”

“This king’s blood is very, very, very, very… Eh, I think I remember a little devilish girl named Fei Fei giving me something to eat…”

The madman’s voice seemed to echo in his ears. In the darkness of the ruins of the Devil Dao Sect, Wang Lin sighed. He remembered when the madman appeared in his life or death crisis and saved him from that fatal blow.

He still remembered the third dream, when he became a mortal, when he and the madman floated in the void. In the Dream Dao, he met the madman and they spent a lifetime together.

“I hope he hasn’t changed too much…” Wang Lin sighed deeply. He didn’t have many friends, and the madman could be considered one.

In truth, he hadn’t given the madman much; rather, it was the madman who had helped Wang Lin greatly!

“I must go to the imperial city, but it will be dangerous. I must make some preparations before I go…” Wang Lin silently pondered and made a decision.

“The celestial clan’s five Grand Empyreans…” Wang Lin waved his right hand and the tortoise shell the Great Soul Sect’s Old Ancestor Green Bull had given him appeared. Aside from the map, there was some information on the Grand Empyreans. Xuan Luo had also given Wang Lin some information back in the cave world.

“The Central Continent’s Celestial Emperor inherited the Celestial Ancestor’s Eight Extreme Dao and is Grand Empyrean Eight Extreme!

“The Eastern Continent’s Purple Yang Sect, the strongest of the nine sects and thirteen factions, home to Grand Empyrean Gemini!

“The Southern Continent’s Dao Yi Sect has Grand Empyrean Dao Yi!

“The Northern Continent’s Universe Sect has Grand Empyrean Wu Feng!

“In the Central Continent, there is another Grand Empyrean beside the Celestial Emperor, and that was Grand Empyrean Jiu Di!”

These were the five strongest people across the 72 celestial continents - the five suns, the five Grand Empyreans!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he analyzed the five Grand Empyreans. Once they learned of his strength, they would certainly want to recruit him.

Once he had the backing of a Grand Empyrean, the danger of his trip to the imperial city would be a lot lower. After all, even if a Grand Empyrean wanted to kill an Empyrean Exalt under another Grand Empyrean, they would need to give a reason! This was Empyrean Exalts were beyond Golden Exalts and were extremely rare on the Immortal Astral Continent!

Every Grand Empyrean had at most 100 Empyrean Exalts under them! On the entire Immortal Astal Continent, there were no more than 1,000 Empyrean Exalts!

If it was just killing an Empyrean Exalt, it would still be fine. However, if the target was an Ascendant Empyrean, then no Grand Empyrean would allow it!

Because Ascendant Empyreans were even more rare. On the entire Immortal Astral Continent, there were only 48 Ascendant Empyreans!!!

Most of them were in closed door cultivation hidden across the Immortal Astral Continent. Less than 30% of them were under a Grand Empyrean.

Figures like these would even be respected by Grand Empyreans. After all, they were the strongest under Grand Empyreans! If they didn’t want to follow a Grand Empyrean, the Grand Empyreans wouldn’t force them, unless it was like the Great Soul Sect’s Luo Yunhai, who had challenged a Grand Empyrean.

And once an Ascendant Empyrean chose to follow a Grand Empyrean, the Ascendant Empyrean would be treated well and be part of the core. This was because an Ascendant Empyrean was the best guardian during a Grand Empyrean’s reincarnation!!

If an Ascendant Empyrean was killed by a Grand Empyrean, it would be fine if they were alone, but if they were under the command of another Grand Empyrean, that Grand Empyrean would never allow it!

This was related to their reputation, related to whether they could recruit more powerful underlings in the future, and related to the important guardian for their reincarnation. No Grand Empyrean would watch an Ascendant Empyrean under them die and do nothing.

There were simply too few Ascendant Empyreans!

“If it was in the ancient clan, there would be no need for this. With Teacher there…” Wang Lin understood that although he was Xuan Luo’s only disciple, he couldn’t let anyone in the land of the celestials know. Otherwise, he would be hunted by Grand Empyreans.

The celestial clan would absolutely not allow a cultivator like him to appear in the Ancient clan!

“Even the madman doesn’t know the matter about Teacher, only the Gui Yi Sect knows. Since Teacher dared to allow the Gui Yi Sect to know of this matter and didn’t kill them in the cave world, it means he is confident they won’t talk… As for the specific reasons, although I don’t know, I believe in Teacher!

“Even the Grand Empyreans won’t mind me having an Ancient clan body and Celestial cultivation, as long as they don’t find out about my relationship with Teacher Xuan Luo!”

Wang Lin had been on the Immortal Astral Continent for a while now, and he vaguely understood that over the countless years, the Ancient and celestial bloodlines had mixed. There were some celestial cultivators with Ancient clan bodies, but they weren’t recognized by the Ancient Temple.

As a result, Wang Lin’s Ancient clan body might seem shocking to ordinary cultivator, but not so much to the Grand Empyreans.

Wang Lin also knew that there were some matters that didn’t need to be hidden. Like the fact that he came from the cave world was meant to be hidden from others, but not the Grand Empyreans. They would have their own way of finding out, and it was even a good thing because they could confirm Wang Lin’s origin!

Although it was extremely shocking that a cave world cultivator could break out, compared to Wang Lin’s cultivation, it wasn’t important at all. The most important part was Wang Lin’s decision.

“To attract the attention of the Grand Empyreans, I must display my power, a cultivation that can kill an Empyrean Exalt! Then I can do as I wish in the Celestial clan!

“With enough fame, the Grand Empyreans will come to find me themselves!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined and he was even more determined.

“A total of five Grand Empyreans. The Celestial Emperor can be ignored. As for the other four… I don’t know much about Grand Empyrean Dao Yi, Grand Empyrean Feng, or Grand Empyrean Jiu Di. I only met the Eastern Continent’s Purple Yang Sect’s Grand Empyrean Gemini…” Wang Lin recalled back to his encounter with Greed in the cave world and the two lovely little girls named Wa Wa and Han Han.

“I have to attract the attention of the Grand Empyreans and make them come find me themselves. That is the best method!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and then he slowly closed them.

He was waiting for the arrival of the Empyrean Exalt old ancestor of the Devil Dao Sect. He was going to keep himself in peak condition and see the extent of his power.

Golden Exalts could no longer be used for Wang Lin to gauge his strength. Only Empyrean Exalts could help him do this.

As he waited, the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master’s origin soul was being ruthlessly absorbed by him. However, he didn’t condense the second Spell Vein but took out the dozens of third step origin souls he had gathered. He picked out those at five Arcane Tribulants and below to devour to form the second Spell Vein.

Time slowly passed. Several hours later, when the sky became bright and after Wang Lin had devoured nine origin souls below five Arcane Tribulants, the second vortex immediately condensed!

The moment the second Spell Vein appeared, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. He felt like he could cast spells even faster than before!

“The third Spell Vein is about to appear!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and picked seven origin souls above five Arcane Tribulants out of the dozens of souls. Because there weren’t enough origin souls at the Arcane Tribulant stage, he devoured an early stage Void Tribulant origin soul. His body rumbled and the third Spell Vein appeared!

After the third Spell Vein appeared, he could instantly cast a lot of spells once all of them activated. Even the speed of his Ancient Dao body changed drastically.

This was different from the cultivator who Wang Lin learned it from - he could only increase his casting speed, not affect his body. This was because the first soul he had devoured belonged to a Nirvana Void cultivator, while Wang Lin had devoured an Arcane Void origin soul!

More than half the origin souls were devoured by Wang Lin were going to be used for other things.

“I wonder how many Spell Veins the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master’s origin soul will form…” Wang Lin closed his eyes and began forming Spell Veins with the Devil Dao Sect sect master’s origin soul.

At this moment, the sky was bright and the sunlight was shining. As Wang Lin was forming the Spell Vein, a ray of light flew across the border of the Meng Earth Continent and the Green Devil Continent. The cultivators were shaken by the ray of light, and none of them dared to peek outside.

The boundaries between continents were completely ignored by Empyrean Exalts!

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