Chapter 1884 - Heavenly Bull’s Peak

This silence seemed to have been especially prepared for him to leave. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. Everything had happened too suddenly for him to understand, but it was too late to think about it now. He quickly flew away.

He moved at his fastest speed to leave the Gui Yi Sect. Behind him, Edge Cloud’s eyes revealed a strange light as he chased after Wang Lin with his late stage Void Tribulant cultivation.

The two of them quickly flew through the Gui Yi Sect and then flew out of the Gui Yi Sect. A moment later, a ray of purple light flew out from the Gui Yi Sect. Following that, the sect formation activated and returned to normal.

Wang Lin flew thousands of kilometers away from the Gui Yi Sect. It was not possible to use Spatial Bending in this area. The sect formation was disrupting this area.

Just after Wang Lin left the disrupted area and was about to use Spatial Bending, Edge Cloud caught up. His eyes were cold and he suddenly raised his hand. The sky changed and seven stars appeared in the blue sky. These seven stars shined as if it was night.

“Seven Star Kill!” There was a flash of coldness in Edge Cloud’s eyes. He wanted to kill Wang Lin for the reward, even though he had sensed that something was wrong. However, he didn’t care about that. He only acted like he was acting out the Soul Order given to hunt down Wang Lin for defecting.

“After taking this Wang Lin’s head, then I can ask the Gui Yi Sect for the reward. Although there are some problems, I can say that I am simply acting on the order of the Gui Yi Sect’s sect master. The Great Soul Sect can’t say anything either. After all, Wang Lin betrayed us first. I’m killing a traitor!” Edge Cloud reaching the mid stage of Void Tribulant as a rogue cultivator and obtaining the recognition of the Heavenly Bull showed that there was something special about him. In a flash, he made his decision. 

As Edge Cloud raised his hand, the seven stars in the blue sky shined brightly. It was as if an ancient force had gathered in the blue sky. The seven stars released a powerful howl as they fell from the endless sky.

The howl seemed to be able to cut open the sky, and it formed an indescribable force. Ripples echoed under Wang Lin’s feet and he was about to leave. However, he suddenly looked up at the sky.

Seven meteor-like black lights were falling from the blue sky at an extremely fast speed. At the head of the lights, there was a fist-sized black star that was rapidly closing in.

Even this far away, one could see the star as fist-sized, but if it was close, it had to be enormous.

As Wang Lin looked, the fist-sized star turned into the size of a bowl and was rapidly expanding. It looked like it would expanded to 1,000 kilometers and cause everything within 1,000 kilometers to turn into ruins!

Edge Cloud could only cast this spell when he had the cultivation level increase from the soul armor.

More and more ripples echoed under Wang Lin’s feet and he was about to use Spatial Bending to leave. Edge Cloud obviously didn’t know about Wang Lin’s spells, so no matter how powerful his spell was, it would be impossible to keep Wang Lin here.

However, just at this moment, a purple ray of light appeared behind Edge Cloud. Tang Jia looked at Wang Lin with a complicated expression and then moved very fast. She closed in on Edge Cloud and seemed like she was going to pass him.

“Senior Edge Cloud, I’ll help you. The only reward I want is the fire element armor!” Tang Jia’s soft voice echoed. Without waiting for his reply, Tang Jia arrived within 1,000 feet of Edge Cloud.

Edge Cloud frowned and didn’t say anything, but Wang Lin suddenly paused. He clearly saw Tang Jia close in, and when she was within 100 feet of Edge Cloud, there was something strange.

“What are you doing!?” Edge Cloud also noticed that something was wrong. His eyes lit up and he waved his sleeve as he retreated. A black wind surrounded his body, forming layers of protection. Tang Jia’s eyes released a golden glow and she raised her jade-like hand. Eight golden gates suddenly appeared around Edge Cloud.

“Eight Gates Seal!”

The eight golden gates emitted endless golden light. After they appeared, they immediately inclosed Edge Cloud.

This sudden change caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow, and in a short period of time, many thoughts flashed through his head. He stopped hesitated and gave up on escaping. Instead, he turned into a ray of ghostly light and flew toward the sealed Edged Cloud.

Wang Lin’s personality was always like this. If others didn’t offend him, then he would avoid provoking them unless it was absolutely necessary. However, now that Edge Cloud had tried to kill him, he would find any opportunity to fight back.

When he saw Tang Jia use the golden gates, he realized why she felt so familiar. This woman’s aura and appearance were very similar to the third concubine, Tang Shan!

After connecting their names, Wang Lin could determine that this woman and Tang Shan had a deep connection.

All of this happened in an instant, and Edge Cloud was caught off guard. Three of the seven stars that appeared in the sky disappeared due to him losing control. The remaining four continued falling and looked like they would land soon.

When the four stars landed, black fire began burning on the stars. Before they even landed, waves of heat spread out. This heat seemed to have the power to reverse the heavens and earth.

Wang Lin ignored the stars falling from the sky and instantly closed in on the sealed Edge Cloud. He raised his right hand and waved.

The world rumbled and the Seven-Colored Lance appeared. It changed color three times and become the third transformation of the Seven-Colored Lance.

Shortly after, Wang Lin used his unparalleled casting speed to form seals, and the huge six-fingered devil palm print appeared and shot toward Edge Cloud.

Merely these two spells weren’t enough to seriously injure Edge Cloud. Wang Lin clenched his teeth as he formed seals and pointed at the sky.

Their surroundings rumbled as the world became the sea and everything turned dark. Sunlight suddenly appeared on the horizon.

This was the second time Wang Lin had used Sundered Night since he put on the soul armor.

Since Tang Jia had decided to help, she didn’t hesitate at all. Her hands formed seals and a giant golden whip appeared in this dark night.

The whip lashed out with an aura that could destroy the heavens, aimed at Edge Cloud. Her casting speed couldn’t compare to Wang Lin’s. In the time Wang Lin used three spells, she had only used one.

Edge Cloud’s expression changed greatly. He was currently sealed by the eight gates. These eight gates were Tang Jia’s most powerful spell, and it had been used when she was at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. Its sealing power was enough to make Edge Cloud’s eyes red with killing intent. At this moment, he no longer cared about other matters. He bit the tip of his tongue to cough out blood. This blood turned into coundless blood-colored ghosts that rushed toward the gates while letting out a shrieking howls.

There was a thunderous bang and the eight gates collapsed. Just as Edge Cloud recovered, he had to face the third transformation of the Seven-Colored Lance. He could not escape, so he waved his sleeve and a small, white shield the size of his palm appeared. In a flash, it collided with the Seven-Colored Lance.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the lance collapsed, but countless cracks appeared on the white shield. Before it collapsed, Wang Lin’s six-fingered devil palm print shrank from its endless size until it was 100 feet large and landed on the small shield.

The small, white shield could no longer resist and shattered. The palm print landed before Edge Cloud.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and Edge Cloud’s face turned pale. As he was knocked back, he pointed to between his eyebrows and let out a roar.

As he roared, the image of the Heavenly Bull appeared and also roared. Ripples echoed and the six-fingered devil palm print collapsed, but Wang Lin had cast three spells. When the palm print collapsed, Sundered Night shrouded the area. The rising sun appeared and erupted with the power to tear apart the night!

“Faith… faith spell!!” After being bombarded by spells, Edge Cloud was able to see the issue with the sun for the first time. His eyes were filled with extreme fear and he quickly retreated.

But just as he retreated, Tang Jia’s golden whip closed in like the sun. It broke through the darkness and instantly arrived before Edge Cloud.

Edge Cloud coughed out blood and was in a sorry state as he was pushed back. The only thought in his mind was to retreat out of the area of effect of the spell.

However, he was a step too late. The sun rose into the sky and the tearing force spread out like crazy. Edge Cloud coughed out blood once more and his eyes were bloodshot. At this moment, he felt danger and made a decision in his heart.

As he retreated, he suddenly stopped and pressed his hands against his eyebrows. He leaned back a bit and then fiercely threw something forward.

A Heavenly Bull with its front hoof raised appeared. Its horn was pointed at the sky and it actually charged toward the sun!

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