Chapter 1883 - Betraying the Heavenly Bull Continent!

“Junior doesn’t understand why everyone has obtained two rewards and I only obtained a fire element armor!” Wang Lin wasn’t polite at all. He was no longer alone, he was now an elder of the Great Soul Sect.

As a result, he could not stand for this. Even if the other party was the sect master of the Gui Yi Sect, he would still question them.

“Your cultivation level is the lowest, so just one armor is enough. This decision was made by both the Gui Yi Sect and the Great Soul Sect. You don’t have to understand it, but you must accept it. If you don’t like the fire element armor, then this old man will take it away.” The majestic voice echoed once more. The floating fire armor turned into a sea of fire and returned back to the great hall.

Wang Lin looked at the great hall and slowly said, “Since this was a decision between the two sects, do you have proof?”

After Wang Lin spoke, a ray of ghostly light came out of the great hall. There was a strand of white hair inside the ray of light. The white hair erupted and a figure appeared.

This figure was that of Old Ancestor Green Bull!

“The matter of the reward has its own reasons there. This old man will not change. If Wang Lin doesn’t agree quickly, this is the proof this old man will now leave!”

Wang Lin stared at the projection of Old Ancestor Green Bull. He knew that this was not the avatar, but a divine sense imprint.

“The proof has been given to you. Step back!” The Gui Yi Sect’s sect master’s cold voice came from the great hall.

Wang Lin’s expression revealed nothing. If this matter was really the decision between the Gui Yi Sect and the Great Soul Sect, then with such an unfair decision, Wang Lin wouldn’t need to worry about his agreement with Old Ancestor Green Bull.

Wang Lin silently pondered and no longer spoke as he calmly stood there. He acted like nothing had happened and didn’t feel any heartache for the fire element armor that was taken away.

“This old man will now activate the formation that has not been opened for countless years to send the four of you to the Green Devil Continent. Before you four leave, leave behind a wisp of your life soul. Once you complete your task, this old man will teleport you all back!”

After hearing about the matter of the life souls, Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. The advantage was being able to be teleported back. The disadvantage was that he would have no freedom, as the other party would know his whereabouts at every moment.

Yun Yifeng was a disciple of the Gui Yi Sect, so he didn’t hesitate. His right hand touched the spot between his eyebrows and his body trembled. A wisp of soul came out to form a ball, and it flew toward the great hall.

The old man named Edge Cloud hesitated for a moment but didn’t refuse. He also exacted a wisp of his life soul and sent it to the great hall.

As for Tang Jia, she pondered for a while and then clenched her teeth. She was willing to pay any price for the development of her sect. Not to mention this was necessary, or else she couldn’t be teleported back from the Green Devil Continent.

The three of them all sent out their life souls, leaving only Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered. After a long time, he looked at the great hall and slowly spoke.

“I refuse to do this. I need to head back to the Great Soul Sect to meet with the old ancestor before making a decision! Goodbye!” After Wang Lin spoke, he slowly retreated and was about to leave the square.

“You can leave, but leave behind the soul armor!” The majestic voice echoed from the great hall. A giant hand made of black gas that covered the sky reached toward Wang Lin.

There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind. Everything was happening too fast for him to figure out what had happened to cause all his.

The change in the attitude of Old Ancestor Green Bull and the Gui Yi Sect making it difficult for him. Something Wang Lin wasn’t aware of was happening.

He even felt that if he handed over the soul armor, it would be very difficult to leave the Gui Yi Sect. Without the cultivation boost from the soul armor, he would be in a dangerous situation.

This feeling was very strong. In truth, Wang Lin didn’t want to keep the soul armor for himself. His original plan was to complete the three conditions to repay those three gifts. Then he would leave the soul armor and leave alone.

After all, this item didn’t belong to himself, but to the entire Heavenly Bull Continent.

However, this strange turn of events caused Wang Lin to become extremely cautious. He didn’t know what changes had occurred in the Heavenly Bull Continent during the half year he was at the Extreme Sky Prairie!

With no information, he could not allow the soul armor to be taken away. With the soul armor, he still had a little power to survive, but without it, he felt like he would fall into an abyss!

“This matter began when I came to the Gui Yi Sect. They were obviously being unfair. If I spoke up, then I would fall into their trap. If I had remained silent, then there was the matter with the life soul… They are forcing me to comply!

“At the end of the day, everything today was targeted at me!

“There is a problem here!! The Gui Yi Sect knows my identity, knows that I come from the cave world, and also knows my connection with Xuan Luo, yet they still…” Wang Lin didn’t understand and didn’t have time to understand. Between abandoning the armor and facing the unknown, or keeping the armor and fighting, he didn’t hesitate to choose the latter!

The moment the giant hand closed in, the Heavenly Bull tattoo on the right side of Wang Lin’s face released endless black light, shocking Yun Yifeng, Tang Jia, and Edge Cloud. The black light instantly shrouded Wang Lin’s entire body and turned into countless black threads. They took the form of a suit of black armor that exposed only his eyes and his white hair, which fluttered without any wind.

Wang Lin’s cultivation level suddenly increased from late stage Spirit Void to early stage Void Tribulant when he put on the armor. He raised his right hand and used the War Spirit Print. The huge, six-fingered devil palm print appeared. It collided directly with the huge black hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the Gui Yi Sect’s square and the six-fingered devil palm print collapsed. The black hand trembled and half of it collapsed, but the rest still landed on Wang Lin.

With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, after being hit by the remains of the black hand, his face turned pale and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth as he quickly retreated.

“Wang Lin has betrayed the Heavenly Bull Continent. Send out the Soul Order. All cultivators of the Heavenly Bull Continent can kill him on sight! Whoever kills him will be rewarded the fire element armor, the Great Soul Sect’s Vice Ghostly Sail, and a Heavenly Bull Bead!”

When Wang Lin was knocked back, he heard this. He gritted his teeth and felt an indescribable emotion. He vaguely felt like those three items were originally his reward...

After these words echoed, Edge Cloud’s expression changed greatly and he revealed a look of disbelief. Without hesitation, the Heavenly Bull tattoo on the right side of his face lit up and shrouded his whole body, forming the same Heavenly Bull soul armor that Wang Lin had. His cultivation level increased greatly and he broke through from the mid stage of Void Tribulant to roughly the late stage. In a flash, he chased after Wang Lin!

The reason he was so decisive was because of the Heavenly Bull Bead!

The Heavenly Bull Beads were found by the Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect when they laid the foundation in the Heavenly Bull Sect. There were only seven of them. There were many uses for them, including making treasures, changing the effect of time, and cultivators could go inside them to cultivate.

However, these weren’t their most important uses. The most important use was that the beads could store the soul of the Heavenly Bull. This would allow someone with the soul armor to act as a separate existence and not lose the ability once they went too far from the Heavenly Bull Continent.

With the Heavenly Bull Bead, one could wear the soul armor anywhere on the Immortal Astral Continent, even in the Ancient Country, because this bead was the soul of the Heavenly Bull!

Wang Lin had never heard of the Heavenly Bull Bead before; otherwise, he would’ve been shocked to discover that it was surprisingly similar in some aspects to something he owned!

Out of the seven Heavenly Bull Beads, the Gui Yi Sect had three and the Great Soul Sect had four. Over the countless years, they had never been taken out as rewards and had been used as the framework to create a holy land of cultivation for the two sects.

This holy land could only be perfectly formed when three beads were together. As a result, it couldn’t be the Gui Yi Sect; only the Great Soul Sect could take one out, because they had one extra!

The Great Soul Sect’s sect protection Ghostly Sail was a top secret of the Great Soul Sect. Its vice flag could release great power even far away.

These two items were enough to make one go crazy! This was why Edge Cloud had made the decision to chase Wang Lin so quickly with red eyes.

Tang Jia trembled. After pondering for a bit, she clenched her teeth and black light surrounded her. Her soul armor appeared and her cultivation level reached mid stage Void Tribulant, then she chased as well.

Only Yun Yifeng remained silent and had a gloomy expression. He didn’t pursue. However, as Tang Jia rushed out, he opened his mouth and sent a divine sense message to her.

Tang Jia trembled after she heard Yun Yifeng’s message shortly after flying out. She suddenly looked back at Yun Yifeng.

“Is this true?”

Yun Yifeng looked at Tang Jia and nodded.

Tang Jia’s expression became complicated and she gave chase once more. However, her mentality had changed greatly from before.

Only after Tang Jia left did Yun Yifeng turn around and drop down on one knee toward the great hall.

“Sect Master, you have to give Disciple an explanation for this matter! Disciple has already informed the sect of Wang Lin’s identity and his relationship with Grand Empyrean Xuan Luo…”

There was silence from the great hall for a long long time and then a tired sigh echoed.

Wang Lin quickly moved through the Gui Yi Sect. His expression was gloomy and he spread out his divine sense, but he soon noticed that something was wrong. The entire Gui Yi Sect was dead silent and there wasn’t a single person around. Even the sect protection formation was not activated at this moment.

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