Chapter 1882 - Unfair!

“Brother Wang!” The young man’s lazy expression disappeared. His aura suddenly changed, his powerful cultivation erupted, and he laughed loudly.

He charged forward and instantly closed in on Wang Lin.

As he closed in, he raised his right hand like a blade. There was a burst of golden light from his right hand and it turned into a golden blade that chopped down on Wang Lin! 

This blade had the power to split the heavens and caused the world to change colors. The sky was filled with a golden glow and all the celestial energy in the vicinity gathered. It was as if this golden blade had the power to devour the world.

This sudden change caused the expressions of the cultivators that followed Wang Lin, including the middle-aged man, to change greatly. Without hesitation, they rapidly retreated from Wang Lin’s sides.

Tang Jia’s pupils shrank as she stared at the figure of the young man whose right hand was like a blade. That figure quickly overlapped with the proud figure in her memories.

“If I don’t activate the Heavenly Bull soul armor, I can’t resist that blow!” Tang Jia was only at the eighth Arcane Tribulant. Once she went through the ninth Arcane Tribulant, she could truly enter the early stage of Void Tribulant!

There was also the old man who was sitting under the clock. He suddenly opened his eyes and looked over. His cultivation was unfathomable and he gave off the aura of a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator. He was very similar to the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign at his peak!

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same. When the young man’s golden blade was less than 100 feet away, his eyes shined and stared at the young man’s eyes. He raised his hand and pointed forward.

With one point, the entire world paused as if a strange force had solidified the world, solidified the rules, solidified the celestial energy around the golden blade, and solidified every movement of the young man!

The golden blade that was like a landslide was broken without Wang Lin attacking at all! The moment the young man was frozen, Wang Lin calmly landed on the square below the clock.

Yang Jia saw all of this, and her heart trembled. She suddenly looked toward Wang Lin, and her eyes revealed a mysterious light.

As for the mid stage Void Tribulant old man, he frowned and glanced at Wang Lin.

The Stop spell had only lasted for a moment, and the young man recovered his movement. He revealed a bitter smile as the golden light around him disappeared. He looked at Wang Lin with a complicated gaze and slowly revealed a sincere smile.

“We haven’t met in many years, and Brother Wang does not disappoint… I’m still not your match.”

This young man was the Gui Yi Sect’s Yun Yifeng!

“Can you change your unique way of greeting me in the future?” Wang Lin frowned and looked at Yun Yifeng.

Yun Yifeng landed beside Wang Lin and laughed. Seeing Wang Lin, he felt very happy. Looking back at what happened in the cave world, they had been enemies and also friends. It was complicated, and looking back made him feel a bit emotional.

After all, those tens of thousands of years in the cave world were the majority of his life.

“Brother Wang, after I left the cave, I immediately used the power of the sect to find you, but found nothing. I didn’t expect you to suddenly appear like this. I was happy and naturally wanted to continue our battle,” Yun Yifeng said sincerely as he opened his arms toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin paused for a moment and looked at Yun Yifeng. After pondering for a moment, he walked forward and hugged Yun Yifeng.

Yun Yifeng was very happy. He pulled Wang Lin to the side so they could continue talking.

However, just at this moment, a voice filled with majesty echoed from the great hall before them.

“Everyone is here...”

Yun Yifeng stopped and looked at Wang Lin. His expression immediately became serious and he stood there respectfully.

“The person who spoke is my Gui Yi Sect’s sect master, late stage Void Tribulant.”

Wang Lin heard Yun Yifeng’s voice. He didn’t make a sound as he looked at the great hall that looked like a giant beast.

“The three of you, tell me your names.” The majestic voice echoed once more.

Tang Jian put on a serious expression and softly said, “Xiu Shen Sect, Tang Jia!”

“Rogue cultivator, Edge Cloud!” The old man stood up and clasped his hands at the great hall.

“Great Soul Sect, Wang Lin!” Wang Lin slowly said before looking around. He noticed that when the voice echoed before, an invisible restriction had shrouded the area so no one could hear anything from outside.

What secretly shocked him was that the changes in the world here were also disrupted, so it was impossible to divinate what was happening here. This wasn’t an individual restriction, but part of the formation that protected the entire sect.

“Three of the seven Heavenly Bull meridians have been destroyed and three Heavenly Bull Messengers have died… The four of you defended the meridians and achieved great merits!

“After discussing it with the Great Soul Sect, those that achieved merits should be rewarded!” The majestic voice gave off an ancient aura as if it had lived for far too long and had forgotten the passage of time.

“Edge Cloud!” The voice echoed.

“Here!” The old man named Edge Cloud walked up.

“You have guarded the fourth meridian and have achieved merits. I’ll take you as an elder of the metal faction and give the treasure metal element armor!” The majestic voice echoed and a ray of golden light flew out. It emitted a powerful killing intent that shrouded the square.

The golden light stopped beside Edge Cloud and turned into a golden suit of armor that gave off a terrifying pressure. Edge Cloud was no longer calm and was very excited.

“Thank you, Sect Master!” Edge Cloud took a deep breath and clasped his hands at the great hall. The moment he bowed, the golden light turned into countless golden threads and entered his body.

“Tang Jia!” The majestic voice echoed once more.

“You guarded the sixth meridian and have achieved merits. I’ll allow your Xiu Shen Sect to expand three fold, recruit three times more disciples, and obtain three times the cultivation resources. I’ll also give you the Gui Yi Sect’s treasure water element armor!”

A ray of blue light flew out from the great hall and turned into a sea the filled the world. It swept forward and shrouded Tang Jia, entering her body through her pours. Tang Jia’s body trembled and there were ripples in her calm eyes.

She bowed and respectfully said, “Thank you, Senior Sect Master.” 

“Yun Yifeng!”

Yun Yifeng became serious and stepped forward with a bow.

“You guarded the fourth meridian and have achieved merits. Because you already have the sect’s elemental armor, I’ll teach you one of my four spells and give you one of my celestial treasures: the Slaughter Spirit Dagger!” As his words echoed, two rays of light flew out from the great hall. One was a jade and the other was a dagger. It was very strange; it had nine thorns that gave off a terrifying aura.

“Thank you, Sect Master!” Yun Yifeng was excited as he accepted the two items and bowed at the great hall.

“Wang Lin!” The majestic voice caused for a moment before it slowly echoed.

Wang Lin was calm as he looked at the great hall and walked forward.

“You guarded the third meridian and have achieved merits… I’ll give you the fire element armor!” A ray of fire flew out from the great hall through the air and turned into a suit of fire armor that shot toward Wang Lin.

“The rewards have been given, now I’ll give you guys a top secret mission!” The voice echoed. Yun Yifeng wanted to say something, but after looking at the great hall, he silently pondered.

The three of them had obtained two rewards, but had only Wang Lin obtained one.

Yun Yifeng wasn’t the only one who had doubts. Tang Jia and the old man both looked at Wang Lin and noticed this issue.

Edge Cloud had a high cultivation level and a gloomy personality. Since it wasn’t related to him, he didn’t care. He withdrew his gaze and didn’t question it anymore.

Tang Jia had a bad impression of Wang Lin and would naturally not care.

“Your mission is…” The voice echoed, but before the voice could finish, there as a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Wait!” Wang Lin stared at the great hall and stepped forward, interrupting the sect master of the Gui Yi Sect.

The moment Wang Lin spoke, Yun Yifeng’s expression changed and he signalled Wang Lin. Tang Jia also looked at Wang Lin. She didn’t expect him to dare to speak at a time like this.

Even Edge Cloud turned to look at Wang Lin.

“Your mission is to head to the Green Devil Continent, sneak into the Green Devil Temple, and destroy the Green Devil Statue to seriously injure the Green Devil soul. Once that is done, the four of you will have done a great deed for the Heavenly Bull Continent!” The voice completely ignored Wang Lin’s words and continued with the secret mission.

After these words came out, Edge Cloud’s expression changed, and Tang Jia was the same. It seemed like it was the first time Yun Yifeng had heard of this as well, sp all three of their expressions changed.

Entering the Green Devil Continent was simply too dangerous. If they made a small mistake, they would not be able to come back.

“The Green Devil Continent is basically empty right now. As for the ancestors of the Green Devil Continent, there will naturally be people who will restrain them… Now that the mission has been stated, what do you want to say, Wang Lin?” The voice was still calm and slow, as if very few things could shake it.

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