Chapter 1881 - Skirt Chaser

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. After hearing that the first, second, and seventh meridians were destroyed, he remained calm. He had already sense those three meridians being destroyed.

“Top secret plan?” Wang Lin frowned.

“I only came to pass on the order and don’t know the details. I hope Fellow Cultivator can quickly return to the sect. There is a total of four people like me who were sent to each meridian.” Ouyang Zhen reached toward the void and a jade appeared. He threw it toward Wang Lin.

“This jade contains the exact location of the transfer array and can activate the formation three times. I hope Fellow Cultivator will be quick. I still have another task and will say goodbye first!” Ouyang Zhen looked anxious. After he clasped his hands at Wang Lin, he left.

Ouyang Zhen came and went quickly, but Wang Lin sensed the tension the cultivators of the Heavenly Bull Sect felt in this war. After pondering for a moment, Wang Lin looked down at the jade.

On the ground, several rays of light flew out and revealed to be Yan Lu and the other Void Tribulant cultivators. They were silent.

After a long time, Wang Lin put the jade away and looked at Yan Lu and company. He clasped his hands at them.

“Fellow cultivators, we have been together for months, but it is time to part. If fate allows it, we will have a chance to fight together again.

“Goodbye!” Wang Lin’s gaze swept past Yan Lu, and without hesitation, he turned around. Ripples echoed under his feet and his figure disappeared.

Wang Lin left very casually. He didn’t belong to the Heavenly Bull Continent, so it was fine if he came or left. Just like the wind, there might be no trace of him after he flew past.

Yan Lu and company looked at where Wang Lin was with complicated expressions for half an incense stick of time. These months of coexistence had been complicated and difficult to forget. It was something that they would remember for the rest of their lives.

On the day after Wang Lin left, all the cultivators left with Yan Lu and company. They left the Extreme Sky Prairie and gave up on this place to head toward the location Ouyang Zhen had given them.

The defense of the Heavenly Bull’s third meridian was over.

Gui Yi Sect, one of the two most powerful sects of the Heavenly Bull Continent. One of the nine sects and thirteen factions of the Eastern Continent. Although not the strongest, it was also not the weakest.

The entire Gui Yi Sect occupied a large part of the Heavenly Bull Continent. Those endless peaks contained countless ancient buildings and gave off an unspeakable sense of mystery under the fog.

The Gui Yi Sect was structured with multiple layers of rings that seemed to form a huge vortex that covered an endless area.

Like the Great Soul Sect, the Gui Yi Sect had a large amount of disciples. A sect like this had many powerful cultivators.

Tens of thousands of kilometers from the Gui Yi Sect, there was a burst of light that lit up the sky. This sudden change immediately caught the attention of the Gui Yi Sect. Dozens of rays of light flew toward the formation.

Inside the formation light, a white-haired and white-clothed Wang Lin began to appear. However, it was only his figure and not his appearance. Just as he was about to appear, the dozens of lights had already surrounded Wang Lin.

“Who are you, sir? Please take out your identification jade!” A cold voice echoed. The person who spoke was a middle-aged man at the late stage of Arcane Void. He wore a five element dao robe and stared at Wang Lin with a cold gaze.

The surrounding cultivators were all wearing Gui Yi Sect five element dao robes and were waiting for Wang Lin to take out the identification jade. Right now was a time of war, and if Wang Lin couldn’t take out the jade, they would immediately kill him.

After Wang Lin’s figure became completely clear, the surrounding cultivators saw the Heavenly Bull tattoo on his face. The expressions of the surrounding cultivators all changed and they retreated a few steps.

They clearly felt the aura of the Heavenly Bull’s soul that made them tremble. They had clearly felt this aura from two other people yesterday.

“We all greet Heavenly Bull Messenger! I wonder, what meridian did Messenger come from? What sect?” The middle-aged man who spoke coldly before immediately became polite. The surrounding cultivators quickly clasped their hands too.

They felt respect from the bottom of their hearts toward a Heavenly Bull Messenger who could guard one of the meridians. Although they could see that Wang Lin’s cultivation level was not high, just like Ouyang Zhen, they thought that there had to be something extraordinary about someone who could fend off the Green Devil Continent’s attack.

“Great Soul Sect, Wang Lin. Heavenly Bull third meridian, Extreme Sky Prairie.” Wang Lin clasped his hands at everyone.

“Lord Messenger, please! The sect master has sent out an order. All messengers must head to the main hall.” The middle-aged man raised his hand and welcomed Wang Lin.

Wang Lin nodded and looked at the Gui Yi Sect in the distance. This was not the first time he had been here. In fact, in the cave world, he had sensed the Gui Yi Sect from the rift in the Wind Celestial Realm.

There were also some old friends here.

He stepped out from the formation and, accompanied by the middle-aged man and the surrounding cultivators, they flew toward the Gui Yi Sect.

However, before everyone flew far, the transfer array released a dazzling light once more that spread out in all directions.

This sudden change caught the attention of Wang Lin and these cultivators. The middle-aged man’s expression became cold once more and he stared at the formation with a serious expression.

Inside the formation, the figure of a woman slowly walked out. It was not possible to clearly see her appearance, but her figure was very beautiful. Just one look and your heart would skip a beat.

Shortly after, the woman’s figure became clear. It was a woman wearing purple. She looked young and very beautiful. She possessed a sense of serenity that spread out and made her look like a goddess.

On the right side of her beautiful face, there was also a Heavenly Bull tattoo. Not only did this tattoo not reduce her beauty, it gave her a mysterious aura.

“Xiu Sheng Sect’s Tang Jia. Heavenly Bull’s sixth meridian, Azure Sea Mountain Range,” the woman said softly as her gaze swept by the people before her. Her gaze stopped on Wang Lin for a moment, but she was still calm.

After seeing the woman, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He took a closer look and felt that she looked familiar, but he could not remember why.

Tang Jia frowned slightly toward Wang Lin’s gaze and calmly glanced at Wang Lin.

“Fellow Cultivator, which meridian did you come from?” Her voice was crisp and beautiful.

“Heavenly Bull’s third meridian.” Wang Lin slowly said. He continued to observe her, trying to figure out why she felt familiar.

He was certain that this woman was not someone from the cave world.

However, his gaze was very rude to the woman. She frowned and looked at Wang Lin with a hint of disgust.

She coldly looked at Wang Lin and softly said, “Fellow Cultivator, have you met me before?”

“I have not met you before, but I feel like you are a bit familiar.” Wang Lin pondered and realized that his actions were a bit rude. He gave an apologetic smile and withdrew his gaze.

After hearing Wang Lin’s words, Tang Jia felt even more disgust. She had heard similar words many times before and considered Wang Lin a skirt chaser. She no longer spoke and flew toward the Gui Yi Sect.

Wang Lin rubbed his nose as he flew toward the Gui Yi Sect under the strange gaze from the middle-aged man.

Soon, everyone flew into the Gui Yi Sect and entered the formation with the middle-aged man leading the way.

Purple light flashed. It seemed like it was not Tang Jia’s first time coming to the Gui Yi Sect. She directly headed for the great hall.

Half an hour later, Wang Lin saw a huge square where a huge clock was hanging upside down in the sky. It gave off bursts of pressure.

There were two cultivators sitting under the clock. One was a gloomy-faced old man who seemed to ignore everything around him. On the right side of his face, the tattoo of the Heavenly Bull was flashing and giving off the aura of the Heavenly Bull’s soul.

The other person was a young man who had a lazy expression, but if one looked closely, one could see the light in his eyes. Although he looked lazy, once his expression became serious, he would be like a different person.

There was also a Heavenly Bull tattoo flashing on the right side of his face.

When Tang Jia arrived, the young man looked over and didn’t care at all. However, a moment later, his expression collapsed, revealing a look of shock. He suddenly stood up and stared at Tang Jia.

Or rather, he was staring behind Tang Jia! At the white-haired Wang Lin, who was being guided by several cultivators.

Wang Lin also saw him!

Tang Jia was shocked by the young man’s drastic change. She knew he was, knew his identity, and knew his reputation on the Heavenly Bull Continent. In the past, she had seen his proud figure from the crowds, but she had never seen him reveal such an expression.

After being startled for a moment, Tang Jia subconsciously turned her head and looked at the figure that she felt disgust toward.

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