Chapter 1880 - Top Secret Plan!

During these seven days, the entire underground palace was silent. Even when they went out, they unwittingly remained silent. In this silence, some people carefully left the underground palace and ascended to the surface. They looked at the Extreme Sky Prairie that seemed to have been turned upside down and were dumbfounded.

Recalling the three sentences that Wang Lin had said before going into closed door cultivation, the people that saw the huge change to the Extreme Sky Prairie felt a wave of terror.

This showed that Wang Lin’s words were all true.

In addition, there was not a single Green Devil Continent cultivator left on the Extreme Sky Prairie. Wang Lin’s words appeared in everyone’s heart.

Yan Lu also arrived on the surface and looked around with deep fear in her eyes. Her cultivation level was high, so she could see things others could not. From her point of view, there was a  huge palmprint in the Extreme Sky Prairie!

However, something inside the palmprint was easy to miss.

“There was an extremely violent slaughter here seven days ago…” Yan Lu silently pondered.

Xu Dongde stood beside Yan Lu and looked around with a complicated gaze.

“This Elder Wang will immediately fly into the heavens. I fear it won’t be many years before we have to address him with respect.” Xu Dongde let out a sigh.

After seven days, more than half a month passed. It had almost been a month since the slaughter. During this time, some cultivators scattered to the edge of the Extreme Sky Prairie to see if anyone from the Green Devil Continent remained.

But in the end, they found nothing.

Everything was as Wang Lin had said before going into closed door cultivation. Everyone beside the few that escaped had died.

The flame of war still burned across the Heavenly Bull Continent, but there was a rare peace on the Extreme Sky Prairie. No new orders came from the Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect, so no one could leave. They could only guard the third meridian.

Although the days were boring, once a cultivator found a broken treasure on the Extreme Sky Prairie, things became interesting. More and more cultivators flew out to find the treasures and items left by the dead Green Devil Continent cultivators.

However, a vast majority of them had been destroyed by Wang Lin’s spell. Even if there were some that remained, they were mostly broken. But there were still a few that were relatively intact, and even if they were broken, they still had some value.

This kind of life was very fun for the cultivators. There was no slaughter and no death, and because they had fought together, they felt familiar with each other even though they were strangers.

However, this atmosphere immediately disappeared once they returned to the underground palace. Everyone who returned would become silent and look at one of the very ordinary-looking caves. That was where Wang Lin was in closed door cultivation.

These cultivators included Yan Lu and company. All of them remained silent in the underground palace, as if they were afraid of disrupting Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s battle and three sentences had won the respect and fear of these cultivators.

Time began to unknowingly pass once more. One month, two months, three months.

During these three months of time, the entire Extreme Sky Prairie had been searched by the cultivators, leaving nothing behind, but Wang Lin still hadn’t come out from his closed door cultivation.

On a certain day, a few hundred cultivators on the prairie formed a small square where they were trading what they had found on the prairie and their own items. Suddenly, a muffled rumble came from the distance.

This sudden sound caused their expressions to change greatly. They all stood up and the leisureness from the past three months disappeared and was replaced with solemn expressions.

The muffled rumble didn’t come from the Extreme Sky Prairie but from further away. It had traveled an unknown distance, but it still made the world here dim.

The rumble instantly spread above everyone and gave off a feeling of blood and ferocity that could not be seen, but felt. It instantly swept by and spread further away.

The hundreds of cultivators on the ground were startled. They didn’t know what had happened or why the this rumble would appear. Some of them vaguely saw that at the edge of the world, a Heavenly Bull covered in blood was letting out a miserable roar.

This rumble that spread across the earth was the roar of the Heavenly Bull. The reason the rumble was continuing was because it seemed like the Heavenly Bull was escaping in pain.

However, less than a dozen people saw this blurry image, and they all remained silent.

As the roar swept by, it shrouded the entire Extreme Sky Prairie. The cultivators inside the underground palace all opened their eyes and their expressions changed. They all rushed to the surface and looked at the sky. They were startled.

The expressions of Yan Lu and company also changed as they flew out from the palace. They looked at the cave Wang Lin was in and then headed toward the surface.

As a result, Wang Lin was the only person left inside the underground palace. During these three months, he had remained motionless. He had been suppressing his internal injuries battle after battle, and now that it was calm, he had begun to heal.

During these three months of time, Wang Lin continued to familiarize himself with the soul armor and also digest the insight he had gained from when his cultivation level increased.

This insight was precious to him. He was going to memorize it until it slowly became a part of him. This would benefit him greatly when his cultivation level increased.

During these three months, Wang Lin had also studied his Sundered Night. Unfortunately, without the soul armor, Sundered Night was no longer a faith spell.

The moment the roar echoed across the Extreme Sky Prairie, Wang Lin awakened from his cultivation for the first time in three months. A sharp pain came from his heart and spread across his body, causing him to be covered in cold sweat.

The Heavenly Bull tattoo on the right side of his face began to burn and gave off a sense of unspeakable sadness and anger.

The sadness came from the Heavenly Bull soul!

Wang Lin’s heart trembled. He heard the muffled rumble and looked up toward the surface. His vision became blurry and he seemed to faintly see some images.

It was an endless mountain range, and there were thousands of cultivators. After months of struggle, these cultivators had died until only a few hundred remained. Among them was someone wearing a full suit of black armor, and they gave off the aura of the Heavenly Bull’s soul.

It was obvious that this person had been recognized by the Heavenly Bull, like Wang Lin, and had been someone assigned to guard one of the seven meridians.

Wang Lin watched this person go through one slaughter after another. In the end, this person was hit by a red hand that suddenly descended from the sky nine times in a row. The armor around this person collapsed and this person died.

The red hand trembled and turned in to a red-haired old man. The old man had a gloomy expression and stood in the air like the sovereign of the heavens and earth. He was worshiped by all the Green Devil Continent cultivators below!

Wang Lin couldn’t feel his aura from the images, but from the fact that this old man had killed someone wearing the soul armor meant that this person’s cultivation was monstrous!

After the cultivator wearing the soul armor died, the entire mountain range collapsed and scattered. The endless mountain range became a pit of death.

As it collapsed, a part of the invisible barrier formed by the seven meridians collapsed. It was no longer complete!

Wang Lin’s vision went dark and he awakened. He silently pondered for a moment. What he had just seen was not something others could see. Only those who possessed the Heavenly Bull soul armor could detect it.

One of the seven Heavenly Bull meridians had collapsed.

It took several hours for this violent roar to slowly dissipate into the distance.

This sudden development caused all the cultivators in the Extreme Sky Prairie to feel like something bad was about to happen. There were many speculations, but they all felt like something big was going to happen.

In the following two months, the cultivators of the Extreme Sky Prairie were no longer as relaxed, but even more tense. This was because the roar from two months ago had repeated two more times in the last two months!

The three roars, the three faint yet powerful roars, had caused the pressure on everyone’s hearts to increase greatly.

On the seventh day after these two months, a ray of light closed in on the Extreme Sky Prairie from inside the Heavenly Bull Continent. The ray of light quickly arrived above the underground palace and turned into an old man in black who was in a sorry state.

This old was not someone from the Great Soul Sect, he came from the Gui Yi Sect!

“The Extreme Sky Prairie’s third meridian, obey this command! I came under the Soul Order from the Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect. Immediately leave this place and retreat back one million kilometers to gather at Mount Tian Luan. There will be someone there to greet you all. Listen to the order and quickly leave!!

“Owner of the soul armor of the third meridian, this old man, Ouyang Zhen, requests a meeting!!” The old man stood in the sky and looked anxious, but he didn’t forget to be respectful. After all, someone who possessed the soul armor was worthy of respect!

As he clasped his hands, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes in the underground palace. He disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was outside across from the old man.

When the old man saw Wang Lin, he was startled. He obviously didn’t expect the person who owned the soul armor to be at Wang Lin’s cultivation level, but he didn’t dare to look down on Wang Lin. After all, being able to protect this place meant that there was something special about Wang Lin.

“The Heavenly Bull’s first, second, and seventh meridians have been destroyed by the Green Devil Continent. Three owners of soul armors have fallen… Ouyang has come on orders to inform the owner of the third meridian’s soul armor to use a transfer array to immediately return to the Gui Yi Sect for a top secret plan!!”

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