Chapter 1879 - Soul Armor Dissipates

The four Green Devil Messengers were filled with fear. After being pushed into the air, the four of them looked at each other and escaped in four different directions without hesitation.

While they scattered, the four used different methods. Two of them took out treasures; one was a green paper crane and the other was a white whisk.

The two of them stood on their treasures and flew off at full speed. As for the other two, one of them bit his tongue and spat out blood. Green light surrounded him, he fused with the blood, and instantly moved 10,000 kilometers.

The last Green Devil Messenger formed seals and his body began to rotate, forming a tornado that connected the heavens and earth. He quickly flew off into the distance.

The four had used different methods, but they were all very fast. The moment Wang Lin appeared on the surface, the four of them had disappeared without a trace.

However, how could Wang Lin let them escape? He was going to complete the conditions Old Ancestor Green Bull had given him with the four of them. At this moment, there was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes and he stepped forward.

Ripples echoed under his feet and he instantly disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was before the Green Devil Messenger that had turned into a tornado. When Wang Lin appeared, he waved his right hand and attacked with thunder!

With this attack, the world rumbled and Wang Lin’s palm was replaced by thunder. The thunder was dazzling and formed a huge ball of thunder. At the edge of the ball of thunder, there were large amounts of lines that looked shocking.

The ball of thunder quickly collided with the Green Devil Messenger that had turned into a tornado.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the world. The tornado collapsed when it collided with the thunder. The countless strands of thunder formed a net that shrouded the terrified Green Devil Messenger.

The sound of thunder crackling echoed. The Green Devil Messenger coughed out blood and let out a cry. He was shrouded by the thunder net and fell to the ground.

This scene looked shocking from the distance. The thunder net was like cobweb that wrapped around the Green Devil Messenger and completely sealed him.

After Wang Lin used the thunder net, his body trembled slightly. The aura coming from his body became unstable. Wang Lin understood that this was a sign that the soul armor was about to lose its effect.

The Green Devil Messenger was sealed with the thunder net, and there was no way for him to break out from this thunder net created by Wang Lin with his early stage Void Tribulant cultivation that used a fusion of his thunder and restriction essences. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to step toward the west.

In a flash, he disappeared.

West of the Extreme Sky Prairie, the other Green Devil Messenger was sitting on a paper crane with a pale expression. He was using his full speed to escape like crazy.

From his view, what had just happened was simply too terrifying. They had come here to complete the task the old ancestor had given them: kill Wang Lin.

Even if there was an accident and Wang Lin obtained the soul armor, he wasn’t afraid. After all, he knew some information about the Heavenly Bull soul armor. There was a time limit.

But when he saw Wang Lin use faith spell, he suddenly understood that Wang Lin was not simple!

“The faith spell that Grand Empyreans can use, he… he can use it at well… This is a matter of great importance. I must escape to report it to the old ancestor!”

However, just as he was thinking about this, his pupils shrank. Before him, ripples echoed and the black-armored Wang Lin walked out.

“Stay!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a cold gaze. After he walked out, his eight essences turned into eight lines that gathered in his palm to form a fist-sized ball.

The was him using his powerful early stage Void Tribulant cultivation to fuse his essences by force, and he threw it at the Green Devil Messenger.

The little ball formed by eight essences was silent as it shot toward the Green Devil Messenger.

The expression of the Green Devil Messenger on the paper crane changed greatly. His hands quickly formed seals and he pressed it toward the sky!

“Green Devil Enter the Body!” His voice was sharp and was filled with endless horror. A monstrous, green light came from his body and collided with the ball of essences.

As thunderous rumbles echoed, Wang Lin moved forward and there was a flash of blood light. He chopped down with the blood sword using his early stage Void Tribulant cultivation!

Thunderous rumbles echoed. The green light around the Green Devil Messenger collapsed. A blood line appeared between his eyebrows and his body was cut in half. His origin soul was destroyed along with his body.

The blood sword in Wang Lin’s hand continued to tremble. With that chop, the blood sword absorbed a part of the blood from the Green Devil Messenger and let out a sharp sword hymn.

It had once killed many celestials, but since falling into Wang Lin’s hands, this was the highest cultivation level celestial it had killed!

The moment the Green Devil Messenger died, the illusion of the Heavenly Bull appeared around Wang Lin. It let out a roar of excitement as if it was very happy about Wang Lin killing the Green Devil Messenger.

The moment the Heavenly Bull soul appeared, it inhaled. A wisp of green gas came out of the messenger’s body. It turned into the shape of a scorpion and struggled a bit before it was devoured by the Heavenly Bull.

Wang Lin was startled, but he didn’t pause for a moment. He raised his foot and disappeared.

Directly north, the Green Devil Messenger that was escaping using blood escape continued to cough out blood. As a result, he moved faster and faster until he was a blur. In a flash, there was no trace of him.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, he only saw a blur and then it disappeared from his eyes. When he turned around, the messenger had turned into a green dot that was gradually disappearing.

The Void Tribulant aura around Wang Lin became even more unstable. It showed signs of falling back to Arcane Tribulant.

His eyes lit up as he stared at the direction where the third Green Devil Messenger was escaping toward. He raised his right hand and quickly pointed in that direction.


A roar came from Wang Lin’s mouth. With this, the entire world became dark as if a mysterious power had rushed in and froze everything. This included the third Green Devil Messenger who had already escaped far from Wang Lin.

His body trembled and stopped in place.

The moment he stopped, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword swept by. With a loud bang, the messenger’s body collapsed and the Heavenly Bull soul appeared around Wang Lin to devour the wisp of green gas the messenger released.

He had sealed one person and killed two people. Wang Lin’s aura rapidly fell back down to the third or fourth Arcane Tribulant. Wang Lin looked south, where the last messenger had escaped to. After silently pondering for a bit, he gave up on hunting the last one. Instead, he charged toward where the first messenger was sealed.

A moment later, an excited roar of the Heavenly Bull came from where the first messenger was sealed. It had devoured the green gas from three dead Green Devil Messengers and the green gas seemed to be a great nourishment for it.

The blood light from the blood sword became even brighter after killing the three mid stage Void Tribulant messengers. A few ancient characters began to appear on the sword.

The characters were not those of cultivators but of the ancient ones!

Wang Lin’s white hair fluttered and his cultivation fell down to late stage Arcane Void. He looked very tired as he took a step and charged toward the underground palace.

Along the way, his cultivation level dropped once more to mid stage Arcane Void. When he reached the entrance to the underground palace, his cultivation level returned back to normal, to late stage Spirit Void.

The Heavenly Bull armor seemed to melt, turning back to the countless black threads that surrounded his body. In the end, they gathered around the right side of his face to form a black Heavenly Bull tattoo.

The tattoo flashed, causing Wang Lin to look very strange.

The moment he entered the underground palace, his foot trembled. A powerful sense of weakness came from his body, as if he had lost his cultivation and became a mortal.

The more than 1,000 cultivators, including Yan Lu and company, all looked over with anxious gazes. They couldn’t see what was happening outside the underground palace; they had been waiting for the result.

“Of the six mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters, two escaped and three died…” Wang Lin didn’t know if the old man named Zhao had an avatar or not, because Wang Lin wasn’t close enough, so he didn’t mention him.

“The two early stage Void Tribulant cultivators are dead!

“Aside from them, all the Green Devil Continent cultivators are dead!” Wang Lin only said these three lines before his face turned pale and he flew back into his cave. He summoned Yi Si and completely sealed the cave with restrictions. He then sat down and coughed out a mouthful of blood.

He ignored the dead silence caused by what he had said. All the cultivators silently pondered as they looked toward Wang Lin’s cave with shock and awe.

“Heavenly Bull soul armor… So powerful…”

“Is this the power of the soul armor…”

There was no uproar. Everyone silently pondered and then slowly scattered. Yan Lu and company also looked at Wang Lin’s cave with complicated gazes before they returned to their own caves to begin healing. After all, they had been injured in the previous battle as well.

In a flash, seven days passed!

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