Chapter 1878 - Faith Spell

The sun in the darkness gave off the power of the law of origin. The power to tear open the night contained an inexplicable aura. This aura belonged to Wang Lin because he had created the spell.

However, even though it belonged to Wang Lin, not even he understood what the aura was! He just had a feeling that this aura was the root of Sundered Night and the root of the law of origin. It was formed by Wang Lin’s faith!

This faith was the faith to tear open the dark night and break out from the ordinary. It was also a heaven-defying will!

If the dark night was seen as the layers of bondage on the body, if the dark night was seen as the rules of the world that made a man an ant, if the dark night was the countless mountains that fell on Wang Lin.

Then the power to tear open the dark night was his true defying will!

Unless one had a heaven-defying will, they couldn’t create such a spell. If one didn’t have something they would not and could not give up, it would be impossible to create this kind of spell!

Wang Lin initially didn’t understand, but after seeing the aura inside the sun, he vaguely understood why he could create Sundered Night!

Because of his unwillingness to give up Li Muwan, he was going to tear apart the dark night of the world! For Li Muwan, he was going to make it so the night could no longer cover his eyes!

This was Sundered Night!

This was the spell Wang Lin had created for Li Muwan! Even though this spell had nothing to do with Li Muwan, Wang Lin’s heart, will, pursuit, and persistence were all clearly displayed in the first spell he had created.

He thought about his Wan Er for a moment inside the sun.

Fighting against people, fighting against beasts, fighting against the earth, fighting against the heavens, fighting against space, fighting against all things, fight against the Immortal Astral Continent. All of this was the dark night, and everything Wang Lin had done was for one goal!

To tear open the layers of darkness that covered his eyes and search for the light after the darkness of night!

This was Sundered Night!!

Wang Lin didn’t understand before and was confused himself. However, now, with the help of the Soul Armor and his current cultivation level, he understood it a bit after using Sundered Night.

This was the first spell he had created, and the only spell that contained his own faith. It accompanied his indomitable soul and fused with it to form a spell surpassing dao spells!

This spell had completely fused with his body, his life, and his faith. Wang Lin didn’t know what kind of spell this was, but Zhang Daozong and company knew.

The moment the sea submerged the world and the sun appeared in the distance, everyone’s attention was attracted to the only light in the darkness.

When the sun appeared and an inexplicable aura spread out, Zhang Daozong’s expression changed greatly. His body trembled and his eyes were filled with disbelief. The appearance of the sun with the inexplicable aura caused his mind to rumble as if millions of bolts of thunder had exploded within him!

“This is… This aura is…” Zhang Daozong’s face instantly turned pale without any trace of blood, and fear filled his eyes.

There was also the old man named Zhao. He stared at the sun and felt the faint aura that was very light but tenacious inside it. He forgot to breath. If someone were to tell him that all the cultivators on the Heavenly Bull continent were going to die overnight, he would still not be as shocked and terrified as now.

“It can’t be…. It’s impossible… Unless he is a reincarnation…”

The two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators only felt a terrifying aura, but they didn’t lose themselves, because they didn’t understand what that aura represented.

They didn’t understand, but when the four Green Devil Continent messengers saw the sun, their expressions became extremely ugly. There was also extreme fear inside their hearts.

“This is a faith spell… Beyond spells and dao spells, the faith spell that only Grand Empyreans can use!!”

“This is definitely a faith spell!! Once the sun contains enough faith, it will transform into the strongest spell that is even more difficult to obtain than dao spells!”

“Only the nine Grand Empyreans can use faith spells. Rumor has it that faith spells can’t be inherited. Every faith spell was created by the Grand Empyreans themselves!!”

“Who the hell is this person!? How could he use a faith spell? Although the faith is not powerful, it exists!!”

Faith spells were above dao spells, and their power could not be described. These spells required faith, but not the will like the fire essence, but from one’s own experience and perseverance. It could be considered the final metamorphosis of domains.

Will and faith were completely different, like the difference between the heavens and earth. Only after one’s will became strong enough would it become faith!! A persistent faith that would never look back!

This faith was not Joss Flames, but a firm belief in oneself. A strong belief in what one has done and that one will persist onward.

Domain, essence, faith!

Once a domain reaches its limit, the corresponding essence appears. Once an essence reaches a limit, it become an essence true body. If the essence true body contains will, then it will transform into a true soul!

The reason it was called a true soul was because although there was will, it was extremely difficult to change again. Once it reached completion, it would give birth to faith!

Spells, dao spells, faith spells!

These three different spells correspond to the two metamorphoses of domains. Spells correspond to domains, dao spells correspond to essences, and faith spells correspond to faith!

However, this last level was something only the nine Grand Empyreans could reach! Everyone else could only look up from below them!

Sundered Night was a spell created by Wang Lin, and it contained his life of tearing through the darkness!

The reason Grand Empyreans could turn spells corporeal was because their powerful faith could create something from nothing!

To create something from nothing was the root of all Grand Empyrean spells!

Wang Lin had his eyes closed underground, but he could see everything outside. At this moment, it was as if he had reincarnated into the sun. He looked at the sea below and saw everyone’s terrified gazes.

“I believe you are all part of this dark night…

“I believe you are all part of what’s trying to stop me…

“I believe that once the sun rises, you all will dissipate with the night…

“I believe that after the dark night, there will be the light that I have searched for for thousands of years…

“I believe that light definitely exist, it must… I believe!

“My hair is no longer black. The night gave me black hair, but it represents the light…

“My eyes are no longer black. They contained fire and thunder, along with the rule-like restriction… The night made my eyes black, but the fire will burn the night, the thunder will light up the night, the restriction will break the rules. I’ll use my eyes to see the light!”

Wang Lin’s voice echoed across the sea created by Sundered Night. These words fell into the ears of the Green Devil Messengers, Zhang Daozong, the old man named Zhao, and the two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. His words were like the dao scriptures from the past, but right now, they contained Wang Lin’s faith!

Wang Lin opened his eyes. The moment he opened them, the sun at the edge of the sea released a dazzling light. The light spread endlessly, and it contained Wang Lin’s faith. It dispelled the darkness and searched for the faith of light!

This was faith to defy the heavens and tear open the night to resurrect Li Muwan. It was his life as an indomitable soul!

This was this first faith spell!!

The darkness in the sky disappeared without a trace and the sea also disappeared. The origin souls of the two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators disappeared. There were no miserable cries; they seemed to have been infected by Wang Lin’s faith, and they were liberated when the light tore apart the darkness. They smiled as their origin souls were destroyed!

The old man named Zhao trembled and his body was torn apart with the darkness. His origin soul trembled and struggled with the night as he let out bursts of roars.

He was unwilling to die like this as a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator. Even though he had an independent avatar back in the Green Devil Continent, which would prevent the death of his original body from truly killing him, he was still unwilling!

But under the faith spell, his struggle didn’t last for long before he smiled, closed his eyes, and dissipated.

As for Zhang Daozong, his cultivation level was a bit higher than that of the old man named Zhao. His body collapsed and his origin soul screamed as he retreated. He spat out a hidden jade that emitted a soft light. It protected him for a moment before shattering.

Zhang Daozong’s eyes were filled with despair. He had never cultivated an avatar in his life, but he held on by a breath. His origin soul began to dissipate under Wang Lin’s faith spell, but it wasn’t destroyed. He condensed into a ball of light and flew off into the distance. He gradually lost consciousness and barely managed to escape.

The sound of the mirror shattering echoed. The Green Devil Mirror the four Green Devil Messengers had created collapsed and the projection of the Green Devil continent dissipated!

The earth trembled and everything returned to normal. It was still the Extreme Sky Prairie. The four messengers coughed out blood and rapidly retreated. As they retreated, the black-armored Wang Lin walked out from the earth!

His white hair fluttered with the wind and a terrifying aura surrounded his body.

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