Chapter 1877 - Sundered Night changes!

Wang Lin made up his mind and suddenly turned around. The two green scorpions before him looked gloomy with a hint of fear. They no longer charged at him but rapidly retreated toward the surface.

Wang Lin’s strength was beyond the expectation of the four Green Devil Messengers. They didn’t expect Wang Lin to become so strong after obtaining the recognition of the Heavenly Bull. This was enough power to instantly erase mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators and was infinitely close to a late stage Void Tribulant cultivator!

“This is worthy of the Immortal Astral Continent… If I had this in the cave world, then neither the Seven-Colored Daoist nor Old Ghost Zhan would’ve been my match…” Wang Lin felt emotional.

“The Immortal Astral Continent must have a way to awaken Wan Er!” Wang Lin revealed a determined gaze as he looked at the two scorpions rapidly retreating. He revealed a cold smile and chased after them.

The two scorpions fled very fast, but Wang Lin was even faster. With one step, the earth trembled and he instantly closed in. He raised his right hand and his eyes revealed a strange light.

“War Spirit Print!” As his words echoed, Wang Lin pointed forward.

With this, the sky above the Extreme Sky Prairie immediately changed. All the clouds scattered and even the light dissipated. A huge palm print large enough to cover the entire Extreme Sky Prairie appeared.

After the palm print appeared, it rapidly descended on the earth. It covered up the sun and replaced the sky. It was as if a giant had opened his palm and pressed down on the earth.

After it had descended half way, the top of the palm still could not be seen. This palm was simply amazing!

But, strangely, this ordinary-looking palm with clear fingerprints began to shed its skin. It was as if there was a layer of seals wrapped around it, and now it had reached a critical point where the seals could no longer contain it.

After the seals collapsed, the palm print that appeared in the sky was similar in size as before, but its appearance was very different!

This palm no longer had five fingers, but six fingers!! The sixth finger was red and had long, shocking nails. It was completely different from the other five fingers. The remaining five fingers and the palm were black, forming a stark contrast with the bright red finger!

This palm print seemed to be a fusion of dao and devil. The sixth finger seemed like the finger of a devil!

On the Extreme Sky Prairie, fear appeared on the faces of the remaining 1,000 Green Devil Continent cultivators. As they stared at the sky, their bodies trembled and despair appeared in their hearts.

There were also the two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Their hearts trembled when they saw the palm print, and they took out their strongest defensive treasures and spells without hesitation.

At this moment, they didn’t have time to pay attention to others. The only thought in their minds was to save themselves from this terrifying palm.

Zhang Daozong was dumbfounded. He stared at the giant palm with disbelief in his eyes!

“Devil Dao Grand Handprint!! This is the Devil Dao Grand Handprint!! It is a six-finger Devil Dao Grand Handprint!!! This is the most powerful spell of my Devil Dao Sect, a secret not passed on to others!!

“Only the sect master of each generation can learn this spell. Other people of the sect can’t even learn it, much less people outside the sect! This Wang Lin… He… How could he know this spell!?”

There was also the old man named Zhao, who was also filled with shock. Without hesitation he waved his sleeve and his body was shrouded in a blur. His hands rapidly formed seals to cast protection spells.

Everything happened in an instant. After the palm transformed, it suddenly fell down on the Extreme Sky Prairie. The more than 1,000 Green Devil Continent cultivators could not resist at all and were the first to die!

Their origin souls were completely destroyed!

One palm had killed more than 1,000 people. This kind of terrifying power even stunned Wang Lin.

This was not the end. The two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators had used all their spells and treasures before the palm fell. They coughed out blood and looked weakened. Although they weren’t dead, they were seriously injured. All their organs had exploded and they were holding on by one breath! However, this didn’t last long. Their bodies exploded, leaving only their origin souls!

Zhang Daozong and the old man named Zhao also coughed out blood, and their faces instantly turned palm. Below them, the four Green Devil Messengers trembled and blood flowed out from the corners of their mouths. However, because of the green mirror above them, their injuries weren’t heavy!

However, the two green scorpions in the earth below them could not bear it. When the palm print landed on the earth, a powerful vibration transferred through the ground. The two scorpions let out roars and exploded before Wang Lin.

“This is the real War Spirit Print!” Wang Lin’s eyes shined brightly and he charged for the surface. He was very fast and instantly closed in on the surface, causing the surface of the Extreme Sky Prairie to tremble.

Seeing that Wang Lin was about to rush out, fear appeared on the cold faces of the four Green Devil Messengers.

“We can’t let him come out!” The four of them almost roared at the same time. As Green Devil Messengers, their hearts were in sync, and at this moment, all four of them were filled with fear. As they roared, they put their hands on the ground and their foreheads touched the ground.

This action was like worshipping!

However, it was this worship that caused the green mirror to let out a sharp howl and land on the ground. The mirror expanded infinitely and shrouded the entire Extreme Sky Prairie.

“We summon the Green Devil Scorpion soul to suppress this person!!”

The four of them spoke at the same time. The voices fused into one that echoed across the earth. The Extreme Sky Prairie suddenly changed and the prairie disappeared. The earth turned into an endless swamp and even all the mountains around the prairie disappeared.

Everything here became the world of the Green Devil Contient!

Whether it was an illusion or real, it could be said that the Extreme Sky Prairie had disappeared from the Heavenly Bull Continent. Rather, it hadn’t disappeared but had been shrouded by a projection of the entire Green Devil Continent!

This projection was used as a suppression!

There was also Zhang Daozong, old man named Zhao, and the two female cultivators’ origin souls. They had barely survived the War Spirit Print and now they were all desperately descending. They used their full cultivation to help the Green Devil Messengers with the suppression!!

They understood that if they were unable to suppress Wang Lin, who had obtained the recognition of the Heavenly Bull, they would meet a terrifying fate!!

“The Heavenly Bull Messengers are different from us. They can obtain peak power, but only temporarily. Although I don’t know for how long, it can’t be for too long. As long as we suppress him, we can kill him once the time is up!” one of the Green Devil Messengers roared.

As he roared, Zhang Daozong and company seemed to be filled with limitless power and expectation. They spread out their cultivation to help the suppression.

The earth trembled and thunderous rumbles echoed. Every echo caused everyone’s faces to turn slightly more pale.

Wang Lin continued to bombard from below. He was going to break the projection and charge out!

“Realm Burning Umbrella!” Wang Lin’s hands formed seals and countless restrictions appeared. A giant, fire umbrella appeared in the sky above the Green Devil Continent projection!

The umbrella opened for a moment and a monstrous fire descended, burning the projection and the world. The moment the sea of fire appeared, the two early stage Void Tribulant female cultivators’ origin souls cried out, but they gritted their teeth and sacrificed their life treasures. They joined forces to resist the fire!

The Realm Burning Umbrella didn’t have a transformation like the Seven-Colored Lance and the War Spirit Print. It was still the same, only a lot stronger. But it was still a bit worse than the Seven-Colored Lance and the War Spirit Print.

“This spell seems very powerful, but in truth, even the madman only scratched its surface. Even with my current cultivation level, I can’t display its true strength… Or rather, the spell is not as powerful as I thought, and this is the limit,” Wang Lin thought to himself.

“Then I want to try my own spells next!” Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a strange light as he looked up. He raised his right hand and suddenly waved.

The land before him suddenly became blurry and was replaced by the raging sea. This appeared in the eyes of the Green Devil Messengers as well. The sea spread out like crazy and the umbrella in the sky dissipated, replaced by darkness.

The darkness released endless chill, and cold winds swept by, shrouding Zhang Daozong and company.

To the east, there was a fine, golden light, and a rising sun began to slowly appear. It also contained an extremely powerful law of origin!

This power could tear apart all darkness and cause all night in the world to collapse! When Wang Lin created this spell, he didn’t really understand it, and it was by accident. It wasn’t until this moment that he saw the amazing scene inside the sun.

This scene startled him!

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