Chapter 1876 - Seven-Color’s Third Transformation!

In the surface of the Extreme Sky Prairie, Zhang Daozong and the old man named Zhao looked at the ground with suspicion. They clearly felt a powerful aura rushing out from the depths of the earth.

Although they only felt a bit of this aura, it was enough to make their hearts skip a beat. It was as if a huge Heavenly Bull had awakened and was letting out a roar as it charged up toward the sky.

The two of them weren’t the only ones who felt this. The four cold Green Devil Messengers all had solemn expressions as they stared at the earth.

The four of them had been selected among countless children by the three ancestors of the Green Devil Continent. They were all extremely talented, and once they reached a certain cultivation level, they were sent to the Green Devil Scorpion Temple to become servants of the Green Devil Scorpion.

Over the countless years, there were many messengers like them, but after countless rounds of eliminations and death, only nine of them obtained the recognition of the Green Devil in the end!

These nine people were all the Green Devil Messengers of the Green Devil Continent. They were the inheritors of the will of the Green Devil Scorpion that was suppressed under the Green Devil Continent!

It was because of this that their feelings were much more clear than that of Zhang Daozong and others. They clearly knew that the aura from underground came from a Heavenly Bull messenger that had obtained the recognition of the Heavenly Bull.

The earth trembled even more violently and muffled rumbles echoed. The grass collapsed and turned into green powder. The wind lifted the powder into the sky, making it cover the surrounding area like a fog.

Zhang Daozong’s skin crawled and he was the first to fly up into the air. Behind him was the old man named Zhao.

The four Green Devil Messengers all had serious expressions, but they didn’t fly into the air. They quickly dispersed and sat down in four different directions. Their hands formed seals and they let out roars.

As they roared, large amounts of green gas appeared behind them. The green fog rapidly churned and formed four green scorpions!

These four green scorpions were extremely ferocious. After they appeared, they let out sharp howls and charged into the earth.

Immediately after, the four of them bit the tips of their tongues and spat out blood. Their hands pressed against the earth. Then they closed their eyes and four strands of green gas as thick as an arm rushed out from behind them. The gas gathered in the sky to form a green mirror!

Although the mirror was an illusion, it gave off a powerful devilish aura. When Zhang Daozong and the old man named Zhao saw the mirror, their eyes became filled with respect.

As the green gas swept across the mirror, a continent appeared. There weren’t many mountains on this continent, but there were many swamps. Even some of the mortal cities were built above swamps. It was very strange.

The continent looked smaller than the Heavenly Bull Continent, only have 70% of the size. However, it was covered in swamps, and the haze around the continent made it look like a dream.

The world inside the mirror was the Green Devil Continent!

As the four Green Devil Messengers roared, the mirror slowly sank and shrouded the ground between the four of them. With this position, it covered the entire Extreme Sky Prairie to suppress it.

Deep in the earth, Wang Lin had fused with the Heavenly Bull behind him and was rushing out. Behind him was the underground palace. He had no intention of becoming a hero. He was doing this not for the Heavenly Bull continent, but for the three conditions.

However, Wang Lin understood reason. His soul armor contained the cultivation and blood of more than 1,000 cultivators back in the underground palace. He could not leave by himself. At the very least, he had to ensure their safety before leaving.

Now he was going to rush out from the earth to kill three mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters and complete the second task Old Ancestor Green Bull had given him!

As he charged forward, Wang Lin’s face was covered by the black armor, revealing only his cold eyes and his snow white hair. He was very fast, and he was only a few thousand feet away from the surface in a flash.

But just at this moment, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He clearly felt four very familiar yet disgusting auras appear and charge toward him.

He vaguely saw four green scorpions fiercely charging at him.

Wang Lin felt a sense of disgust and hatred from his heart toward those four green scorpions. He knew that this was not from himself but from the soul of the Heavenly Bull!

It was obvious that countless years before the Heavenly Bull and the scorpion were suppressed by the celestial ancestor, they knew each other!

Or rather, they were old enemies!!

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he suddenly stopped. The Heavenly Bull shadow condensed in his body and disappeared without a trace. Only Wang Lin remained here.

There was no hesitation as Wang Lin raised his foot. He no longer charged upward but instead went toward the west. With one step, Wang Lin moved like a bolt of thunder and disappeared. When he reappeared, there was green gas before him, and a fierce green scorpion charged at him.

Before the scorpion got close, it swung its tail. The tail lashed toward Wang Lin like a whip. Wang Lin revealed a cold gaze and completely ignored the scorpion tail lashing at him. He raised his arms and grabbed the earth before him.

“Heaven Ripping!!” His early stage Void Tribulant cultivation had fused with his Ancient Dao power to form a spell that was no longer an Ancient Dao spell!

As Wang Lin’s hands suddenly ripped the earth and a giant rift appeared before him. It extended toward the incoming scorpion!

A thunderous rumble rang out. The rift instantly extended to an immeasurable size and collided with the tail of the scorpion. The tail trembled and instantly collapsed. At the same time, the huge rift swept through the green scorpion’s body, heading toward the surface.

The Extreme Sky Prairie trembled. On the west side, the earth suddenly burst open, revealing a  huge crack more than 100,000 feet wide!

The earth trembled. The moment the crack appeared, a burst of green gas appeared. There was a miserable scream as it dissipated.

One of the four Green Devil Messengers turned pale and coughed out blood.

One Heaven Ripping had killed a Green Scorpion soul. Wang Lin looked at the scorpion and then turned around to see three masses of green gas charging at him. They revealed themselves to be three of the same scorpion, and they ferociously charged at him.

“I wonder, with my current cultivation level, if I used the Seven-Colored Lance, would it have the power of several suns like when peak the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign used it?” Wang Lin looked at the three incoming scorpions with battle intent.

He stepped forward. The moment his step landed, the earth trembled as if it was unable to withstand his step. His right hand moved quickly and he used the Seven-Colored Lance!

His speed wasn’t much faster than before he put on the armor, but he was several times faster than ordinary cultivators!

With a wave of his hand, seven-colored light filled the world and soon a seven-colored lance appeared. The lance gave off a destructive aura. It was very unstable, as if it could collapse at any moment.

The seven-colored light on the lance rapidly changed and condense into a kind of black!

Before, there was no black among red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and purple.

However, at this moment, the Seven-Colored Lance was extremely black and was filled with monstrous killing intent. This was the real Seven-Colored Lance. Only once one had reached a certain cultivation level could the Seven-Colored Lance reach its first transformation!

Wang Lin raised his hand and grabbed the Seven-Colored Lance’s first transformation. The moment he grabbed the lance, it trembled and the black light changed again into white!

This was the Seven-Colored Lance’s second transformation!

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he held the lance and threw it forward. Thunderous rumbles echoed as the Seven-Colored Lace’s second transformation flew toward one of the three scorpions!

As the white lance flew forward, the color on it changed once more from white to grey!

This was the Seven-Colored Lance’s third transformation! This was the strongest transformation the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign could use!

The Seven-Colored Lance’s third transformation turned grey and closed in on a scorpion. The scorpion let out a howl and spat out a large amount of green gas that collided with the lance.

Thunderous rumbles echoed deep underground. The earth continued to tremble and an explosion shot upwards from underground. This caused a large area of the Extreme Sky Prairie to collapse due to the impact, and large amounts of dirt and grass flew into the sky.

“Unfortunately, the soul armor only increases my cultivation level. It doesn’t increase my cultivation level based off my body but based off the aura of the Heavenly Bull. If I were at the early stage of Void Tribulant, I would have nine essences completed. And if I had nine essence true bodies, nine lances would appear. I’m confident in destroying all three scorpions at once!” Wang Lin secretly shook his head. This soul armor was, after all, an external object. Although powerful, it wasn’t his own.

“There are still two scorpions left. I can test my other spells to see if there is a need to continue mastering them!”

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