Chapter 1875 - Killing Lu Wenran!

Lu Wenran watched with his own eyes as the countless black threads swirled around Wang Lin’s body. The aura in Wang Lin’s body became more powerful at a terrifying rate.

This caused sweat to appear on his forehead, his heart to tremble, and indescribable fear to appear in his eyes. There was even more a maddening sense of jealousy!

All of this should have belonged to him. This aura should have belonged to him. All of this  should have belonged to him, Lu Wenran!

A thunderous rumble echoed. Wang Lin, who was surrounded by countless black threads, pressed his hand against the gear. Cracks suddenly appeared on the gear and it shattered into countless pieces.

Wang Lin’s body seemed to move. As the countless threads moved, they quickly wove into a suit of black armor. This armor covered Wang Lin’s whole body, including his neck and face, leaving only his closed eyes and his white hair!

A giant Heavenly Bull shadow appeared behind Wang Lin. This bull contained a heaven-defying aura. The bull’s eyes were also closed.

Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased at a crazed speed. He was borrowing the power of the soul armor, and although it was only temporary, it would give Wang Lin unimaginable benefits.

He directly reached the early stage of Arcane Void while ignoring that fact that he was still missing an essence!

After less than one breath at the early stage of Arcane Void, his cultivation climbed to the mid stage of Arcane Void!

Immediately after, at an even faster speed, his aura reached the late stage of Arcane Void, making his hair flutter without any wind!

His cultivation level was still increasing, and all of this happened in a flash. Not only was Lu Wenran stunned, but Yan Lu, Xu Dongde, and the three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators who were not helping either side were all shocked. 

There was no need to mention the more than 1,000 cultivators below. They all stared dumbfoundedly at Wang Lin while witnessing the miracle of someone who had obtained the soul armor!!

“I can’t let him continue!!” Lu Wenran felt fear. His eyes turned red and he roared like crazy. He rushed forward and appeared before Wang Lin. His single arm formed seals as he erupted his full cultivation to bombard Wang Lin.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and the light from the spells were blinding. However, none of the spells could affect Wang Lin. Wang Lin still had his eyes closed and was allowing Lu Wenran to use various spells.

Just the armor was enough to make Wang Lin invincible. Even if Lu Wenran blew himself up, he wouldn’t be able to hurt Wang Lin at all!

The longer this went on, the more jealous Lu Wenran became. He continued to roar and bombard with spells, but the result was still the same!

“It’s mine! Not yours!

“Wang Lin, this soul armor is mine. You stole my soul armor, you will die a terrible death!!

“I’m going to kill you, I’m going to kill you!” Lu Wenran didn’t even realize that he had been taken over by his inner demons. This kind of thing should not happen, given his cultivation level, but it was all because his expectations were too high and he had seen all disappear before his eyes.

Everything he had done to prepare for this had been done for someone else! Such a blow was something he could not accept, and with how sudden it happened, he refused to accept it.

Wang Lin’s appearance was the culprit of all of this, and his madness was all because of Wang Lin! But this was the result everyone else saw from the outside. Only Wang Lin knew that in Lu Wenran’s mind, there was the figure of a woman in white weeping.

Since Wang Lin was going to act, he was going to do his best to calculate all the results. The multi-layered illusion had been quietly planted  without Lu Wenran noticing!

As Lu Wenran attacked like crazy, Wang Lin’s aura climbed once more. He directly stepped into peak Arcane Void and then entered Arcane Tribulant!

This change was like a heavy invisible blow that landed on Lu Wenran’s mind and almost made him cough out a mouthful of blood. His eyes became bloodshot and began attacking like crazy.

“I was at the Pill Sea and you were also at the Pill Sea! Why was I arranged to escape but you remained to explode the Pill Sea to obtain great merits?! If it was me, I could have done it as well!!

“I’m at the third meridian and you are here as well. My cultivation level is higher than yours and I have seniority. This soul armor is mine, what qualifications do you have to steal from me?!”

Wang Lin’s eyes were closed and he still hadn’t opened them. His aura after entering Arcane Tribulant increased once more.

The first Arcane Tribulant, second, third, fourth… Eighth, ninth!!!

No Arcane Tribulants arrived at all; it was extremely safe. Wang Lin’s aura changed nine times and increased nine times. He directly entered the Void Tribulant stage from Arcane Tribulant!!

Early stage Void Tribulant!!

The moment Wang Lin reached the early stage of Void Tribulant, he suddenly opened his eyes. The Heavenly Bull shadow behind him also opened its eyes, revealing a ferocious and heaven-defying gaze!


The Heavenly Bull shadow raised its head and let out a roar that spread through the underground palace, the earth, the entire Extreme Sky Prairie, and across the continent!

On the surface, the six mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators heard this roar and their expressions changed greatly!

“The roar of the Heavenly Bull!!”

“This must be the roar of the Heavenly Bull! Only the Heavenly Bull can make my heart tremble with a roar!”

“I have heard a similar sound before, it was the roar of the Green Devil. This must be the Heavenly Bull!!” The six of them felt something bad in their hearts.

If they were like this, there was no need to talk about the nearly 2,000 Green Devil Continent cultivators. Their bodies trembled and fear appeared in their eyes. That roar had almost caused their origin souls to collapse.

In the underground palace, Wang Lin’s eyes were red. This red was not caused by madness but by the soul armor. This came from the Heavenly Bull’s heaven-defying resentment!

“You’re going to kill me?” Wang Lin’s red eyes showed no emotion and was extremely cold as he looked at Lu Wenran who had stopped bombarding and retreated with a pale face.

“You’re going to kill me?” Wang Lin murmured as if his memories had returned. He raised his right hand and waved.

With this wave, the world rumbled and Wang Lin’s right hand turned into a Heavenly Bull that charged toward Lu Wenran. With a bang, Lu Wenran’s body was knocked back like a kite with a broken string.

Wang Lin’s eyes were filled with killing intent as he charged forward with the black armor that only revealed his eyes. With one step, he appeared before Lu Wenran. He didn’t use any spells and merely kicked Lu Wenran!

The moment Wang Lin raised his right foot, the illusion of the Heavenly Bull’s horn appeared!

With a thunderous bang, Lu Wenran let out a miserable scream and his body collapsed into a blood mist. His origin soul quickly escaped. He was no longer crazy; his thoughts were replaced with fear.

At this moment, he no longer felt jealous or madness. It was as if he had fully recovered from the madness and screamed as he retreated in fear.

“I’m an elder of the Great Soul Sect, you can’t kill me!!” Wang Lin’s eyes were cold as he caught up. He waved his right hand and Lu Wenran’s origin soul exploded. He lost his lower half.

“I’m the disciple of Esteemed Green Bull. If you kill me, Teacher won’t let you go!!” Lu Wenran was weak after losing half his body, and even his voice was weak. He frantically retreated with fear in his eyes.

But Wang Lin took another step and closed in once more. He waved his right hand and Lu Wenran’s body collapsed once more, leaving only a head that could dissipate at any time.

“My status at the Great Soul Sect is very nobel, you…” His head retreated as he shrieked. At this moment, he was really afraid. He didn’t want to die. He was a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator, so it was difficult for him to die, but at this moment, he felt death descending upon him like never before.

“Don’t kill me!” Just as his words came out, Wang Lin appeared next to his head wearing the terrifying black armor. Wang Lin had a cold and indifferent expression as his hand slammed down.

“I won’t be sending you off!”

A thunderous rumble echoed as the palm descended. Lu Wenran’s origin soul’s head exploded and he died!

This was Wang Lin. He didn’t care about the identity or background of the people he killed. If he didn’t kill Lu Wenran today, once the effect of the armor wore off, Lu Wenran would not let him go.

Since the situation was either Wang Lin died or Lu Wenran died, there was no point in Wang Lin caring about his identity. Even if the other party was the son of the celestial emperor, he would’ve still killed him!

At this moment, Wang Lin clearly felt the existence of power. Every movement was filled with spells. He had never felt like this before. Essences were no longer important at this moment because he clearly felt his essences disappear and become part of his bloodline! 

His body could be considered a body formed by essences. His blood was the water essence and his eyes were the thunder essence. His existence was formed by essences!

This feeling came from the armor on his body. At this moment, he had a feeling that he was no longer a cultivator but the fierce Heavenly Bull that had cultivated in the vast space for countless years!

Wang Lin raised his head and coldly stared above the underground palace. Killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Zhang Daozong, I’m coming!” Wang Lin fused with the Heavenly Bull shadow behind him and charged upwards!

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