Chapter 1873 - Fly Into Rage Out of Humiliation!

Lu Wenran’s expression revealed nothing as he spoke.

With this identity, he could not say such things, but for the sake of using the soul armor, he had to slander Wang Lin.

Because the last step of fusing with the soul armor was the will of all the participating cultivators here. Only by obtaining the approval of the vast majority of the cultivators here could he fuse with the soul armor.

Once he fused with it, he would no longer need to consider the opinion of anyone else.

“Elder Wang Lin, I didn’t expect you to do this… With your cultivation, how could you kill a Void Tribulant cultivator? It’s fine if you can’t kill a Void Tribulant cultivator, it’s fine that you avoided the battle. No one will say anything, even though many people from the third meridian have died!

“But even though they died, they died bravely. I will not forget them, no one here will forget them, the Heavenly Bull Continent will not forget them!!

“Put away the head and back down. I can pretend nothing happened. Otherwise, if you continue to play with us and pretend to take credit, I can kill you without asking the ancestor!

“Because your behavior is not just an insult to me, but an insult to the more than 10,000 dead souls here!” Lu Wenran roared at Wang Lin with a strange force in his voice.

His expression was very excited, as if he was very angry about Wang Lin’s behavior! But he was still restraining himself as if he was grieving.

His words immediately caused the uproar of Wang Lin taking out Liu Zhiyuan’s head to die down a lot. The more than 1,000 cultivators below began to silently ponder.

There were many people who looked at Wang Lin with contempt and anger.

“Elder Lu’s words are quite accurate. He could never achieve it with his cultivation level; he must have taken the head to pretend!”

“This kind of person is simply too shameless!”

“That’s right. With Elder Lu’s cultivation level and identity, how could he lie? If he saw someone else act, then it should be accurate.”

“There is something wrong. If Elder Lu had witnessed it, why did he only mention it now?”

In the midst of the uproar, only the few Void Tribulant cultivators remained quiet. They naturally had their own judgement and calmly looked at Wang Lin and Lu Wenran.

Listening to Lu Wenran’s words, Wang Lin shook his head. He looked at Lu Wenran with a hint of mockery and revealed a smile that wasn’t a smile. Wang Lin didn’t seem to care.

When Lu Wenran saw Wang Lin’s expression and gaze, his heart skipped a beat. However, he had carefully thought about this, and there was no way for Wang Lin to take out any real evidence.

Unless it was an origin soul...

Thinking about this, Lu Wenran no longer worried. Although he hadn’t watched that person die, he had sensed Liu Zhiyuan’s origin soul collapse, so he knew there was no chance the origin soul was still around.

“I took out his head and you say I’m faking it. Then look at this!” Wang Lin’s gaze became cold and he no longer wasted time arguing with Lu Wenran. He waved his right hand and a second head appeared!

This head was the Green Devil Continent Void Tribulant cultivator Xu Decai! Xu Decai’s head was in a sorry state. His empty eyes revealed endless fear and resentment. There were dried blood marks coming out of his orifices!

The moment the head appeared, the entire underground palace became dead silent. Everyone’s gazes were locked onto the head. Even the three Void Tribulant cultivators from the nearby sect suddenly stood up!

“It’s him!!”

“Xu Decai!! I battled against him in the first battle. He can cast spells extremely fast. Ordinary cultivators at the same cultivation level would not be his match!”

“I was wondering why he didn’t show up in the second battle. It turns out… It turns out he was killed by Elder Wang!!”

The three of them all gasped and looked at each other. They saw the fear and shock in each other’s eyes!

Yan Lu’s expression also changed, and she subconsciously stood up. She stared at Xu Decai’s head and was filled with disbelief. She already thought it was crazy for Wang Lin to kill one, but now she saw the second!!

There was also xu Dongde. His heart trembled, and for the first time, he looked at Wang Lin with deep fear in his eyes. He had only spoken up earlier because he felt like Lu Wenran was being too arrogant, which made him unhappy. However, now he felt like his actions were extremely correct!

If this Wang Lin was not qualified, then no one here was qualified!

As for the old man named Zhou, his face was deathly pale. He clearly remembered that he didn’t consider Wang Lin worthy, and his words were not polite. Thinking about this, he was covered in cold sweat.

“This fiend!! He has the heads of two Void Tribulant cultivators. It’s impossible that he took both heads after someone else killed them.”

The more than 1,000 cultivators below silently pondered for a while, then an uproar even more intense than before broke out. To them, Void Tribulant cultivators were divine beings far above them. Seeing Wang Lin take out the heads of two Void Tribulant cultivators was too much of a shock for them.

“You can say that an old man with unfathomable cultivation level killed the first Green Devil Continent Void Tribulant cultivator. Then I just happened to see and and cut the head off the corpse.

“Then that unfathomable old man appeared when I went out for my patrol and killed the second Green Devil Continent Void Tribulant cultivator. I also happened to see it and I cut the head off the corpse,” Wang Lin said gloomily as he looked at Lu Wenran, whose expression was rapidly changing.

Lu Wenran’s heart rumbled like a huge wave. He looked at Xu Decai’s head and his scalp felt numb. He looked at Wang Lin and didn’t expect him to have killed two early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Even for him, Void Tribulant cultivators were no joke!!

This Xu Decai was so famous in the Green Devil Continent that even he, Lu Wenran, had heard of him. He knew Xu Decai had a terrifying casting speed.

During the first battle, when he battled Zhang Daozong, he recognized Xu Decai!

After Wang Lin spoke, Lu Wenran’s expression was a bit twisted and he spoke slowly.

“I didn’t see the unfathomable old man, but since he acted once, there is a chance he acted a second time! As for you having the heads, I can only say your luck is pretty good. You…” Lu Wenran’s words were interrupted by Wang Lin’s laughter.

As Wang Lin laughed, he raised his left hand and a ghost soul appeared in his left palm. The ghost soul let out a miserable scream, and its appearance was that of Xu Decai!!

“Lu Wenra,n look at what this is!” Wang Lin stared at Lu Wenran!

When Lu Wenran saw the ghost soul, his face turned pale and he retreated a few steps. He opened his mouth to say something, but in the end, he couldn’t say a word!

The moment Xu Decai’s ghost soul appeared, all his words from before became pointless!

“Fellow Cultivator Zhoum, what are the steps to fuse with the armor? Don’t waste time!” Wang Lin’s gaze swept past the old man named Zhou.

The old man’s heart trembled and he quickly nodded. Even Lu Wenran was speechless. Unless Lu Wenran decided to kill Wang Lin now, then everything was already set!

“Fellow cultivators, this is the last step of the soul fusion. Because the soul armor was summoned by your blood and cultivation, whoever is willed by the majority of you can integrate with the soul armor!” The old man named Zhou was crafty and didn’t specify who so he wouldn’t offend Lu Wenran too much.

Once he spoke, everyone became silent. Lu Wenran raised his head and killing intent arose within him as he stared at Wang Lin. He was measuring the gains and losses of his actions, but he was unwilling to give up just like this!

“Bold thief, you pretend to gain merit and insult the dead. You deserve death!” Lu Wenran clenched his teeth and made his decision. He would not allow Wang Lin to obtain the soul armor. Otherwise, with their conflicts during this time, he would be immediately suppressed.

There was nothing to think about at this moment, Lu Wenran was going all out!

“If he dies, he can’t compete with me for the soul armor. At most, I will do my best in the battlefield and gain merits before heading back to the sect to accept my punishment! I believe the old ancestor won’t kill me for a dead man!” Lu Wenran let out a roar and charged at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin had been on guard the whole time. The moment Lu Wenran charged forward, he immediately retreated. The first spell vein in his body gave Wang Lin extremely fast casting speed!

At the same time, the soul armor behind Wang Lin gave off endless ghostly light. Due to the old man named Zhou, the cultivators below quickly made their decision between Wang Lin and Lu Wenran!

As everyone was choosing, the eyes of an old man in the crowd lit up and he slowly said, “Cultivators of the Extreme Sky Prairie, Elder Wang Lin saved my life once. I hope you all chose him!” 

With his identity in the Extremely Sky Prairie, his words caught the attention of some people here!

Yan Lu clenched her teeth and charged at Lu Wenran. She was going to help Wang Lin resist Lu Wenran! She was going to risk it!

There was also Xu Dongde. He hesitated a bit before he decided to act. Since he had already spoken, he wasn’t afraid of offending Lu Wenran even more!

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