Chapter 1872 - Head!

This voice was cold as the winter wind, and it set off a huge wave as it echoed!

Yan Lu’s eyes narrowed and revealed a hint of joy. Compared to Lu Wenran, for some unknown reason, she would rather Wang Lin have it!

There was also the old man named Zhou. His expression changed greatly and there was fear in his eyes.

Xu Dongde’s eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at Wang Lin, but no one knew what he was thinking. The three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators looked up and began to pay attention.

There were also the more than 1,000 cultivators below. They were all startled and didn’t expect such a thing to occur. Someone would disagree with Lu Wenran’s decision after the soul armor appeared!

It has to be said that although Lu Wenran was injured, his cultivation was still there. His cultivation was not something ordinary cultivators could challenge!

As Wang Lin’s words echoed, he charged out with the long prepared Spatial Bending. He appeared before the soul armor and blocked Lu Wenran!

“Wang Lin!!” Lu Wenran’s...

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