Chapter 1872 - Head!

This voice was cold as the winter wind, and it set off a huge wave as it echoed!

Yan Lu’s eyes narrowed and revealed a hint of joy. Compared to Lu Wenran, for some unknown reason, she would rather Wang Lin have it!

There was also the old man named Zhou. His expression changed greatly and there was fear in his eyes.

Xu Dongde’s eyes revealed a strange light as he looked at Wang Lin, but no one knew what he was thinking. The three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators looked up and began to pay attention.

There were also the more than 1,000 cultivators below. They were all startled and didn’t expect such a thing to occur. Someone would disagree with Lu Wenran’s decision after the soul armor appeared!

It has to be said that although Lu Wenran was injured, his cultivation was still there. His cultivation was not something ordinary cultivators could challenge!

As Wang Lin’s words echoed, he charged out with the long prepared Spatial Bending. He appeared before the soul armor and blocked Lu Wenran!

“Wang Lin!!” Lu Wenran’s eyes revealed crazed killing intent. He didn’t expect Wang Lin to be in the underground palace. When he had fled underground, he saw Wang Lin. He had deliberately sealed the underground palace the moment he entered to kill Wang Lin with a borrowed knife!

However, not only had Wang Lin not died, but he had come to destroy his plan. Now he could no longer hide the killing intent in his eyes!

“You dare to stop me? You’re courting death!” Lu Wenran charged at Wang Lin and raised his right hand. His mid stage Void Tribulant cultivation erupted!

“Do you dare to injure me in the eye of the public? I’m an elder of the Great Soul Sect, someone that Old Ancestor Green Bull sent to guard this place. You dare to injure me?

“Are you not afraid of the pursuit of the Great Soul Sect? Are you not afraid of the anger of Old Ancestor Green Bull? Are you not afraid there will be no place for you in the Heavenly Bull continent because you killed an ally during a war?!” Wang Lin didn’t dodge at all as his voice echoed.

As he roared, the more than 1,000 cultivators below remembered that the elders that came from the Great Soul Sect weren’t just Lu Wenran, Yan Lu, and Xu Dongde. There was a fourth person!

Lu Wenran’s expression changed and his body subconsciously paused for a moment.

Wang Lin seized the opportunity to step back, but when he touched the soul armor, it showed no sign of integrating with him. This caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow.

Lu Wenran stared at Wang Lin. Along with the killing intent in his eyes, there was also mockery!

“The soul armor has not reached the last step, so you can’t fuse with it!”

Wang Lin remained calm as he stared at Lu Wenran and slowly said, “It doesn’t matter if I can’t fuse with it, but I don’t agree with you fusing with it!” 

Since he first entered the palace, he had kept a low profile. Even the other people here had forgotten that he was an elder of the Great Soul Sect. However, at this moment, he became arrogant and no longer kept a low profile.

His words and actions immediately attracted the gazes of the below. Many of them didn’t understand how Wang Lin dared to go against Lu Wenran with his cultivation level.

However, the viciousness of his words was more powerful than any treasure, making Lu Wenran not dare to act!

As Wang Lin had said, if Lu Wenran attacked today in front of everyone else, unless he killed everyone present, the Great Soul Sect would never forgive him!

Even if everyone here were to die, the old ancestor would still be able to divinate this kind of big matter. He would still be hunted by the Great Soul Sect!

At that time, he would have no place in the entire Heavenly Bull Continent. Just thinking about this made him become covered in cold sweat. How would he dare to attack anymore?

Lu Wenran stared at Wang Lin and slowly said, “So it was Elder Wang. When you suddenly appeared, I thought a spy had entered to steal the soul armor, so I attacked… Now that I recognize it is Elder Wang, it was a misunderstanding.” 

Wang Lin slowly said, “No problem. Since Elder Lu admits your mistake, I naturally won’t fault you. However, Elder Lu, I don’t agree with you taking the soul armor.” 

Lu Wenran fiercely clenched his hands under his sleeves, but he revealed a smile.

“Oh? I wonder who should have it? Yourself?” Lu Wenran didn’t ask for the reason but changed the direction of the conversion to attack Wang Lin.

“If Elder Wang has taken a fancy to the soul armor and you want it for yourself, then I can understand your actions. For your own self-interest, you will disregard the lives of the more than 1,000 cultivators here. Elder Wang, I underestimated you.

“However, even if you don’t agree, even if you want it for yourself, you have to ask everyone here if you have the qualifications!” Lu Wenran’s cultivation level was high, so it was natural that he was cunning. With a few words, he had completely removed Wang Lin’s momentum and his own mishap and even turned the situation around.

“I believe Elder Wang Lin has the qualifications!” As soon as Lu Wenran finished speaking, Yan Lu suddenly opened her mouth. Her words were soft, but they echoed through the underground palace and shook everyone’s hearts!

As she spoke, Yan Lu smiled at Wang Lin.

“Elder Yan Lu, you have to take responsibility for your own words!” Lu Wenran’s pupils shrank. He stared at Yan Lu and his gaze became cold.

Yan Lu looked at Lu Wenran and gloomly said, “I don’t need Elder Lu to remind me. Yan Lu naturally knows.”

“I also believe Elder Wang has the qualifications!” Xu Dongde suddenly said on the side.

After his words echoed, the more than 1,000 cultivators below went into an uproar. The words of one Void Tribulant cultivator was already heavy, but now two Void Tribulant cultivators had recognized Wang Lin. This in of itself revealed the problem at hand.

Most importantly, they were both Great Soul Sect elders!

“Good, good!” The coldness in Lu Wenran’s eyes became even stranger as he looked at Xu Dongde. The anger in his heart had reached a limit.

Lu Wenran stared at the three Void Tribulant cultivators from the nearby sects and said while gritting his teeth, “Do the three you of you think that Elder Wang’s cultivation level is high enough to use the soul armor? Are you going to put the lives of the 1,000 cultivators here on someone at his cultivation level?!” 

The three of them remained silent. They didn’t want to offend Lu Wenran, but they also didn’t want to offend Yan Lu and Xu Dongde. After all, they were all Great Soul Sect elders.

As for Wang Lin, they didn’t take him too seriously.

Their silence made Lu Wenran sneer. His gaze landed on the cultivators below. Everyone he looked at lower their heads; none of them dared to speak at this moment.

“Since the others remain silent and Elder Yan Lu and Elder Xu Dongde think I do, what does elder Lu think?” From the start, Wang Lin’s expression had been calm.

Lu Wenran stared at Wang Lin, and a moment later, he laughed. The anger in his heart instantly disappeared and he restored his calmness.

“Elder Wang indeed has the qualifications. Now then, it is a choice between you and me. I want to know your reasoning for not agreeing with me obtaining the soul armor!”

 Wang Lin coldly said, “You haven’t contributed enough to this war!”

When Lu Wenran heard this, he immediately laughed.

“I haven’t contributed enough? I took you all to fight twice and brought you all back to the underground palace. In the first battle, I held off the enemy mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator, and in the second battle, I held them off as well!

“If not for me, there wouldn’t be more than 1,000 cultivators alive - everyone would be dead!

“My contribulation isn’t enough? Then, Elder Wang, I want to ask: what contributions have you made?”

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to wave his right hand. Liu Zhiyuan’s head appeared in his hand. He raised up the head.

“He is a Green Devil Continent Void Tribulant cultivator, I killed him!”

After he spoke and the head appeared, the entire underground palace became silent, but soon a huge wave was set off. Everyone here knew about the death of the Green Devil Continent’s Void Tribulant cultivator. They had countless guesses about who had killed the enemy Void Tribulant cultivator!

This question had no answer, but at this moment, when they heard Wang Lin’s words and saw the head, their hearts rumbled. They were filled with fear and disbelief.

“It was him!”

“It was he who killed the enemy Void Tribulant cultivator!”

“This… How can this be? He is obviously not even at the Arcane Void stage, but he could kill Void Tribulant cultivators!!”

“To kill a Void Tribulant cultivator in such a short period of time… This person must be hiding his cultivation level. His cultivation can’t be as it seems!!”

“He is also an elder of the Great Soul Sect, so how can he be weak? The Great Soul Sect must have their own plans for sending him. It wouldn’t be as simple as sending him here to die!”

“This person has been very low profile and didn’t compete with others to live in the palace. Instead, he chose to live in cave like us. If such a person obtains the soul armor, it is fine!”

When Yan Lu saw the head, she still gasped even though she had already guessed it. Her gaze toward Wang Lin changed greatly.

“It really was him!”

There was also Xu Dongde beside her. His pupils shrank and a huge wave was set off in his heart.

As for the three Void Tribulant cultivators from the nearby sects, they were even more shocked. Their eyes were filled with disbelief as they looked at Wang Lin.

The old man named Zhou felt his heart skip a beat. He suddenly thought about the door to the cave that he had destroyed but hadn’t repaired yet.

An uproar echoed from below and entered Lu Wenran’s ears. His calm expression fluctuated as he stared at the head filled with fear and unwillingness in Wang Lin’s hand. His heart trembled.

He clearly knew that if he let things continue like this, then Wang Lin’s contribution would be similar to his. He refused to allow such a thing to happen.

“Elder Wang is joking. I personally saw a senior with inexplicable cultivation kill this person and throw the body aside. I didn’t expect you to take his head to pretend you killed him.”

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