Chapter 1871 - I Don’t Agree!

When they were discussing this matter, Yan Lu realized that this was a great fortune. Summoning the soul of the Heavenly Bull to wear as an armor and gaining a big boost in cultivation level for a short period of time would help one increase their cultivation level and gain unimaginable benefits.

However, not everyone could do this. Only after forming a connection with the Heavenly Bull could one do this. The greater the connection, the more terrifying the increase in cultivation level.

Although it was a temporary increase, it would be much easier to climb to that cultivation level in the future.

This kind of opportunity was extremely rare. Only when the entire Heavenly Bull continent was threatened and the Heavenly Bull Seven Meridian Formation was activated could this happen.

Most importantly, the amount of times the Heavenly Bull soul was summoned couldn’t be high. If it was summoned too much, the soul of the Heavenly Bull would dissipate and the entire Heavenly...

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