Chapter 1870 - Soul Armor!

The moment Wang Lin entered the earth, his face was pale and he could no longer hold in that mouthful of blood, so he allowed it to spray out. Just as he entered the earth, he felt the formation completely seal off behind him.

If he had been a bit slower, he would have been stuck outside. At that time, he would face six mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters. Even if he were to use all three of his lives, he wouldn’t have a chance of surviving.

However, the cost was simply too great. The collapse of the 30 million dao souls made Wang Lin’s heart ache. If the gourd had been used properly, he could have seriously injured a mid stage Void Tribulant old monster. But he could only let it explode to give him a chance to escape.

“Forget it. Even though that gourd was extremely powerful, it was only an outside force. As long as I survive this crisis, I’ll eventually obtain even stronger treasures!

“Zhang Daozong, I’ll remember this!” Wang Lin’s expression was very gloomy. What happened just now was the most dangerous situation he had been in since he arrived on the Immortal Astral Continent.

If he had been a bit careless, he would already be dead.

Wang Lin was always one to get revenge. He had memorized Zhang Daozong’s attempt on his life, and he had already memorized Lu Wenran’s action!

Earlier, if Lu Wenran had delayed the sealing of the underground palace, Wang Lin might not have needed to explode the gourd to make it to the ground.

But Lu Wenran’s selfishness had placed Wang Lin in a dangerous situation!

“Lu Wenran!” Wang Lin’s eyes were red and were filled killing intent. When he came to the Immortal Astral Continent, he had no sense of belonging. The people and places he saw all felt like strangers.

He didn’t hate the people here. Everyone was busy with their own purposes.

But now he had changed his mind. This happened due to what had just happened.

In a flash, Wang Lin entered the depths of the earth and he soon saw the underground palace. Thunderous rumbles echoed from above. Someone was attacking the formation to break into the underground palace.

Although the formation was powerful, if six mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters continued to attack, it would eventually be broken.

In a flash, Wang Lin entered the underground palace. Only a little more than 1,000 cultivators had escaped. They were worried and had no intention of cultivating. They looked up as they listen to the rumbles above. They were anxious and desperate.

His gaze would occasionally sweep toward the palaces. That was where the Void Tribulant cultivators were, and they were seriously injured as well.

As the thunderous rumbles above became even more intense, the underground palace began to tremble and soil began to fall from the ceiling. Although they knew that it would take the Green Devil Continent cultivators a long time to break the formation, the continuous rumbling created an invisible pressure one everyone.

Under this kind of pressure, those without a strong will would likely go crazy.

As the thunderous rumbles continued to echo, many of the remaining cultivators revealed despair in their eyes. Looking at the dirt falling from above and feeling the palace shake, their fear became even more intense.

“It’s over… They have six powerful old monsters and this formation can’t protect us at all. Once they open the formation, we will be dead…”

“The Green Devil Continent has reinforcements, why don’t we have any? Why is it just us guarding this place…”

“There is no need to guard anymore, it’s useless. This place will soon be broken into, we should escape immediately!”

Their outroar echoed through the underground palace like a storm. Wang Lin was sitting inside his cave. His cave had no door, so he could easily see everything outside at a glance.

Listening to the despair of those cultivators and feeling the endless rumbles from above, Wang Lin’s expression gradually became gloomy

Wang Lin didn’t care about the palace being destroyed. He was pondering how to deal with that Zhang Daozong once the Green Devil Continent cultivators slaughtered their way in!

If they could seal the world once, then they could do it a second, third, and fourth time! This sealing was specifically targeted at him, which gave him a headache.

Through this, Wang Lin was able to determine that the Green Devil Continent had noticed him, and they likely knew about the matter in the Pill Sea. It was like the four mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters were here for him!

“Breaking open the third meridian is only one of their goals; the other is likely to kill me. As a result, they must have planned this out very well to not give me any chance to escape...

“So if I want to save myself and fight back, then I must make myself stronger at any cost…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He quickly focused thinking of a way to make himself stronger.

It had been a long time since he last felt like this. Only by being under the constant pressure of life or death could Wang Lin grown to this point in less than 3,000 years.

Just as Wang Lin pondered, aside from a few hundred cultivators, the remaining cultivators’ uproar became even more intense as the rumbling continued. It was unknown who was leading the way, but they even swarmed around the palaces.

“Fellow Void Tribulant cultivators, what should we do now!?”

“The Green Devil Continent cultivators are about to slaughter their way in, how should we resist!?”

“Do we have reinforcements? If we do, when will they arrive? And if there are none, are we just waiting to die!?”

“Senior, please give us an explanation!”

“Give us an answer!”

“If there are no answers, we can’t wait for death. At most, this old man will surrender to the Green…” The last person who spoke was a middle-aged man. He was angry, afraid, and filled with despair. However, just at this moment, his eyes widened and his body flew into the air. His hands struggled around his neck as if someone was choking him.

There seemed to be a giant pair of invisible hands choking his check. No matter how much he struggled, he could not break free.

With a thunderous bang, the cultivator exploded into a blood mist that scattered across the more than 1,000 cultivators here. When the blood fell on their faces, everyone became silent!

“What are you all panicking for?” A cold voice came out from the palace. Lu Wenran, who had lost an arm, walked out with a pale face, but his gaze was gloomy.

Behind him, Yan Lu’s face was deathly pale. She had specks of blood on her clothes, and she silently followed. Next to her was Xu Dongdei, who looked really weak. It seemed like he had been seriously injured at the last moment.

Behind the three of them were the three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators from the nearby sects. They were all weakened and silently followed.

With Lu Wenran leading the way, all the Void Tribulant cultivators flew out. The old man named Zhou also followed everyone.

Lu Wenran’s gaze swept the earth before him. At this moment, he was faintly excited and didn’t pay attention to the surrounding cave, he just subconsciously swept by.

“It is not the most critical moment yet. If anyone dares to cause any more chaos, then don’t blame me for being ruthless! Fellow Cultivator Zhou, come explain the situation!” After Lu Wenran spoke, he looked at the old man named Zhou.

The old man’s heart trembled and he quickly nodded. He looked at the people below him with a complicated expression. With a sigh, he clasped his hands and spoke.

“Fellow cultivators, this old man is the one in charge of the underground palace here. Most of you have seen me…”

“Make it quick!” Lu Wenran frowned.

The old man named Zhou trembled and spoke faster.

“This is the situation: although there are six Void Tribulant old monsters outside, the third meridian still has a final ace. Once it is used, we can fight our way out and ensure everyone can safely leave.

“So please don’t panic. This last method requires everyone to use their full cultivation to summon the soul of the Heavenly Bull and turn it into a suit of soul armor. After equipping the soul armor, the spirit of the Heavenly Bull will enter your body and your cultivation will reach a terrifying level in a short period of time!” the old man named Zhou quickly said.

After hearing this, the more than 1,000 cultivators’ breathing became rough. They had never heard of this before. They even doubted the existence of the Heavenly Bull, but it seemed the Heavenly Bull did exist, and summoning its soul armor would increase one’s cultivation level greatly.

“Because there is a certain level of danger to wearing the armor, after discussion between the Void Tribulant cultivators, we agreed to let Elder Lu, who has the highest cultivation level and contribution, have it.” As the old man named Zhou spoke, in the distant cave, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His eyes revealed a strange light.

He didn’t believe that Lu Wenran would wear this soul armor only if there was real danger. There had to be other benefits, or else Lu Wenran would never do this.

“Fellow cultivators, although this soul armor is dangerous, it is a critical moment for our Heavenly Bull Continent. How can I let others do it just because it’s dangerous?

“The more dangerous it is, all the more reason I must be the one to wear it. If… If I die an unexpected death due to the soul armor, then please, every year on this day, just send me a jug of old wine!” Lu Wenran was extremely excited on the inside and could hardly contain himself. However, on the surface, he revealed a look of sadness, as if he was risking it all.

His words caused Yan Lu to revealed an undetectable hint of contempt.

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