Chapter 1870 - Soul Armor!

The moment Wang Lin entered the earth, his face was pale and he could no longer hold in that mouthful of blood, so he allowed it to spray out. Just as he entered the earth, he felt the formation completely seal off behind him.

If he had been a bit slower, he would have been stuck outside. At that time, he would face six mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters. Even if he were to use all three of his lives, he wouldn’t have a chance of surviving.

However, the cost was simply too great. The collapse of the 30 million dao souls made Wang Lin’s heart ache. If the gourd had been used properly, he could have seriously injured a mid stage Void Tribulant old monster. But he could only let it explode to give him a chance to escape.

“Forget it. Even though that gourd was extremely powerful, it was only an outside force. As long as I survive this crisis, I’ll eventually obtain even stronger treasures!

“Zhang Daozong, I’ll remember this!” Wang Lin’s expression was...

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