Chapter 187 - The Ancient God’s Inheritance (part 1)

Chapter 187 - The Ancient God’s Inheritance (part 1)

It was silent. The technique had been verified, but it was not necessary to leave this place yet. First, Wang Lin wanted to see if was possible to enter the heaven defying bead's space.

If he could enter the heaven defying bead's space, then his chance of escape would increase a lot. He moved his hand from his brow. His expression was calm, but there was hint of surprise in his eyes.

There were no restrictions in the heaven defying bead's space. It could be entered at any time.

Wang Lin let out a breath of relief. He waved his right hand and took out Ancient Emperor’s bag of holding. With a scan of his divine sense, a resisting force came from the bag.

The bag of holding’s divine sense blocked out Wang Lin’s divine sense. This meant that Ancient Emperor was still alive, but Wang Lin wasn’t sure about the situation himself. Back then, Hunchback Meng’s bag of holding had lost its divine sense, but Hunchback Meng still seemed to be alive.

Now Wang Lin had two bag of holdings he couldn’t open. One of them was Ancient Emperor’s, and the other was the one he found in a cave at the Shinto War Shrine from a mysterious skeleton.

Both bags of holding still held the divine sense of the previous master. With that there, Wang Lin couldn’t access the bags. Wang Lin wasn’t in a rush, he touch the bag of holding and surrounded it with his own divine sense to prevent Ancient Emperor from sensing it.

After he finished this, he took a deep breath and darted like an arrow into the distance. His target was the Ancient God’s Sea of Knowledge.

He did, after all, received a piece of jade to make a restriction flag, and the material required to make it was within the Sea of Knowledge.

After running quickly through this space that had no difference between earth and sky, Wang Lin still couldn’t see the edge of the sky.

He remembered that Duanmu and the others had said that the body of an Ancient God was very large. A mature Ancient God was larger than the entire Suzaku star. Even just traveling between two blood vessels, the distance was unimaginable.

Although the area was large, there was no life or any restrictions, just silence. Wang Lin didn’t make any stops and continued forward.

In the Ancient God’s body, there weren’t any restrictions on one’s divine sense, just like the outside world. Wang Lin’s soul received a lot of nourishment in the third realm, especially that large soul that was almost a soul devourer, that allowed Wang Lin’s soul to grow by leaps and bounds.

When he spread his divine sense, it could stretch for thousands of miles. As a result, he kept track of his surroundings with his divine sense while he flew forward. After a long time, Wang Lin stopped with a shocked expression as he stared into the distance. The Linq Qi in his body started to become violent, as if there were some mysterious force pulling it, causing his spiritual energy to be in an excited state.

Shortly after, with his divine sense, he detected dark blue Qi waves rolling in from the distance. The Qi waves were thousands of feet tall with lengths that couldn’t even be estimated. The Qi wave was really far, but the earth shattering roar they produced could still be heard.

After a few seconds, the Qi came a lot closer, causing spiritual energy to fluctuate even more violently. Without a word, Wang Lin turned and flew away from it. Those Qi waves were too strange, and Wang Lin was very alarmed by their appearance.

What made Wang Lin’s heart sink was that he was losing control of the spiritual energy in his body. When the spiritual energy shook violently, his speed slowed down by a lot.

The Qi Wave came even closer. The roar made it sound like it was right behind Wang Lin. Wang Lin was surprised, but his eyes remained calm. He knew he wouldn’t be able to escape the Qi wave in time, so he pointed his right hand to his brow, and the heaven defying bead came out. Wang Lin’s body quickly started to fade before disappearing completely.

After about ten breaths, the Qi wave roared past where Wang Lin disappeared, and disappeared into the distance. After a few moments, Wang Lin’s image gradually started to appear, until he became real again. He stared at the Qi wave that passed by for a long time, mulling over what he had just witnessed.

After staring for a while, he continued to fly forward.

Six Desire Devil Lord appeared within a thousand feet of the third realm’s exit. The blood red light faded around him, revealing a bitter and skinny face. In his hand, he held a skeleton that was missing an arm.

There were gold spots on the skeleton, releasing tiny rays of golden light.

Most the flesh in his body was lost in the struggle against the wandering souls. His Nascent Soul was on the verge of collapse. There were countless wandering souls in his body. When they attacked, Six Desire Devil Lord’s stamina dropped quite a bit.

Now, he didn’t even have the energy to active the Blood Desire Escape technique anymore. He could only quietly wait for the wandering souls to consume him, or for his master to catch him.

In his heart, he really hoped that his master could catch up before the wandering souls consumed him, even if it meant turning into a demon. He’d rather preserve his life.

Unfortunately, this desire of his would be very difficult to achieve, because at that moment, his Nascent Soul’s last line of defense collapsed in an instant from the wandering soul’s attack, exposing his Zifu soul.

The wandering souls revealed greedy expressions and piled forward. Six Desire Devil Lord was helpless right now, but the skeleton in his released a golden light.

Large amounts of golden light came from the skeleton and surrounded Six Desire Devil Lord. nascent soulImmediately, the wandering souls that were pouncing at him started to scream, and quickly left his body to escape from the golden light.

Six Desire Devil Lord gawked at what had just happened in front of him. After the wandering souls left, he quickly took control of his body again. He revealed an excited expression as he stared at the skeleton in his hand. He felt like he had just escaped certain death.

But soon after, he was very suspicious, but right now was not the time to ponder over it.

All the wandering souls in his surrounding started backing off, as if they feared the golden light. Six Desire Devil Lord was a decisive man. The moment he realized this, he put away the suspicious feelings in his heart and headed toward the exit of the third realm.

The huge rift near the exit had already closed. Without the obstruction of the wandering souls, he almost immediately arrived at the exit and stepped into the whirlpool.

He felt extremely relieved in that moment. The third realm was too scary. If he could escape from here, he vowed to never return.

When he came here the for first time a thousand years ago, although he had also reached the third realm, it wasn’t this strange. His master’s revival, Hunchback Meng turning into a demon, and the series of events created a fog of confusion in his heart. This fog only spread out and caused him to be very nervous.

He was inside the whirlpool. The moment the purple lightning came down, he waved his hands and executed a series of hand techniques. After he finished, his Nascent Soul had shrunk by a large amount.

The color in his eyes dulled a lot. That technique landed on the skeleton in his hand. The golden light shined brighter as the bones started to crack, before bursting into dust and starting to spread in all directions.

Amidst the cloud of ashes were countless specks of golden light. Six Desire Devil Lord waved both his hands, making the ashes scatter as the golden specks came together to form a shiny golden arm bone.

However, on this arm bone, there were only four and half fingers. Half of the ring finger was missing.

The moment the arm bone appeared, countless purple streaks of lightning in the whirlpool stopped where they were, completely motionless. Six Desire Devil Lord didn’t even look as he took the almost complete arm and spit out a mouthful of spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy was quickly absorbed by the arm. Afterward, the Six Desire Devil Lord started forming set of hand seals with the arm. If Wang Lin was here, he would realize that this was the same sets of hand seals he got from Ancient Emperor, but instead of only 400 or so sets, there were over 1000 sets.

These thousand plus hand seals were all performed by this arm. Soon, a whirlpool suddenly appeared before him. Six Desire Devil Lord’s eyes lit up. The reason he dared to come here was because he felt he already fully understood this arm bone, and that with it, he would be able to leave like a thousand year ago.

The arm bone was the inheritance treasure Wang Lin was looking for. After a thousand years, Six Desire Devil Lord felt he finally cracked the mysteries of the arm bone.

He worried that it would be stolen, or something unexpected might happen, so he painstakingly infused the inheritance treasure into a disciple. No one would have even dreamed that the inheritance treasure wasn’t in his bag of holding, but in the youth following him.

Thanks to the connection he had with the bone, he could use it at any time, so it was safe.

Also, the arm bone was an inheritance treasure from the Land of the Ancient God, so there were no limits placed on it. Thus, his disciple was able to enter the Land of the Ancient God without any problems.

After forming the last hand seal, he decided that he would never come back to this strange place again. But right as he was feeling confident and stepped into the whirlpool, it suddenly collapsed right before him and dissipated.

Six Desire Devil Lord was stunned for a while, but at the same time, the purple lightning that was frozen in midair came down and hit him, causing him to disappear from the exit of the third realm.

After he disappeared, Sky Devil Magician appeared. He revealed a strange smile and said, “My good disciple, you must succeed so you don’t waste your master’s effort of opening the secret of the arm to save you from the wandering souls and stopping you from leaving.”

Wang Lin’s whole body was like lightning. He quickly flew through the area outside of the Ancient God’s Qi Sea, however, his direction had changed. Instead of moving forward, he now went up.

He didn’t know how long he had been flying. His surroundings were exactly the same as before. If it weren’t for his divine sense, he would have thought that he was flying in place.

During this time, he met more than 10 Qi waves. He avoided them all by going into the heaven defying bead's space. Gradually, he noticed some clues. No matter how he looked at them, the Qi waves were formed by spiritual energy.

Wang Lin already had an answer in his heart, but he refused to believe it. This Qi wave clearly came from the Qi Sea’s spiritual energy whirlpool. If only the whirlpool could produce such strong Qi Waves, wouldn’t the entire Qi Sea already have achieved an unimaginable level of Qi?

If this Ancient God was dead, why did his spiritual energy still circulate? In addition, Wang Lin noticed that as he flew forward, waves of fluctuation, that caused his mood to change, came from all sides. These waves, however, caused Wang Lin no real harm. It was only a little, but they increased Wang Lin’s vigilance. He checked the location of his own Qi sea for reference. Above the Qi sea was the Progenitor Point, and within it was the Zifu Sea of Knowledge.

While Wang Lin flew, he was secretly calculating in his heart, but the information was too little. It felt like there was always mist in his eyes, preventing him from seeing the truth. The whole Land of the Ancient God had a strange atmosphere.

While Wang Lin was flying, he suddenly stopped. Without a word, he pointed at his brow and disappeared into the heaven defying bead's space. At the same time, a flash of white light appeared nearby. As the white light faded, Six Desire Devil Lord appeared.

His face was sullen. He looked at the golden arm in his hand, then looked at this surroundings. He was stunned for a moment. A thought flashed in his head. He looked at his surroundings again and his expression suddenly changed, revealing a look of ecstasy.

“This...this Ancient God is clearly dead, but this place still has such strong desire fluctuations?” Six Desire Devil Lord’s eyes became brighter and brighter. He could feel the fluctuations coming in from all sides.

These fluctuations to him were clearly all types of desires. A thought flew through his mind. He formed a seal with his right hand, casting a spell into the air. A thin snake-like black Qi appeared before him and flew away, heading into the distance.

Six Desire Devil Lord’s eyes shined. He opened his mouth and sucked air in. The black light instantly turned around and was sucked in as well. Six Desire Devil Lord’s face once again revealed a look of ecstasy. He could clearly feel that from absorbing just that trace of desire, his soul had recovered from all the damage he took from the wandering souls.

Six Desire Devil Lord, without saying a word, scanned the area with his divine sense and found nothing abnormal. He immediately opened his arms, both arms forming different seals, while he sat cross legged. He shouted, “Fear Desire, come!”

The moment those words left his mouth, as he formed seals with his hands, black Qi materialized all round him. All of the black Qi charged toward Six Desire Devil Lord.

Gradually, more and more of the black Qi accumulated, until it covered a very large area around Six Desire Devil Lord’s body. His body was like a blackhole, endlessly absorbing the black Qi.

His expression became more and more confident. He revealed a hint of surprise on his face. He could clearly feel that the Fear Desire in the Ancient God’s body was larger than he could have imagined, far above his expectation.

Time slowly passed. From 100,000 feet away, Sky Devil Magician revealed an excited expression as he looked at the direction of Six Desire Devil Lord. He mutter to himself. “Absorb, my good disciple, keep absorbing. For my master’s plan, you must put on a good performance!”

He let out a strange smile. Both of his hands crossed each other, causing a blue light to quickly spread in all directions, instantly covering everything within a mile. After he finished, a thought flashed through his head. His smile grew wider. He thought, “Good disciple. Back then, your teacher’s calculation was correct. Your crazy nature would be a wall that blocks your cultivation path. But looking at it now, this crazy nature of yours will be what helps this old man’s plan ultimately succeed.”

Time slowly passed. The endless black fog covered an area with a one mile radius by now. If it wasn’t for Sky Devil Magician’s preventing it, the black fog would continue to spread.

After an unknown amount of time, the block fog faded. Six Desire Devil Lord revealed a crazed light. His cultivation had reached an incredible level.

“Greed Desire, come!” He shouted another sentence. Not long after, red mist suddenly appeared until it covered a one mile radius around him.

Afterwards, Rash Desire, Pleasure Desire, Jealous Desire, Obsession Desire, and the likes were all devoured by Six Desire Devil Lord. What his master, Sky Devil Magician said was correct; his greatest weakness was his desire to raise his cultivation. If given the chance of increasing his cultivation, he absolutely wouldn’t give it up.

Even until now, he had never thought of stopping, but continued to endlessly absorb all the desires. When Obsession desire was absorbed by him, his body released horrendous smell.

The six desires in the Ancient God’s body were scattered due to some change in the Ancient God’s soul before death. Six Desire Devil Lord now had absorbed part of the Ancient God’s desire and reached a level in Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method that exceeded the creator, Sky Devil Magician’s, expectations of what the ultimate level was.

At that moment, Sky Devil Magician’s displayed a smile. Even his normally gloomy face couldn’t help but laugh. He quickly rushed toward Six Desire Devil Lord.

“My good disciple, your task has been completed. It looks like this old man didn’t adopt you in vain. This time, you have really showed your gratitude!”

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