Chapter 1869 - Upheaval!

A mid stage Void Tribulant old monster on the Immortal Astral Continent could establish their own sect!

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator back then. He created his own sect and recruited disciples. Even the Great Soul Sect was very polite to him, as these kinds of cultivators deserved respect.

With Wang Lin’s strength, he could battle early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Killing them would be difficult, but not impossible. However, if he were to face an old monster like the peak Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, the difference would be too great.

Even if he had nine essences and reached the early stage of Arcane Void, this gap would still be too great. At most, he would gain the ability to fight back.

In order to truly resist mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters, Wang Lin would have to reach the late stage of Arcane Void, or his Ancient Dao would have to go through the last trial!

But Wang Lin had spent his life in danger. Sometimes, killing...

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