Chapter 1869 - Upheaval!

A mid stage Void Tribulant old monster on the Immortal Astral Continent could establish their own sect!

The Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign was a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator back then. He created his own sect and recruited disciples. Even the Great Soul Sect was very polite to him, as these kinds of cultivators deserved respect.

With Wang Lin’s strength, he could battle early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Killing them would be difficult, but not impossible. However, if he were to face an old monster like the peak Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, the difference would be too great.

Even if he had nine essences and reached the early stage of Arcane Void, this gap would still be too great. At most, he would gain the ability to fight back.

In order to truly resist mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters, Wang Lin would have to reach the late stage of Arcane Void, or his Ancient Dao would have to go through the last trial!

But Wang Lin had spent his life in danger. Sometimes, killing something didn’t only depend on cultivation - there were other factors sometimes!

However, at this moment, he had no preparations with a mid stage Void Tribulant old monster chasing him. Even the world had been sealed, preventing him from leading, and it would take some time to break the seal. Once the old monster caught up, he would without a doubt die!

At this moment of crisis, Wang Lin’s full cultivation activated and entered the mosquito king. The mosquito king’s speed increased greatly as it charged forward.

Behind him, Zhang Daozong calmly followed, only there was monstrous killing intent hidden in his eyes.

“I want to see how you will escape under my gaze!” Zhang Daozong was still angry about being tricked by Wang Lin. Also, Wang Lin had killed Liu Zhiyuang, and he couldn’t afford to face the sect master unless he killed Wang Lin.

As for the impact of him leaving the battlefield, he didn’t care. The reason he dared to leave was because this was all part of a plan the Green Devil Continent had set for Wang Lin!

This plan was to sacrifice a large amount of cultivators to delay this battle and lure Wang Lin out!

In truth, if the Green Devil Continent wanted to, they could have ended the second battle quickly because their reinforcements had arrived two days ago!

The reason the reinforcements hadn’t appeared and had hidden themselves was to kill Wang Lin!!

The things Wang Lin had done in the Pill Sea angered the three old ancestors of the Green Devil Continent, so they had sent out a kill order for Wang Lin! This was because everything Wang Lin had done was heaven-shaking!

He had killed the Green Devil Continent’s genius Void Cloud’s avatar and destroyed their plan at the Pill Sea, resulting in the Celestial Pill exploding early. This caused the Green Devil Continent to be affected and part of it was destroyed along with most of the Green Devil Continent cultivators at the Pill Sea!

These were things that happened before, and now Wang Lin had killed the Devil Dao Sect’s Liu Zhiyuan! Even Xu Decai was likely slaughtered by his vile methods.

These series of things made Wang Lin the number one must-kill target of the Green Devil Continent at the beginning of this war!

The moment Zhang Daozong began chasing Wang Lin, 100,000 kilometers away from the battlefield, four auras suddenly erupted. All four were mid stage Void Tribulant!!

What was even more shocking was that after the four auras appeared, the sky above the Extreme Sky Prairie turned into a strange shade of green. The green condensed into a giant scorpion.

This scorpion let out bursts of hisses and a green fog spread out toward the battlefield below!

“Green Devil Messenger!!” When Lu Wenran, who was battling the old man named Zhao, felt the four auras appear and saw the green scorpion in the sky, his expression changed greatly.

He had personally fought against the Green Devil Messengers and knew how terrifying they were. He didn’t expect for them to appear here!

It has to be said even in the Pill Sea, only three had appeared. For the Green Devil Continent, every single Green Devil Messenger was extremely precious, so the wouldn’t casually send out too many!

Lu Wenran’s face turned deathly pale. He didn’t know that the target of these four Green Devil Messengers was Wang Lin! As for the meridian, it was merely an accident.

Lu Wenran’s eyes were filled with fear as he roared, “Quickly return to the underground palace and seal the entrance!” Even without his reminder, when the Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators felt those four auras and saw the green scorpion in the sky, the only thought in their minds was to quickly return to the underground palace!

After all, that was the last line of defense!

The four Green Devil Messengers and the two mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters were impossible to defend against.

Ordinary cultivators landed on the ground and instantly entered the underground palace. Only the Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators could do this. The Green Devil Continent cultivators couldn’t enter the earth.

After all, the formation here still existed and was at full power.

However, Void Tribulant cultivators like Lu Wenran were already locked on to and wouldn’t be allowed to escape so easily. The four rays of green light moved through the fog. The giant scorpion in the sky continued to descend, releasing a large amount of green fog on its way.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, all the Void Tribulant cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent let out roars of anger. It seemed like they were being prevented from entering the ground!

As for Wang Lin, he was also inside the fog, and he felt the four powerful aura closing in. When he saw the giant green scorpion in the sky, he couldn’t help but gasp.

He clearly understood that his only chance would be to return to the underground palace. Once he was too late and the underground palace was sealed, he would have to face six mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters. He wouldn’t have the slightest chance of survival, even if he were to use the avatar and the Three Life Spell; everything would still result in his death!

This life or death crisis was even more intense than normal. Wang Lin didn’t hesitate and the mosquito king charged toward the earth. As long as he could touch the ground, he could enter it to leave!

However, the world here had been sealed and he couldn’t teleport, so it all depended on speed. When the mosquito beast rushed to the earth, Zhang Daozong was less than 500 feet behind him. He was in no rush to attack; he wanted to see Wang Lin suffer in despair before death!

In the distance, a ray of green light closed in. A Green Devil Messenger was going to hunt Wang Lin with the old man named Zhang!

For the Green Devil Continent, Wang Lin had to be killed; otherwise, they can’t dispel the hatred in their hearts! The Green Devil Messengers were different from ordinary cultivators - they were extremely cold and fierce. They didn’t care about what the enemy’s cultivation level was. Even if they were facing a little Foundation Establishment disciple, they would still use full force. They wouldn’t consider that an insult to their identity.

Wang Lin’s pupils shrank. He was till 3,000 feet away from the earth. In the distance, he saw Yan Lu cough out blood. Her delicate body trembled as she escaped into the earth. After Yan Lu, a pale-faced Xu Dongde also escaped into the earth.

The Void Tribulant cultivators entered the earth one by one after being injured. Lu Wenran coughed out a large mouthful of blood and his right arm exploded as he charged toward the earth. A Green Devil Messenger chased after him.

“Once Lu Wenran enters the earth, he will choose to seal the underground palace. I must be fast, fast, faster!!” Wang Lin was anxious and was less than 1,000 feet from the earth, but at this moment, Zhang Daozong attacked!

“It’s over!” After Zhang Daozong spoke, he pointed at Wang Lin. With that, the green light that terrified Wang Lin flew toward him.

It instantly closed in!

Wang Lin suddenly turned around and revealed a decisive gaze. The moment the green light closed in, the blue umbrella appeared before him!

After the umbrella appeared, Wang Lin didn’t have time to feel heartache over it as he roared.


A thunderous rumble echoed when the green light collided with the explosion from the blue umbrella. The impact hit Wang Lin and popping sounds echoed inside his body. He coughed out blood as he put the mosquito king away. He was less than 500 feet from the ground!

The distance that normally wouldn’t even take more than a breath to cross became a gap as wide as the heavens and earth. This was because not only was the old man named Zhang closing in, but the cold Green Devil Messenger was less than 1,000 feet away as well!

Facing two mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters, Wang Lin couldn’t cross that 500 foot distance! In the distance, Lu Wenran coughed out blood as he fell to the earth and disappeared. He saw Wang Lin, but he didn’t hesitate to close the underground palace. He could have chosen to wait a little after securing his own safety to seal the underground palace, but he didn’t.

Fluctuations came from the earth; it was rapidly sealing. Wang Lin’s eyes became red, as if he had gone crazy. As Zhang Daozong and the Green Devil Messenger closed in, he took out the 30 million dao soul gourd!

He threw it forward!

“Explode!!” Wang Lin’s heart ached, but he didn’t have time to think too much. As he roared, the 30 million dao souls inside the gourd exploded and let out a thunderous explosion that echoed across the entire Extreme Sky Prairie.

The explosion of 30 million dao souls was enough to threaten a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator. Even Zhang Daozhong’s expression changed greatly as he quickly retreated.

The Green Devil Messenger frowned and paused for a moment.

With this chance, Wang Lin crossed the 500 feet distance in a frenzy. Just as the formation was about to close, he entered!

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