Chapter 1868 - Zhang Daozong!!

This slaughter didn’t have as many cultivators as the first time, so the range of the battle was not too large - only a few hundred kilometers.

About 100,000 kilometers from the battlefield, it was still covered in fog. There was a stone lying in the mud and grass. At this moment, there was a burst of light and Wang Lin’s figure appeared.

The sky was dark, shrouded by fog. The rain from several days ago hadn’t stopped but had weakened a lot. It had fused with the fog, making it very humid.

Wang Lin picked up the Space Stone and put it inside his storage space. Wang Lin looked into the distance and there was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“After I enter the Space Stone, it remains in the same place. This is very dangerous, and unless I have to, it’s best not to use it again.”

Wang Lin’s body flickered as ripples echoed and he disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was outside the battlefield. Here, he could feel the fluctuations of spells and smell the faint scent of death.

As long as there were large battles, there would be countless deaths on both sides. Wang Lin had grown tired of these kinds of battles and didn’t want to participate much. He had no sense of longing that would make him want to roar “Cultivators like us never shrink from a fight!!”

He was only here to complete the three conditions Old Ancestor Green Bull had set to repay the Great Soul Sect for those three gifts! This was Wang Lin’s personality; he repaid kindness shown to him!

“Right now is not a good time to fight against Void Tribulant cultivators… But if one of them becomes seriously injured, then perhaps I can get lucky…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and his body became smoke as he got closer and closer to the battlefield.

As he closed in, the fluctuations of spells became even stronger and the aura of death became more intense. He could even faintly hear the sounds of treasures and spells colliding.

“This battlefield is a good place to capture origin souls to seal in my body for the Rapid Spell Art!” Wang Lin got closer and closer to the battlefield. Shortly after, he burst into the battlefield. Thunderous rumbles and fluctuations from spells came from all directions, along with colorful flashes of lights.

There were originally six to seven thousand cultivators from both sides, but now there were less than 4,000 remaining. Their eyes were bloodshot as they engaged in a brutal battle. Wang Lin saw cultivators from the Green Devil Continent die and he saw cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent die, but he didn’t act.

He didn’t want to participate in this killing. In his view, whether it was the Heavenly Bull Continent or the Green Devil Continent, one was just as bad as the other; there was no difference between them.

In a flash, Wang Lin charged into the depths of the battlefield. Shortly after, Wang Lin turned to look toward the right. In the fog, there were two cultivators fighting, and the one on the losing end was facing many dangerous situations. The old man from the Green Devil Continent was at the mid stage of Arcane Void and his attacks were vicious.

“It’s him!” Wang Lin looked at the cultivator that was retreating. He had some impression of him; he was the old man that had appeared on the Extreme Sky Prairie.

This old man was in a sorry state and his face was pale. Blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth, but his expression was determined.

After taking a few glances, Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he charged forward.

The cultivator hunting the old man had a fierce expression and he waved his arms. The two giant illusions around him chased after the old man.

“You have been battling against me for so long, now die for me!” The cultivator raised his hand and pointed forward. The two large illusions sped out and were about to catch up to the old man.

The old man let out a sigh. He had somewhat seen through life and death. He had seen a lot of friends die in this battle, and now it was his turn.

There was a sliver of sadness within him, but even more so, he felt relief. However, it was impossible for him to just die doing nothing. There was a flash of coldness as he prepared to blow himself up.

This was the last thing he could do for his hometown before his death as a cultivator of the Heavenly Bull Continent!

“This old man was born in the Heavenly Bull Continent. My entire cultivation came from the Heavenly Bull Continent, and now I’ll return everything to the Heavenly Bull continent. I have no regrets!” The old man’s eyes were calm as he turned around. However, just as he was about to explode, his pupils shrank as he saw a shadow appear between him and the cultivator chasing him.

This was a figure with white hair wearing white!

Wang Lin silently appeared and causally waved his hand. The fog in the area rumbled, then the two illusions trembled and suddenly collapsed.

The collapse of the two illusions caused the expression of the Green Devil Continent cultivator to change greatly. It wasn’t that his spell was invincible, but for the other party to break it so easily meant only one thing!

At the weakest, this person was a Void Tribulant cultivator!!

Thoughts flashed through his mind and the Green Devil Continent cultivator felt his scalp go numb. He retreated without hesitation and was about to flee this place.

Wang Lin let out a cold snort and took one step. He directly appeared a few thousand feet away right in front of the Green Devil Continent cultivator. His palm descended like Mount Tai, and the cultivator didn’t have any chance to resist as Wang Lin’s hand pressed against his head.

The cultivator collapsed and shattered into pieces. His origin soul was surrounded by a force and pulled out from the collapsed body. Wang Lin rapidly placed seals on the origin soul and then pressed it against his own chest.  

The origin soul disappeared, but a vortex appeared in Wang Lin’s body. This vortex was the beginning of a spell vein Wang Lin had opened up according to the Rapid Spell Art.

All of this happened very fast and ended in a flash. The old man stared dumbfoundedly as he watched Wang Lin disappear. After a long time, he took a deep breath.

“He is the elder of the Great Soul Sect!” The old man had met Wang Lin in the underground palace and recognized him. However, looking at Wang Lin’s long, white hair, white robe, and that cold aura, the old man felt like he had met Wang Lin somewhere before.

Wang Lin moved through the fog ang continued to move toward where the Void Tribulant cultivators were battling. Any Arcane Void cultivators he met would be immediately killed by him. He would seal their origin souls in his body to strengthen the first spell vein.

Wang Lin vaguely understood the principle of the Rapid Spell Art. He would have to constantly seal origin souls of cultivators so that they form a vortex. The rotation of the vortex would then reach an extreme speed!

The more cultivators and the higher the cultivation level, the faster the vortex would be. As a result, when Wang Lin needed to use it, the speed of his spells would increase in proportion as well.

However, there was a limit. Along the way, Wang Lin had sealed a total of nine origin souls by the time he got near where the Void Tribulant cultivators were battling. He could no longer seal any more and couldn’t form a second spell vein.

This was explained in the Rapid Spell Art, and after Wang Lin experienced it himself, he gained a profound understanding. If he wanted to form the second spell vein, he would need the origin soul of even stronger cultivator.

Unless he could be like Xu Decai and start sealing from the Nirvana Void stage, the power would be a lot weaker. The vortex Wang Lin had formed now was stronger than four of Xu Decai’s vortexes.

One could see the vast distance in strength.

“Arcane Tribulant cultivators should allow my second spell vein to form, but there aren’t many Arcane Tribulant cultivators here…” Wang Lin looked at the fog before him, where all the Void Tribulant cultivators were battling.

After looking for a moment, Wang Lin frowned.

“It would be very difficult for any of them to become seriously injured. The Green Devil Continent cultivators have taken some unknown pills that allow them to confront the fog and also enhance their power… Since it’s like this, it’s better to find the Arcane Tribulant cultivators first.” Wang Lin pondered and was about to quickly leave when his expression suddenly changed. Without hesitation, Wang Lin charged forward at full speed.

When he charged out 30 feet, a ray of green light landed where he had been standing. The earth trembled and a thunderous rumble spread. Even the fog seemed to show signs of collapse after being hit by the green light.

This blow created a powerful shockwave that pushed Wang Lin far away. If not for the fact that Wang Lin had noticed it in time, that blow would’ve seriously injured him.

Wang Lin didn’t turn around, but he felt the hair on his body stand up. He felt a divine sense locked on to him, and he rushed forward.

Ripples echoed under his feet and he was about to merge with the world.

“Seal!” However, at this moment, a cold voice echoed and the world seemed to become sealed. Wang Lin was unable to merge with it.

“Mid stage Void Tribulant old monster!” Wang Lin judged the cultivation level of the person who had locked onto him. He clenched his teeth and no longer tried to merge with the world. He summoned the mosquito king that carried him away.

Behind Wang Lin, the old man named Zhang who was battling against Lu Wenran and company stared at where Wang Lin escaped to. Killing intent appeared in his eyes and he left to chase Wang Lin, disregarding the situation of the battle.

“This old man Zhang Daozhong has been waiting for you for several days, and you finally came out, you little fox . You killed Liu Zhiyuan, so I need to appease the sect master’s anger!”

Wang Lin didn’t say a word and flew more than 100,000 feet away with the mosquito king. However, Zhang Daozhong was even faster, so in an instant, the distance between them was less than 1,000 feet!

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