Chapter 1867 - Rapid Spell Art!

There was a flash of blood light. This cut contained Wang Lin’s full cultivation and he used his Ancient Dao power without reservation.

In the celestial land of the Immortal Astral Continent, Wang Lin was extremely careful with his Ancient Dao power. He didn’t want too many people to recognize him, as it would make it difficult for him to move here.

After all, from his roots, he belonged to the Ancient Dao and was not one of the celestials. He had to be careful in the celestial lands.

But inside this Space Stone, he didn’t have to worry. As the sword cut down, a giant Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. This shadow was wearing armor and gave off an ancient aura.

The blood light flashed as Wang Lin quickly cut the space between the lantern and Xu Decai’s head. Xu Decai’s origin soul coughed out a large mouthful of origin essence and his origin soul withered. The lantern above his head was hit by the powerful force and was knocked away. The fire inside instantly ...

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