Chapter 1867 - Rapid Spell Art!

There was a flash of blood light. This cut contained Wang Lin’s full cultivation and he used his Ancient Dao power without reservation.

In the celestial land of the Immortal Astral Continent, Wang Lin was extremely careful with his Ancient Dao power. He didn’t want too many people to recognize him, as it would make it difficult for him to move here.

After all, from his roots, he belonged to the Ancient Dao and was not one of the celestials. He had to be careful in the celestial lands.

But inside this Space Stone, he didn’t have to worry. As the sword cut down, a giant Ancient Dao shadow appeared behind him. This shadow was wearing armor and gave off an ancient aura.

The blood light flashed as Wang Lin quickly cut the space between the lantern and Xu Decai’s head. Xu Decai’s origin soul coughed out a large mouthful of origin essence and his origin soul withered. The lantern above his head was hit by the powerful force and was knocked away. The fire inside instantly extinguished. 

“I’m unwilling!!” Xu Decai’s weakened origin soul let out one last roar as Wang Lin waved his sleeve to launch the last round of devastating blows. Then Wang Lin put Xu Decai’s origin soul inside his storage space.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin’s body trembled and he coughed out blood. He fell from the sky and immediately sat down with his eyes closed to adjusted himself.

The mosquito king circled the area and was vigilant. As for Yi Si, it moved strangely and charged off into the distance. When it returned, it was holding an arm.

This arm was a bloody mess, and it was Xu Decai’s arm. Staring at the arm, Yi Si’s eyes were filled with confusion, but soon, fog came from his body and shrouded him.

In a flash, three days passed. During these three days, the mosquito king tirelessly guarded Wang Lin. Everything was quiet and there wasn’t any fluctuation.

When the third day was about to end, Wang Lin opened his eyes. He was very tired. He had killed two early stage Void Tribulant cultivators in a short period of time, so he was very tired.

“Two now, still need eight more…” Wang Lin raised his right hand and grasped at the void. A head rapidly flew into his hand. This head belong to Xu Decai. His soulless eyes were filled with endless fear and despair.

After staring at Xu Decai’s head for a moment, Wang Lin put it away with Liu Zhiyuan’s head.

“This lantern treasure is very strange…” Wang Lin pondered as he looked into the distance and waved his sleeve. The extinguished lantern flew toward him and floated before him.

Looking at it, Wang Lin spat a mouthful of essence energy around the lantern and slowly refined it. The fire inside the lantern reignited and gave off a soft glow.

With Wang Lin’s restriction essence, he completely saw through the treasure. This was a simple protection treasure. It had no offensive power, but its protection was powerful.

As long as the fire inside the lantern didn’t extinguish, the user’s origin soul wouldn’t die! You could even nourish the origin soul with it. It was like feeding pills to the origin soul, slowly strengthening it.

If it were refined into the body and made to guard one’s origin soul, the soft light could surround one’s body. This would give the user’s body an extra layer of protection.

“If not for this, Xu Decai would have had difficulty surviving the second round of attacks…” Wang Lin opened his mouth and inhaled the lantern. The lantern appeared next to his origin soul and then Wang Lin’s body was shrouded in a layer of soft candle light.

A warm feeling appeared in Wang Lin’s mind. He took a deep breath and excitement filled his eyes.

“This battle was worth it! The most important thing is the secret to how he could cast spells so quickly. If can grasp it, then my power will increase greatly!” Wang Lin had battled against Xu Decai, so he knew how terrifying that cast speed was. With that cast speed, as long as he had the chance, he could put his enemy at a complete disadvantage. The other party would be bombarded by spells without any time to fight back.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he waved his right hand. Xu Decai’s seriously injured and extremely weak origin soul appeared in his hand.

His origin soul’s eyes were closed, as if he was in a coma. It had shrunken to only three inches large. He laid quietly in Wang Lin’s palm.

Starting at this origin soul, Wang Lin’s right hand mercilessly squeezed! As his hand squeezed, he used the soul search spell. In truth, it was very difficult to use the soul search spell when the cultivation level gap between them was so great. Only by leaving Xu Decai in this seriously injured state could Wang Lin use the spell freely.

All of Xu Decai’s memories were searched by Wang Lin without any resistance.

Soon, three hours passed. Xu Decai had lived for far too long, so trying to find a certain spell in his memory would take a certain amount of time.

Three hours later, Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes, and they were filled with ecstasy.

“Rapid Spell Art!! This Xu Decai encountered a great fortune early in his life. A meteorite fell from the sky and he found a complex engraving it on. After cultivating it, he gained his terrifying casting speed…” Wang Lin opened his palm. Xu Decai’s origin soul trembled and began to slowly dissipate, seeming like it could collapse at any moment.

But after a long time, it didn’t collapse or dissipate. Instead, there was a flash of ghostly light, and it was filled with a monstrous resentment. This resentment came from his unwillingness before he died.

However, what caused Wang Lin’s eyes to narrow was that the resentment reached a certain point and then slowly decreased until it maintained a certain level. Xu Decai’s origin soul no longer dissipated and he slowly opened his eyes.

The moment his eyes opened and met Wang Lin’s gaze, Wang Lin felt his mind rumble and entered a trance. Xu Decai, who was in his palm, flew off into the distance.

But Wang Lin soon recovered, and his eyes revealed a strange light along with disbelief.

“A ghost soul has appeared!!” Wang Lin had cultivated the multi-layered illusion spell, so he had a good understanding of ghost souls and how they were created. It had nothing to do with cultivation and was extremely rare!

The only way to create one was with the method form the Great Soul Sect, but the qualities would be very low. At most, they could only make medium quality Ghost Sails.

He understood that a dead person or beast that could form its own ghost soul was a great fortune to someone who cultivated the multi-layered illusion spell!

Wang Lin’s heartbeat accelerated. This sudden surprise shocked him, and he chased after the ghost soul that Xu Decai had formed. He was feeling an indescribable excitement.

A mere ghost soul couldn’t escape Wang Lin at all. Wang Lin had even dared to kill him when he was alive, so he was certainly not afraid of him after he was dead.

Wang Lin returned in an instant, and in his hand he held a struggling ghost soul. 

Wang Lin put the ghost soul into his storage space. This would be of great use to him.

After doing this, Wang Lin took a deep breath and calmly studied the Rapid Spell Art he had obtained from Xu Decai’s memory. This art walked an extreme path and allowed one to cast spells at a terrifying degree.

The key was opening up nine spell veins in one’s body. Every spell vein would increase one’s casting speed greatly.

Xu Decai had already opened up seven spell veins!

The so-called spell vein was the name the Rapid Spell Arts use. In truth, it was a special method used with the cost of sealing to create speed up the rate of casting spells.

“Sealing a cultivators origin soul in the body to form a vortex… Why does this feel similar to some of the Ancient Clan’s spells…’” When Wang Lin was studying the Rapid Spell Art, this thought came into his mind.

The more he looked, the more clear this idea became. In the end, he determined that this art was not exclusive to cultivator spells. If it were used with the Ancient Clan’s body, it would become even more terrifying!

“Unfortunately, I don't have extra origin souls…” Wang Lin pondered as he memorized the Rapid Spell Art and fully comprehend it. He then stood up and waved his right hand. The ground trembled and a gourd fell into his hands. Most of the 30 million dao souls were still there; this treasure didn’t suffer much losses.

Wang Lin also put away the blue umbrella from the sky, along with the mosquito king. The Yi Si that was fusing with Xu Decai’s arm was also put back into Wang Lin’s storage space.

After doing all of this, Wang Lin’s eyes revealed a flash of coldness.

“It’s time to go back…” His body flickered and disappeared from this broken space.

Several days had passed, but there was still intense killing intent across the Extreme Sky Prairie.  The cultivators that had survived all had high cultivation levels, making killing them more difficult, and the slaughter lasted even longer.

Inside the fog, ordinary cultivators would be almost already crazy with bloodshot eyes as they cast various spells inside the fog. The two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators fought off the combined attack of Lu Wenran and several early stage Void Tribulant cultivators.

Not far away, the remaining two female early stage Void Tribulant cultivators from the Green Devil Continent were battling the Great Soul Sect’s Elders Yan Lu and Xu Dongde.

The Green Devil Continent’s power had been reduced greatly after losing two early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. The pressure on the two mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters became even stronger as they had to face more people.

Several days later, the two mid stage Void Tribulant old monsters were in a sorry stage. They almost could not keep up anymore.

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