Chapter 1866 - Lantern!

Life and death, karma, true and false, fire, water, thunder! Six essences gathered to begin this slaughter.

The volcano collapsed, the thunder exploded, and the mouthful of blood water essence turned into gas. The three ethereal essence swords rushed in as Xu Decai’s roar echoed.

As the rumbles echoed, Xu Decai was covered in a light as he coughed out blood. He was in a sorry state and his face was pale as he retreated.

There was a lantern floating above his head, and the light around his body came from it. This treasure had protected him, so Xu Decai was only injured and hadn’t died to the six essences.

Killing a Void Tribulant cultivator was difficult, and Wang Lin had already experienced it. Seeing Xu Decai escape the first round of attacks, Wang Lin felt somewhat disappointed, but he was not discouraged. This was all expected!

Xu Decai was much more difficult than Liu Zhiyuan, so Wang Lin absolutely could not give him...

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