Chapter 1865 - Trapped!

Xu Decai flew into the distance above the Extreme Sky Prairie feeling gloomy. In his battle against Wang Lin, he had lost his Heavenly Dao, which was difficult for him to accept. The connection between him and the Heavenly Dao had been severed when his Heavenly Dao was devoured, which caused him to become injured.

At this moment, his origin soul was so weak, it would take him a while to recover.

“Wang Lin, you will without a doubt die!! There are two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators chasing you, I want to see how you will escape! Elder Zhang also promised me that once you are captured, he will hand you to me for a few days. I’ll make sure you will wish for death!”

Xu Decai’s hatred for Wang Lin came from his Heavenly Dao being devoured. The more his heart ached for his Heavenly Dao, the more he hated Wang Lin!

As he flew, his expression suddenly changed and he looked into the distance. At that moment, he felt a fluctuations...

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