Chapter 1864 - The Cicada Sheds its Carapace

At the edge of the Extreme Sky Prairie, the early stage Void Tribulant female cultivator who was surrounded by thousands of cultivators opened her eyes. The illusory compass before her clearly revealed where Wang Lin was.

She saw the dot that represented Wang Lin disappear and then reappear far away. She immediately informed the cultivators chasing Wang Lin.

At this moment, the same thing happened once more. This gave the woman a bad feeling. Once was acceptable, but twice meant that there could be a third or fourth time. This would make killing Wang Lin extremely difficult!

“He must have a treasure that allows him to teleport. Our entire sect only has one of those, and there are no more than three in the Green Devil Continent. Even if it’s the Heavenly Bull Continent, they can’t have a lot. But this person actually has one!”

In her gaze, she was terrified to find the light that represented Wang Lin appear in a group of green...

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