Chapter 1863 - Devour the Heavenly Dao!

All of this was too fast. Xu Decai mercilessly stuck the incense stick into the ground and then retreated three steps again. His left hand formed nearly 6 million seals and his right hand quickly formed almost 6 million seals as well. Then both his hands pressed on the ground.

There was a bang as the mud around Wang Lin moved to form a vortex of mud. The edges rose, forming a wall of mud.

From a distance, it looked like a giant clump of mud had surrounded Wang Lin.

“Mud kill!” Xu Decai roared, then the ball of mud shrank.

Xu Decai was very famous on the Green Devil Continent. What made him terrifying was his unparalleled casting speed. Among cultivators of the same rank, he could use this advantage to launch endless spells and not allow them a break until he bombard them to death!

This was also why even though he was a rogue cultivator, he had been invited by the...

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