Chapter 1862 - Xu Decai

Patrol was boring, but Wang Lin was used to boring. He was used to walking by himself in this world, accustomed to hiding in the dark and silently looking ahead at the endless world before him.

The moonlight was covered by the dark clouds, but it couldn’t be completely covered, as if it was leading the way. Wang Lin looked at the slivers of moonlight and slowly walked.

It was still night, and even more clouds began to gather. Soon, thunder rumbled and the wind howled. The sound of water falling came from all directions.

It began to rain.

As the rain fell, Wang Lin suddenly stopped walking and looked up at the world covered in rain. He waved his right hand and the restriction compass appeared in his grasp. The compass clearly displayed more than a dozen green dots charging toward him.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he immediately retreated. He was very fast and instantly retreated more than 10,000 feet and changed directions. He stopped...

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