Chapter 1861 - Heart of the Night

The old man named Zhou never considered Wang Lin worthy. Although Wang Lin was an elder, his cultivation level was too low. He assumed Wang Lin had used some connections to get the status of elder.

This kind of thing was not uncommon in the sects across the Immortal Astral Continent. Many people with low cultivation levels had the position of elder. They were not valued by the sect and were merely for show.

Once this kind of person entered the battlefield, they would reveal their true form. The old man named Zhou looked down upon such a person. Although his expression didn’t show it, his cold words did.

“I didn’t see him achieve any merit in the battle before, but for Elder Lu to appoint him to patrol, there must be some deeper meaning… I fear this person is so disliked in the Great Soul Sect that even someone with a high status like Elder Lu can’t stand him.” The old man named Zhou thought about this as he stood outside Wang Lin’s door.

He was good at reading the situation. This Wang Lin was excluded from the palaces and had been forced to choose a cave to stay in. This revealed a lot of problems.

His cold words entered Wang Lin’s cave and ears. Wang Lin opened his eyes. His gaze was completely calm. This kind of absolute calmness was terrifying.

His figure was hidden in the darkness and had fused with darkness. Even his white hair seemed to have been dyed by the darkness.

“Elder Wang, did you not hear this old man’s words?” The old man named Zhou frowned. He had stood outside the cave for more than ten breaths, but inside the cave, Wang Lin acted like he was dead and hadn’t responded at all.

This kind of self-important gesture caused him to feel disgust. He didn’t wait for Wang Lin to reply before waving his sleeve. A rumble echoed as cracks spread across every part of the door to Wang Lin’s cave.

With a bang, the door to the cave collapsed!

Everyone the old man named Zhou had called out to patrol had come out to greet him politely. Seeing Wang Lin’s indifference, he was naturally dissatisfied.

When the door to the cave collapsed, the old man walked in with a cold snort. Just as he walked in, he suddenly stopped. He saw Wang Lin, who was sitting inside the cave, staring at him with a cold gaze.

This cold gaze caused the old man named Zhou’s heart to skip a beat, and sweat covered his body. He felt like he was being stared at by Lu Wenran. This feeling made this blood flow accelerate.

“Who gave you the qualification to destroy my cave?” Wang Lin asked calmly, revealing no sign of anger or joy. As he spoke, he walked toward the old man.

The old man named Zhou’s heart skipped a beat. The moment he walked into the cave, he felt like he wasn’t looking at a cultivator, but at a primordial beast that had just awakened. Not only did his body tremble, so did his origin soul.

This was only a feeling, but it made him feel real terror.

As Wang Lin walked closer, the old man named Zhou’s face turned pale. His feet retreated subconsciously, and with a few steps, he left the cave. He was covered in sweat, and after taking a few steps back, his clothes were soaked.

The old man named Zhou’s pupils shrank and he shrieked, “Wang… Elder Wang, you… What are you going to do!?”

Wang Lin didn’t speak and continued to walk closer. His figure slowly walked out from the darkness and his white hair revealed a bone-white color as he emerged from the darkness. The heart of the old man named Zhou began to beat even faster.

It was beating very fast and the sound soon replaced all sounds in the old man’s mind. It wanted to charge out from his chest and collapse.

This powerful feeling made the eyes of the old man named Zhou fill with disbelief and fear.

Wang Lin stopped before the old man named Zhou. He calmly watched his eyes.

This gaze and gesture made the old man named Zhou feel a powerful pressure. His mind went blank.

“It… It was Elder Lu Wenran…” In just a few breaths, the old man named Zhou could not bear this pressure. He even had the feeling that if he didn’t answer, his origin soul would collapse and he would die under Wang Lin’s gaze.

After he spoke, Wang Lin’s gaze moved past the old man and into the most luxurious palace. That was where Lu Wenran was located.

The moment Wang Lin looked over, Lu Wenran seemed to notice something and opened his eyes. His gaze seemed to meet with Wang Lin’s gaze through the palace.

The old man named Zhou didn’t dare to breath. Although the pressure from before had dissipated, the feeling of terror was something he could not forget.

“This person definitely didn’t use relationships to become an elder of the Great Soul Sect!! His cultivation… is simply terrifying!!” The old man man named Zhou was pale. When Wang Lin looked at him, it was like a sword made of killing intent was pointed at his forehead. It was something he would never forget.

He was filled with endless regret. He shouldn’t have listened to Lu Wenran’s words to provoke such a terrifying person.

Wang Lin’s gaze moved away from the palace several seconds later. He was very calm as he waved his sleeve and walked past the old man named Zhou. As he walked by, his right hand casually patted the old man’s shoulder.

“Those that destroy my cave will die! Since it is your first offense and you were instigated by someone else, you can avoid death, but not punishment! When I return tomorrow, I want to see the door of the cave fixed.” Wang Lin slowly moved forward and disappeared without a trace.

Wang Lin didn’t refuse the patrol. Since had Lu Wenran assigned it, there would be more if he refused once.

After Wang Lin left, the old man named Zhou trembled and coughed out a mouthful of blood. His face immediately turned white as his body went soft and fear occupied his eyes.

Without hesitation, he moved toward the distance to find a new door to the cave and repair this cave before Wang Lin returned. He didn’t dare to not repair it.

However, just as the old man was about to leave, a soft voice echoed in his ears. “Fellow Cultivator Zhou, come here for a bit.” This caused him to stop, and his expression was bitter.

This voice belonged to Lu Wenran.

“Why are you implicating me with the matter between you two…” The old man named Zhou sighed. Lu Wenran had called him, so he had to go. He bitterly smiled as he gave up on repairing the cave door and helplessly flew toward the palace. He could only hope he had enough time to repair the door after he left Lu Wenran’s place. Otherwise, he wouldn’t dare to think of the consequences.

Wang Lin’s figure drifted through the earth, up toward the prairie. Soon, his figure appeared under the moonlight.

The moonlight was very dense; it made the prairie silver in the early half of the night. However, when Wang Lin appeared, the light weakened and was hidden behind layers of dark clouds, so the earth was dark.

Wang Lin quietly walked on the prairie, and the sound of the grass rustling could be heard. This was extremely clear on a calm night.

Time slowly passed. Soon, all the moonlight was covered by dark clouds and the entire world was shrouded in darkness. Wang Lin’s figure fused with the darkness once more and became unclear.

Only the moist wind blew by from the distance and swept across the earth. It lifted Wang Lin’s clothes and hair, but in this darkness, it was all a blur.

Walking on the prairie, Wang Lin thought about Li Muwan. His eyes were filled with sadness as he touched his right hand. That was where his storage space was, where Li Muwan was sleeping.

Touching his right hand, he felt the temperature from his right hand. It was as if he was feeling Li Muwan.

More than 2,000 years but less than 3,000 years. It had been very long but also very short. Just like how the wind continued to blow across this prairie since ancient times.

A sigh echoed. Wang Lin walked on the prairie of this foreign continent. Perhaps because his injuries hadn’t healed, there was a hint of loneliness in his heart.

I cover the world in fire only so you won’t have a reason to be cold.

I shook the entire world with thunder only so you could hear my voice.

I walked millions and millions of kilometers across worlds only to find your breath.

I entered the devil dao to kill, defied the heavens, and killed celestials. I’ll subverted the heavens and earth and stand before you with my lonely figure only to make you open your eyes.

Wang looked at the darkness in the distance and silently walked.

He liked the darkness and the night because the dark night could cover up his bleakness. In the darkness, others couldn’t see his loneliness.

Everyone’s heart had a box. This box contained the memory of a person. This memory could be sweet and it could be bitter.

Some people lost this box along with themselves and couldn’t find it.

Some people locked the box and swallowed the sky. They don’t want to open it and wouldn’t allow others to touch it.

Some people always held the box in their hands, telling themselves not to forget.

Some people buried the box deep underground and waited for that day… When the spring flowers bloom, that beautiful flower will bloom as well.

The box contained the love for a person and a cup of sweet and bitter water...

“My box is still there…” Wang Lin muttered. In the darkness, one couldn’t see his solitude, couldn’t see his bleakness, couldn’t see his… loneliness

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