Chapter 1861 - Heart of the Night

The old man named Zhou never considered Wang Lin worthy. Although Wang Lin was an elder, his cultivation level was too low. He assumed Wang Lin had used some connections to get the status of elder.

This kind of thing was not uncommon in the sects across the Immortal Astral Continent. Many people with low cultivation levels had the position of elder. They were not valued by the sect and were merely for show.

Once this kind of person entered the battlefield, they would reveal their true form. The old man named Zhou looked down upon such a person. Although his expression didn’t show it, his cold words did.

“I didn’t see him achieve any merit in the battle before, but for Elder Lu to appoint him to patrol, there must be some deeper meaning… I fear this person is so disliked in the Great Soul Sect that even someone with a high status like Elder Lu can’t stand him.” The old man named Zhou thought about this as he stood outside...

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