Chapter 1860 - Uninvited Guest!

The moon hung above the Extreme Sky Prairie and there stars were thin. The bright moonlight shined on the earth, causing the prairie to be enveloped in a silver light. It looked very beautiful from afar. There was an unspeakable sense of peace and nothing to indicate that a great battle between tens of thousands of cultivators had taken place here during the day.

There were no corpses remaining on the earth. The bodies and souls of the dead cultivators had been devoured completely by the fog. It looked no different from before.

Only the trace of a bloody aura showed how devastating the battle was.

The moonlight could shine on the earth but was unable to penetrate the underground palace. Wang Lin was sitting inside a cave that was dark without any light. Even Wang Lin’s figure seemed to have become one with the darkness.

Wang Lin had paid a big price to kill Liu Zhiyuan, from calculating everything before the battle to the final blow. Right now, his face was pale and...

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