Chapter 1859 - A Person Called Wang Lin

Liu Zhiyuan’s body suddenly collapsed 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin under his fist and fell to the ground. His origin soul distorted and shattered before Wang Lin’s most powerful attack.

Only his head was pulled back by a powerful force and grabbed by Wang Lin. After putting it away, Wang Lin disappeared.

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, the entire battleground became silent. Liu Zhiyuan’s miserable scream before death echoed across the prairie!

The old man named Zhang trembled and completely disregarded Lu Wenran as he retreated. Lu Wenrang’s eyes narrowed as he heard the miserable scream before Liu Zhiyuan died.

“A Void Tribulant cultivator has died??”

“Li Zhiyuan!!” The old man named Zhang quickly retreated and arrived at the place Liu Zhiyuan had died. He saw the flesh and blood here, and his pupils shrank. He knew of the relationship between Liu Zhiyuan and the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master; this made his heart tremble.

The old man named Zhao that was battling Yan Lu and company retreated without hesitation as well. While Yan Lu and company were shaken by the miserable screams, he arrived at the palce where Liu Zhiyuan had died.

“Liu Zhiyuan… died?”

The three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators from the Green Devil Continent quickly retreated. Their faces were pale and their eyes were filled with disbelief.

Everyone else who heard Liu Zhiyuan’s miserable scream before death all felt their hearts tremble, and their eyes were filled with fear.

“A Void Tribulant cultivator has died!!”

“That voice… That voice sounded like Elder Liu!!”

“A Void Tribulant cultivator has died!!”

An uproar echoed. Void Tribulant cultivators rarely died!

“Retreat!” The old man named Zhang revealed a cold gaze. His divine sense spread out and then he quickly left. The people beside him followed.

Lu Wenran didn’t chase. He looked at the other retreating figures and pondered.

“The person who died must’ve had an extraordinary identity… But who killed him?”

Xu Dongde’s gaze swept by and frowned. He didn’t know who had killed the enemy Void Tribulant cultivator, but he was shocked.

“To kill a Void Tribulant cultivator in such a short period of time. Who is this person!?”

Only Yan Lu’s pupils shrank. She vaguely saw some clues, and her right hand trembled in her sleeves.

“It’s him…”

As the Void Tribulant cultivators retreated, the remaining thousands of Green Devil Continent cultivators all retreated with fear in their eyes.

“Return to the underground palace and form a tight defense. The enemy will definitely launch a second attack. We only need to stay in the fog and defend, don’t chase them out of the fog!” Lu Wenran waved his sleeve and looked around.

“Who would it be…” He stepped forward as he pondered and fused with the earth.

Shortly after, all the Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators entered the earth after this sudden change and disappeared into the earth.

Nearly 10,000 cultivators had left the underground below the prairie, but less than 4,000 people returned. These 4,000 people silently returned to their caves to prepare for the next battle.

Wang Lin also returned with these thousands of cultivators. His face was pale. Although his battle against Liu Zhiyuan was short, it was extremely difficult. He had calculated everything, including when to attack, the other party’s reaction, taking advantage of when the other party’s celestial energy was exhausted, and had the help of the fog formation. 

Only with all these conditions was he able to kill Liu Zhiyuang. Even so, he was also injured. Waves of intense pain came from his chest, and he had to heal as soon as possible.

“This is the first Void Tribulant cultivator I have killed… Void Tribulant cultivators are too difficult to kill!” Wang Lin silently pondered. If not for the Heavenly Bull Formation here, he won’t have been able to kill him.

No one else noticed that he had killed Liu Zhiyuan. Wang Lin had expected this. In fact, when he attacked, he shrank the restriction to around them to prevent Liu Zhiyuan from escaping. With the restriction, even if other people’s divine senses had swept by, they wouldn’t have been able to get a clear look.

Even though he had used Soul Origin Fantasy to summon the Great Soul Sect’s ninth ancestor, noticing the spell from outside the restriction was very unlikely.

After all, Wang Lin had too many secrets and methods he didn’t want others to know. It was natural to set up the restriction so others couldn’t see everything too clearly.

At this moment, every single cultivator underground was speculating who it was that had killed an enemy Void Tribulant cultivator!

Lu Wenran, Yan Lu, and the remaining four Void Tribulant cultivators were inside the palace along with the three old men who had underestimated Wang Lin before.

The three old men’s expressions were full of shock. They felt obvious disbelief that someone had been able to kill a Void Tribulant cultivator. If Lu Wenran did it, then it would’ve been acceptable. Even if it was one of the other Void Tribulant cultivators, it would’ve still been fine. However, it was obvious that the person who had killed the Green Devil Continent Void Tribulant cultivator was not among them, so who was it?

“I didn’t get a clear look. During the battle, the cultivator named Liu retreated to devour some pills and then the sounds of battle echoed.”

“I try to check it with my divine sense, but there was a restriction there. Once my divine sense entered, it was a blur and I couldn’t see clearly.”

“I tried to observe it with my divine sense and also found nothing.

Those three Void Tribulant cultivators from the nearby sects all slowly spoke with doubt and fear in their eyes. Doubts about who had killed the enemy and fear for how much power was required to kill a Void Tribulant cultivator that could be considered impossible to kill!

A cultivator that had passed through nine Arcane Tribulants and entered Void Tribulant was said to be indestructible and undying! Undying because their lifespan was as long as the world itself. Indestructible because they were extremely difficult to kill!

“Who was it…” one of the three old men who hadn’t reached Void Tribulant and looked down upon Wang Lin muttered.

“It looks like there is an expert hidden among the cultivators out here…” Lu Wenran’s gaze swept through the crowd. He didn’t believe any of these people here could kill a cultivator at the same level in a short period of time.

As his gaze swept by, he suddenly thought about a person, and his pupils shranks. However, he soon gave up on such an absurd thought.

“It can’t be him, he can’t do it!” Lu Wenren thought about Wang Lin.

“It’s fine. Since this person isn’t willing to show up, then there is no need for us to look. It’s good for us, and maybe this person will show up soon!” Lu Wenren’s expression changed.

Xu Dongde frowned and suddenly said, “Could it be that the person who attacked is not here and was merely passing by…”

The moment he said this, everyone suddenly began to ponder. Lu Wenran carefully thought about this and thought it was possible. After all, he didn’t believe anyone else here could’ve done it beside himself.

The same scene was taking place outside the fog around the Extreme Sky Prairie. Thousands of Green Devil Continent cultivators were silently cultivating, and at the center of the group were the two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators launching an inquiry about Liu Zhiyuan’s death.

“It is not the first time a Void Tribulant cultivator has died in our battle against the Heavenly Bull Continent. However, this is the first time that have we watched one die without even knowing who did it!” The old man named Zhang’s expression was gloomy and angry, but it also contained fear. He didn’t know how angry the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master, who had his divine sense sealed and had been in closed door cultivation for many years, would feel once he learned of this.

“Elder Liu’s identity…” Some of the Void Tibulant cultivators on Liu Zhiyuan’s side whispered but didn’t finish speaking.

The old man named Zhao let out a sigh and slowly said, “Identity aside, all of you carefully think if there was something wrong. How could such a thing happen in such a short period of time?”

“Elder Liu retreated to devour some pills. We were blocked by the fog, so we couldn’t see anything. However, the sounds of battle began shortly after, and in less than one incense stick of time, the fight was over…”

“My divine sense was unable to enter, as there was a layer of restriction blocking the area…”

“However, I sensed Elder Liu take out his treasure and summon the countless resentful souls…” They all began to recount what they remembered.

“Elder Zhao, I have made a discovery…” a woman who had not talked suddenly said.

The woman was among the four that had fought together with Liu Zhiyuan. She looked hesitant, and when the old man named Zhao looked over, she clenched her teeth.

“What prevented us from using our divine senses, aside from the fog, was another restriction. That restriction should be… the Devil Restriction Sect’s Devil Isolation Restriction!

“I have come in contact with this restriction before, so I shouldn’t be wrong!” After she spoke, everyone became quiet. Everyone’s gazes locked onto the old man named Zhao.

The old man named Zhao was someone from the Devil Restriction Sect, which was one of the three major sects of the Green Devil Continent!

The eyes of the old man named Zhao lit up and he slowly said, “I’m not good with the Devil Isolation Restriction and am not familiar with it, so I didn’t notice… But since you brought it up, I just remembered something… 

“During the tragedy of the Pill Sea, after my Devil Restriction Sect’s investigation, along with reports from spies, the person behind it was a Great Soul Sect elder named Wang Lin… And in the Pill Sea, an Isolation Restriction compass went missing! According to the central restriction, that compass was not destroyed!” As the old man named Zhao spoke, he looked toward the depths of the Extreme Sky Prairie.

“If that’s the case, it is likely that he is the one who killed Elder Liu! Even if he didn’t, there must be some connections!”

“Wang Lin…” Killing intent appeared in the eyes of the old man named Zhang. He had to kill this person, or he wouldn’t be able to withstand the anger of the sect master.

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