Chapter 1859 - A Person Called Wang Lin

Liu Zhiyuan’s body suddenly collapsed 1,000 feet away from Wang Lin under his fist and fell to the ground. His origin soul distorted and shattered before Wang Lin’s most powerful attack.

Only his head was pulled back by a powerful force and grabbed by Wang Lin. After putting it away, Wang Lin disappeared.

The moment Wang Lin disappeared, the entire battleground became silent. Liu Zhiyuan’s miserable scream before death echoed across the prairie!

The old man named Zhang trembled and completely disregarded Lu Wenran as he retreated. Lu Wenrang’s eyes narrowed as he heard the miserable scream before Liu Zhiyuan died.

“A Void Tribulant cultivator has died??”

“Li Zhiyuan!!” The old man named Zhang quickly retreated and arrived at the place Liu Zhiyuan had died. He saw the flesh and blood here, and his pupils shrank. He knew of the relationship between Liu Zhiyuan and the Devil Dao Sect’s sect master; this made his heart tremble.

The old man named Zhao that was battling Yan Lu and company retreated without hesitation as well....

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