Chapter 1858 - Ambush!

A roar filled with ferociousness came out of the fog around Wang Lin. Yi Si, who had lost an arm, charged out like crazy toward Liu Zhiyuan.

All of this happened as fast as lightning. Several thousand feet only took a moment for Yi Si to cross. The moment Liu Zhiyuan turned around, Yi Si arrived.

Liu Zhiyuan’s expression changed. He clearly felt the fluctuations of an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator in the black fog. His eyes revealed a look of terror. He naturally knew that this was a puppet. Without hesitation, he retreated and waved his sleeve. Seven black lotuses appeared before him and collided with Yi Si.

The thunderous rumbles attracted the attention of the six people battling in the distance. The expressions of Liu Zhiyuan’s three companions changed and they wanted to head over. However, they were stopped by the three cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent. Due to the fog, they couldn’t...

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