Chapter 1857 - Liu Zhiyuang

Wang Lin, who had mixed in the 10,000 cultivator army, didn’t attract too much attention. Only Yan Lu looked back at the 10,000 cultivator army as if she was looking for Wang Lin.

But there were too many cultivators, and this place was covered in fog, so she didn’t find him.

Inside this fog, the Green Devil Continent cultivators flew forward with the two mid stage Void Tribulant old men leading the way. As they moved forward, the fog was pushed back as if they wouldn’t dare to get close.

Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators were like overlords that could support a medium-level sect. Even inside sects like the nine sects and thirteen factions, they would be the elites among the elders!

Cultivators that could reach the mid stage of Void Tribulant were extremely difficult to kill. They simply had too many life-saving treasures and spells.

The two mid stage Void Tribulant old men from the Green Devil Continent were named Zhang and Zhao respectively. Both came from two different devil sects, and as they attacked, the world trembled. Lu Wenren charged out and began battling the old man named Zhang in the fog!

Thunderous rumbles echoed and spread out in all directions. Their battle caused a powerful wind that swept out, making it impossible for other cultivators to get close.

The other mid stage Void Tribulant old man named Zhao stepped forward and was about to join the battle against Lu Wenren. In his view, as long as they seriously injured Lu Wenren, then the rest of the cultivators here would be nothing to worry about!

But just as the old man named Zhao moved forward, Yan Lu, Xu Dongde, and another early stage Void Tribulant cultivator moved forward to block him. The three of them battled him together!

If it was anywhere else, even if the three of them worked together, they wouldn’t be a match for a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator. The difference in realms between Void Tribulant cultivators was great, like the difference between heaven and earth.

Wang Lin with seven essences could battle early stage Void Tribulant cultivators, but even though he had eight essences now, he still could only battle early stage Void Tribulant cultivators and not shake mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators.

But inside the Heavenly Bull Meridian formation, as the fog entered their bodies, this changed. The three of them could just barely fight against the old man named Zhao! Although they couldn’t win, they could stall him!

With four people stalling the two of them, the two mid stage Void Tribulant cultivators couldn’t play their terrifying role in this battle. But there were still four early stage Void Tribulant cultivators from the Green Devil Continent.

These four people were two men and two women. They were dressed in expensive clothes and had extraordinary status. The four of them faced the same problem; there were still three Void Tribulant cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent that were like old ancestors. The three of them had almost unlimited energy inside the fog, and they began fighting the four from the Green Devil Continent. The Void Tribulant cultivators began the first battle of this war!

After that came the slaughter of the two armies. This slaughter was very chaotic as 20,000 people were fighting against each other. Vision was blocked by the fog and miserable screams echoed.

Wang Lin moved like a ghost inside the fog. His head was down, looking at a compass in his hand. The compass was covered in dense, white and green dots that were constantly changing.

The howling sounds continued to echo inside the fog. The flashes of spells were covered by the fog, but it could not cover the killing intent that erupted from within. Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand and pointed to his right. With that, there was a flash of blood light and the blood sword flew out. A Green Devil Continent cultivator suddenly walked out from the fog. He didn’t even have time to react before the blood sword pierced his head.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he continued moving forward. His targets were not these Green Devil Continent cultivators but the Void Tribulant cultivators!

Wang Lin quickly moved through the battle with a layer of black fog around him. This black fog was different from the formation; it was filled with ferociousness and there was a scarlet tongue swaying inside.

After closing in on the seven early stage Void Tribulant cultivators’ battle, Wang Lin slowed down. In the end, he stopped tens of thousands of feet from their battle. He stood there and his eyes shined.

“It is very difficult to kill early stage Void Tribulant cultivators… Such a cultivator is almost impossible to kill… Even with the Yi Si Puppet, it’s not enough…” Wang Lin was well aware of how difficult it was to kill a cultivator that had gone through the nine Arcane Tribulants and entered the Void Tribulant stage. It was not the same as killing the cultivator named Qian and the man and woman under the flags at the Pill Sea.

Those three were only at the ninth Arcane Tribulant, and although it seems infinitely close to Void Tribulant, the gap was too large. The two of them could defeat White Tiger and company, and in a specific environment, they could force them into a sorry state. After all, White Tiger and company’s cultivation levels were close to Du Qing’s, around seventh or eight Arcane Tribulant.

In the cave world, only Old Ghost Zhan and the Seven-Colored Daoist were at the early stage of Void Tribulant. If they had fused with the third soul and became the new Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, they would’ve reached peak mid stage Void Tribulant.

With Wang Lin’s current cultivation level, he could kill people below Void Tribulant. But to kill a real Void Tribulant cultivator would take some preparation.

Even on the Immortal Astral Continent, the death of a Void Tribulant cultivator was rare. When it happened, it greatly impacted the morale of a sect.

Not to mention the death of a mid stage Void Tribulant cultivator. Not even the Great Soul Sect was willing to suffer this kind of blow.

Looking at the fog churning before him, he watched the seven of them engaged in a life or death battle. It was extremely difficult for victory to be decided; in fact, it was almost impossible. As long as each one of them remained cautious, they wouldn’t die. They would be injured at most.

But Wang Lin was not anxious; he simply sat down. The black fog around him fused with the fog, making him difficult to detect. In addition, with seven Void Tribulant cultivators fighting, it was very dangerous to get close. Only Wang Lin could safely come here and wait for an opportunity.

He was waiting for a chance to kill an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator in one go.

“Yi Si can deliver a heavy below, the blood sword can injure, the War Spirit Print can prevent escape… The muti-layered illusion can create that moment… And the final blow will have to be Soul Origin Fantasy!

“However, all of this can only seriously injure an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator, not kill them…” Wang Lin’s eyes shined as he stared tens of thousands of feet into the distance.

In a flash, several hours passed. The sound of slaughter didn’t decrease but became even more intense. The death count on both sides was great.

However, Wang Lin was still sitting there. He was waiting.

Liu Zhiyuang was an elder of the Devil Dao Sect and had just recently reached the early stage of Void Tribulant, so he was quite famous in the Devil Dao Sect. He was also a descendent of the sect master of the Devil Dao Sect, so there were bloodline connections.

He had joined the invasion of the Heavenly Bull Continent with another elder named Xu Wei and two other fellow cultivators from the sect. They were currently battling three early stage Void Tribulant cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent.


The other party seemed to have unlimited energy and used all kinds of spells. The four of them had their divine senses blocked by the fog and couldn’t recover inside the fog. After several hours, they were showing signs of being pushed back.

The chaotic battle between the seven of them continued and thunderous rumble echoed. Liu Zhiyuang had just reached the Void Tribulant stage, so he was starting to run out of celestial energy. The fog around him also absorbed a large amounts of his celestial energy.

“Damn fog!! When will the messengers arrive? If this continues, then this war will be difficult to win!” Liu Zhiyuan’s expression was gloomy. His hand formed a seal to form a black lotus that collided with a black dragon created by an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator from the Heavenly Bull Continent.

Between the rumbles, Liu Zhiyuan retreated without hesitation. He didn’t need to speak, as his three companions knew his purpose. They quickly blocked the remaining attacks to give him a chance to consume some pills.

After several hours of battle, it was inevitable that the four of them would need to recover celestial energy, or it would be difficult to continue.

Liu Zhiyuan’s expression was extremely cruel. He cultivated a yin and yang double cultivation method that condensed the souls of female cultivation furnaces into a black lotus. Countless cultivation furnaces had died by his hand.

In a flash, he retreated tens of thousands of feet. He waved his right hand and more than a dozen balls of light appeared before him. Inside each ball of light was a naked woman three inches tall. They all looked miserable.

Liu Zhiyuan didn’t even look as he opened his mouth to inhale.

However, just at this moment, not far from him, Wang Lin, who had been hiding, suddenly opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze. He had waited for this opportunity for a long time, and someone had finally given him the chance!

“He is the one!”

Wang Lin’s eyes revealed killing intent. The first promise he had made to the Great Soul Sect was to kill 10 early stage Void Tribulant cultivators. Today, he would kill the first one!

As Wang Lin moved forward like lightning, a ray of blood light appeared in his hand. The blood light cut down on Liu Zhiyuan, who had his back toward Wang Lin!

The blood sword’s sharpness was unparalleled, and as it closed in, Liu Zhiyuan was about to devour the dozen light balls. However, he suddenly felt a sense of danger and didn’t hesitate to give up devouring the light balls. He waved his sleeve and a black lotus appeared behind him. The black lotus collided with the blood sword!

Thunderous rumbles echoed as Liu Zhiyuan suddenly turned around. His eyes were filled with killing intent.

“I want to see who dares to sneak attack me!”

However, just as he turned around, Wang Lin attacked!

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