Chapter 1856 - Facing slaughter

The strong were respected in the cultivation world. Wang Lin’s cultivation level was truly not high, so it was reasonable for the three of them to not pay attention to him. The others that saw this naturally made their own judgement.

Wang Lin didn’t care about this. He looked around and silently left to find an open cave to cultivate in.

Lu Wenran sneered in his heart and his gaze swept by Wang Lin’s back.

“For the sake of the Great Soul Sect, I stayed in the Pill Sea and changed my appearance to that of a rogue cultivator to attract the attention of the Green Devil Continent. I stay there for over 1,000 years...

“All so that the Green Devil Continent wouldn’t have any doubts and would invade the Heavenly Bull Continent as the old ancestor had planned… I did all of this, but the old ancestor didn’t give me the complete multi-layered illusion spell. What qualifications does he have to obtain it!?”

Lu Wenran sneered in his heart. Wang Lin suddenly turned around and met his gaze.

Lu Wenran’s expression...

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