Chapter 1856 - Facing slaughter

The strong were respected in the cultivation world. Wang Lin’s cultivation level was truly not high, so it was reasonable for the three of them to not pay attention to him. The others that saw this naturally made their own judgement.

Wang Lin didn’t care about this. He looked around and silently left to find an open cave to cultivate in.

Lu Wenran sneered in his heart and his gaze swept by Wang Lin’s back.

“For the sake of the Great Soul Sect, I stayed in the Pill Sea and changed my appearance to that of a rogue cultivator to attract the attention of the Green Devil Continent. I stay there for over 1,000 years...

“All so that the Green Devil Continent wouldn’t have any doubts and would invade the Heavenly Bull Continent as the old ancestor had planned… I did all of this, but the old ancestor didn’t give me the complete multi-layered illusion spell. What qualifications does he have to obtain it!?”

Lu Wenran sneered in his heart. Wang Lin suddenly turned around and met his gaze.

Lu Wenran’s expression remained unchanged. He smiled gently and nodded at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin looked at Lu Wenren profoundedly. He then turned around and picked a cave before disappearing.

Among Lu Wenran’s group of three, Yan Lu understood Wang Lin the most. She could not forget how terrifying Wang Lin was. Along the way, she had noticed the hidden conflict between them.

After everyone chatted, the three old men invited Lu Wenran and company into the grand hall, but they didn’t mention Wang Lin at all. Obviously, in their eyes, Wang Lin wasn’t qualified and could not be compared with Lu Wenran and company.

The six of them went into the palace in the distance while smiling. Lu Wenran was the same, as if he had forgotten Wang Lin existed.

After the six of them left, the surrounding people from the other sects scattered. After the people of the Great Soul Sect arrived, the formation around the Extreme Sky Prairie activated completely.

When the formation activated, a thunderous rumble rang out. A barrier of energy hundreds of kilometers wide extended across the Extreme Sky Prairie and went even further.

At the same time, the cultivators from the Great Soul Sect or the Gui Yi Sect arrived at the remaining six Heavenly Bull Meridians. Their arrivals caused the formations around those meridians to active as well.

As a result, when all seven meridians were activated, the giant barrier spread out across the remaining six meridians as well.

A total of seven barriers appeared. They connected together to form a giant barrier that protected the Heavenly Bull Continent from the Pill Sea!

This barrier was created by more than 100,000 cultivators and was more than 100,000 kilometers thick. It was not something ordinary cultivators could enter. Even someone like Old Ancestor Green Bull would find it difficult to get through!

It could be said that it would be nearly impossible! This was because aside from just the power of the formation itself, it also contained the power of the Heavenly Bull!

These seven Heavenly Bull meridians were being activated fully for the first time since they were created, and they would play a vital role!

Aside from these seven Heavenly Bull meridians, there were also 72 earth veins that were being guarded by people of the Great Soul Sect and smaller sects. There 72 earth veins gathered endless energy and celestial energy to support the seven Heavenly Bull Meridians!

These were all for defense, but how could the Great Soul Sect prepare for so many years only to defend? There was another group of cultivators responsible for killing!

There were countless caves around the palaces underground that were for the cultivators that had gathered to live in. An oppressive feeling spread out in the hearts of everyone. They knew a great war was about to begin.

If the Green Devil Continent cultivators wanted to break the barrier, then they would have to destroy the seven meridians. To do so, they would send a large amount of cultivators to attack them.

Soon, the calm sky of the Extreme Sky Prairie would be covered in cultivators from the Green Devil Continent.

Yan Lu also chose to enter closed door cultivation to keep her cultivation at her peak. Xu Dongde and Lu Wenran did the same, only they chose a palace rather than a cave. After all, their statuses were high and they were considered to be the main force guarding this place.

In truth, there were four other people among the 10,000 cultivators that were at the early stage of Void Tribulant. Although they were from small sects or rogue cultivators, their statuses were high as well. They were invited into the palaces as the deciding force in this battle!

Time passed as Wang Lin calmly sat inside his small cave. There were many caves around him, including an old man who didn’t recognize Wang Lin after Wang Lin recovered, but Wang Lin recognized him.

This old man was the one who had talked to Wang Lin in the Extreme Sky Prairie. He was obviously not at the Void Tribulant stage, so he couldn’t enter the palaces. He could only choose one of the outer caves.

In truth, with Wang Lin’s identity, he could choose a palace if he really wanted to, but Wang Lin wasn’t interested. Rather than being secretly talked about by others if he chose a palace, it would be better to be here and have peace.

While sitting there, he slowly cultivated and his divine sense slowly spread out. Borrowing this time, he refined the blue umbrella and the Soul Fantasy Origin to a more profound level.

He also took out the compass restriction and scattered it across the prairie. This item was extremely mysterious. Even when he spread it out, not even Lu Wenren, who had the highest cultivation level here, noticed.

Time flashed by. An unknown amount of days had passed. Aside from the sound of cultivation, there was no other sound among the palaces and the caves around them.

Wang Lin suddenly opened his eyes. The moment he opened them, the compass before him trembled. A green line suddenly appeared on the map of the Extreme Sky Prairie.

This green line was formed by countless green dots, and there were more and more green dots coming.

“Here they come!” Staring at the compass, Wang Lin’s eyes shined. He was going to complete the three conditions set by the Great Soul Sect. Then he would leave this place and head to Dong Lin, toward the Ancient Dao clan!

When Wang Lin noticed the arrival of the Green Devil Continent cultivators, Lu Wenran opened his eyes and revealed a cold gaze.

“Fellow cultivators, the cultivators of the Green Devil Continent has arrived!” This voice echoed through the group of palaces.

The aura of cultivating disappeared and all the cultivators here opened their eyes.

The several Void Tribulant cultivators, like Yan Lu and Xu Dongde, noticed something and killing intent spread out.

There was a shocking howling sound over the Extreme sky Prairie. More than 10,000 cultivators flew above the prairie, covering up the originally sunny sky!

Among the 10,000 cultivators, there were six people who were the fastest.

Among the six, there were four men and two women. They were dressed extravagantly and their cultivation levels were among the peak of the Green Devil Continent! The two old men who gave off mid stage Void Tribulant cultivation were the two strongest cultivators in this army of more than 10,000 cultivators!

The remaining four were all at the early stage of Void Tribulant.

The six of them charged ahead and the rest of the army followed behind them, covering the sky of the Extreme Sky Prairie. Killing instead spread out like a dark cloud covering thea rea.

“Brother Zhang, let the two of us join forces to see the power of the Heavenly Bull’s seven merirdians!” One of the mid stage Void Tribulant old men looked at his companion with a smile.

“Brother Zhao’s idea is good. I heard that this formation can form the soul of the Heavenly Bull. I want to see what this Heavenly Bull looks like!” The old man named Zhang smiled and nodded. At their cultivation level, they had seen through a lot and wouldn’t die so easily. In their view, this invasion was just a game.

From a mentality point of view, they were much better than Lu Wenran, but there was still a big gap between them and the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign. Although their cultivation levels were similar, their courage and calmness were lacking.

As they spoke, they both raised their right hands and formed seals before pointing at the prairie. The earth rumbled and layers of clouds appeared before them to form a 100,000 feet giant that charged forward.

There was a dark light in the sky that seemed to tear it open, and three flying swords appeared. The moment the three swords appeared, black gas spread out. All the grass on the earth withered as if all their vitality were absorbed.

The three swords charged forward with the giant.

But just as the three swords and giant closed in, endless fog spread out from the Extreme Sky Prairie. The dark fog shrouded most of the prairie and continued to spread.

The muffled roar of a bull came from the fog. Soon, the large amount of fog formed the shape of the Heavenly Bull, and it let out a shocking roar toward the giant and the three swords.

As the roar echoed, the Heavenly Bull suddenly exploded. The fog rapidly spread toward the Green Devil Continent cultivators!

At the same time, deep underground, Lu Wenran had a serious expression and let out a roar.

“All Void Tribulant cultivators, follow me and slaughter our way out. In this fog formation, we have unlimited energy and can freely extract power from the fog!” With this roar, seven rays of light charged out with Lu Wenran, leading the charge. They disappeared into the fog.

On the surface, fog completely shrouded the Green Devil Continent cultivators. Then the nearly 10,000 cultivators underground all flew out.

A large battle had begun!

Wang Lin was among that group of cultivators. He was calm and instantly merged into the fog. The fog would hinder the Green Continent cultivators by blocking their divines senses. However, for those of the Heavenly Bull Continent, the fog would enter their bodies and nourish them!

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