Chapter 1855 - Heavenly Bull’s Third Meridian

Whether it was the seven meridians or the disciples who resided in the Pill Sea. they were all pieces placed by the Great Soul Sect!

If the Great Soul Sect cared, the Pill Sea wouldn’t have been so easily refined! Although the Green Devil Continent was powerful, they couldn’t compare to the first generation ancestor of the Great Soul Sect in terms of divination!

This was because the first generation ancestor was from the same school as the current Imperial Teacher. A dao inheritor from ancient times!

Esteemed Green Bull hadn’t only given a jade to Wang Lin, but to a total of four elders in the Great Soul Sect!

Putting the jade away, Wang Lin stood up and dusted his clothes before calmly walking out from the mountain. The moment he left, the sea of fire on the mountain gathered behind him to form his essence true body. It slowly fused with his body and disappeared.

With one step, Wang Lin turned into a ray of light and flew toward the entrance of the Great Soul Sect.

Behind him was a ray of light, charging toward the entrance with Wang Lin.

The two of them were very fast, but the ray of light behind Wang Lin passed him and arrived one step before him to reveal a middle-aged man in green.

This man looked ordinary, and he turned around to look at the incoming Wang Lin.

The middle-aged man looked profoundly at Wang Lin and slowly said, “Elder Wang, I’m Lu Wenran!”

Wang Lin calmly landed and looked at the middle-aged man.

“Elder Lu is very unfamiliar.” During Wang Lin’s time at the Great Soul Sect, he had some impression of most of the elders, beside those old monsters. But this was his first time meeting this middle-aged man.

“Hehe, I was stationed in a place far away by the old ancestor and have just returned, so it’s natural that Elder Wang is unfamiliar with me.” The middle-aged man smiled.

In the middle of their conversation, two more rays of light arrived from the sect, revealing a man and woman. The woman was Yan Lu and the man was a young man in a daoist robe.

“Yan Lu greets Elder Lu. I didn’t expect Elder Lu to be coming with us.” Yan Lu and Lu Wenran knew each other and greeted each other with smiles.

“It is an honor to have Elder Yan Lu and Elder Xu Dongde with me.” The middle-aged man and Lu Wenran smiled.

“Greetings, Elder Lu.” The young man in the daoist robe remained calm as he clasped his hands at Lu Wenren. Then he no longer spoke. He seemed to be the silent type.

Wang Lin looked at the three of them. The weakest among them was at the early stage of Void Tribulant. The middle-aged man named Lu Wenren was at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. He was at the same cultivation level as the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign, but he felt greatly inferior!

With these three people, it was already a powerful force. Compared to them, Wang Lin’s peak Spirit Void cultivation really couldn’t compare.

While Wang Lin was observing the three of them, the two beside Yan Lu were also observing Wang Lin. During this time, Wang Lin had gained a certain amount of fame in the Great Soul Sect.

Xu Dongde looked at Wang Lin and thought to himself, “Someone who can enter the seventh and eighth floors of the Soul Scripture Pavilion can’t be underestimated!” 

“This person safely left the Pill Sea and also caused the Celestial Pill to explode. I can’t judge him based on what I see on the surface… Also, the fact that he was able to return from the Pill Sea so quickly is amazing as well!” Lu Wenran looked at Wang Lin. He had also returned from the Pill Sea, but it was with the first ancestor’s Cloud Boat that Encle-Teacher Meng had. It was one of the first generation ancestor’s extremely mysterious treasures, and its speed was unimaginable.

“Okay, since everyone is here, our task is to head to the Heavenly Bull’s third meridian and guard against the Green Devil Continent’s invasion. This trip will be one of life and death, and it will be unpredictable… Everyone should be careful!” Lu Wenran took a deep breath and clasped his hands at the other three.

Wang Lin silently pondered. Yan Lu and Xu Dongde didn’t speak either, they only nodded. The four of them quickly left the Great Soul Sect.

Many other teams like them left the Great Soul Sect. They had all received the old ancestor’s command to guard various locations!

The four of them were all very fast. In particular, Lu Wenran, who was at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. He moved as if he was accompanied by thunder.

As for Yan Lu and the cultivator called Xu Dongde, they were both at the early stage of Void Tribulant, so they weren’t slow.

Only Wang Lin’s speed couldn’t compare to theirs in the long term. His eyes lit up and he summoned the mosquito beast. He sat on the back of the mosquito as it charged forward.

The moment the mosquito beast appeared, the other three all looked over. They all noticed that the mosquito beast was extraordinary.

Lu Wenren smiled and asked, “Elder Wang’s fierce beast’s speed is comparable to a Void Tribulant cultivator. I wonder, where did Elder Wang obtain it?”

The moment he spoke, Yan Lu and Xu Dongde began to pay attention.

“I obtained it in my hometown,” Wang Lin said briefly and calmly.

“Oh? I wonder where Elder Wang’s hometown is.” Lu Wenran revealed a look of interest.

“Elder Lu.” Wang Lin frowned and looked at Lu Wenran.

Lu Wenran felt that he misspoke and smiled. He stopped asking questions, but he coldly snorted in his heart.

The four of them remained silent the whole way. After seven days, Lu Wenren waved his sleeve and took out a jade. After taking a closer look, he pointed below.

“This is the place. This place is a transfer array created by the first generation ancestor of my Great Soul Sect. It can teleport people near the third meridian. It can’t be casually used, but I received permission from the old ancestor to use it to get to the third meridian.” After Lu Wenran spoke, he rushed down.

There was a mountain below. Lu Wenran entered a valley within the mountains according to the jade, and Wang Lin’s group of three followed.

A moment later, a burst of pressure spread out from the valley and a monstrous rumble echoed. A dazzling light erupted, lasting for half an hour before dissipating.

There was no one inside the valley. At the Extreme Sky Prairie several months away, the world distorted and clouds swirled. There was a dazzling glow of light as Wang Lin’s group of four appeared one by one.

When the light disappeared, Wang Lin turned toward the direction of the Great Soul Sect and his eyes revealed a serious gaze.

“This transfer array is very profound…” Wang Lin was not surprised that the Immortal Astral Continent had transfer arrays. The Immortal Astral Continent was too large. If there were no transfer arrays, just the time spent on traveling would take far too long.

“I wonder if there are any transfer arrays between continents. Even if any exist, they would be extremely difficult to activate!”

The jade in Lu Wenran’s hand shattered after he took it out. Although Wang Lin didn’t know what was in the jade to be able to support activating a transfer array like this, he was certain that the Great Soul Sect didn’t have many of those!

This was also why transfer arrays would only be used at a critical moment. This kind of consumption was something not even a sect could bear too much of.

In truth, Wang Lin’s speculation was accurate. The Great Soul Sect indeed had these transfer arrays, but every activation cost unimaginable amounts of resources. Although the Great Soul Sect have a lot of resources, even they couldn’t afford to activate these transfer arrays more than 100 times in 10,000 years!

When the four of them appeared, it was still dusk. The golden sun shined on the grass, giving the Extreme Sky Prairie its own sense of beauty.

“This is the location of the third meridian. The Great Soul Sect set up an underground palace here. The cultivators from the nearby sects should be here, along with the rogue cultivators from here.” After Lu Wenran spoke, he stepped forward and disappeared into the ground.

Yan Lu and Xu Dongde followed and disappeared. Wang Lin pondered a bit before he disappeared into the earth as well.

The four of them quickly moved underground and soon saw a giant cave that was dug out deep underground. Rather than a cave, it was more like a large group of palaces!

Outside this group of palaces, there were layers of restrictions protecting it. If it wasn’t for the fact that they were elders of the Great Soul Sect and had tokens to enter, it would be difficult to enter this place.

There were nearly 10,000 cultivators in this large group of palaces. These were mostly cultivators from nearby sects, or nearby rogue cultivators. After receiving the command from the Great Soul Sect, they had rushed here.

Wang Lin’s group of four had just gotten close when a burst of hearty laughter came from the palaces. Three rays of light closed in, revealing three old men, and they all clasped their hands.

“Brother Lu, it has been 1,000 years since we last met. You finally came!”

“Brother Zhou, after receiving the old ancestor’s order, I rushed here as soon as possible. It’s good that no Green Devil Continent cultivators have arrived.” When Lu Wenren met the old man, he smiled and they began chatting.

The other two elders clasped their hands at Yan Lu and Xu Dongde. They seemed to have met and were very polite to them.

The three old men only nodded at Wang Lin because his cultivation didn’t seem worthy of attention in their eyes.

Wang Lin’s expression was calm. The three old men’s cultivation levels were not bad. Two of them were at the mid stage of Arcane Void and the old man named Zhou talking to Lu Wenren had a slightly higher cultivation level. He was at about six or seven Arcane Tribulants, about the same as Du Qing.

“You all have met Yan Lu and Elder Xu. This is Elder Wang, who has just joined my Great Soul Sect. He came to help us fight against the Green Devil Continent!” Lu Wenren pointed at Wang Lin and introduced him to the three.

There was still a large amount of people from the other sects nearby. They all looked at Lu Wenran and company with respect.

After hearing Lu Wenren’s introduction, the three of them were all shocked and looked at Wang Lin. They had thought that Wang Lin was merely a disciple, but he turned out to be an elder.

They all clasped their hands and smiled, acting very polite, but after this, they ignored Wang Lin to continue talking to Yan Lu and company instead.

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