Chapter 1854 - Lu Wenran

After Wang Lin left the Green Heavenly Peak, Esteemed Green Bull stayed sitting on the top of the mountain, looking into the distance. After a long time, he muttered something only he could hear.

“The Celestial Emperor has only come out of closed door cultivation for several years. The Green Devil Continent indeed couldn’t hold it any longer… The first generation’s divination is very accurate… However, some subtle things are out of place, and the ancestor’s method was too soft. It is not suitable for the current situation...

“The Green Devil Continent’s goal is also my Great Soul Sect’s goal… It is also the Gui Yi Sect’s goal…” Esteemed Green Bull suddenly smiled.

“Lu Wenran!”

As his words echoed, water-like ripples appeared behind him and a middle-aged man walked out. This man wore a green dao robe and looked ordinary, but he gave off the fluctuations of someone at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. He stepped out and stood behind Esteemed Green Bull with his hands...

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