Chapter 1854 - Lu Wenran

After Wang Lin left the Green Heavenly Peak, Esteemed Green Bull stayed sitting on the top of the mountain, looking into the distance. After a long time, he muttered something only he could hear.

“The Celestial Emperor has only come out of closed door cultivation for several years. The Green Devil Continent indeed couldn’t hold it any longer… The first generation’s divination is very accurate… However, some subtle things are out of place, and the ancestor’s method was too soft. It is not suitable for the current situation...

“The Green Devil Continent’s goal is also my Great Soul Sect’s goal… It is also the Gui Yi Sect’s goal…” Esteemed Green Bull suddenly smiled.

“Lu Wenran!”

As his words echoed, water-like ripples appeared behind him and a middle-aged man walked out. This man wore a green dao robe and looked ordinary, but he gave off the fluctuations of someone at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. He stepped out and stood behind Esteemed Green Bull with his hands respectfully clasped.

“Disciple Lu Wenran greets Teacher!”

Green Bull didn’t turn around. He looked at the cloud in the distance and calmly said, “Did you meet him at the Pill Sea?”

“Disciple was with the Gui Yi Sect’s Ouyang Hui and Uncle-Master Meng Zihai battling against the Green Devil Continent messengers. According to Teacher’s order, Uncle-Master Meng pretended we were no match and escaped using the Cloud Boat, so I didn’t see this person.”

“In seven days, go to the third Heavenly Bull Meridian with him!” Esteemed Green Bull closed his eyes.

“Disciple obeys.” The middle-aged man’s expression remained the same, but his eyes shined an indiscernible amount. Ripples echoed and he disappeared.

In a flash, five days of the remaining seven days passed. During these five days, Wang Lin remained at his peak and immersed himself in the multi-layered illusion spell. All the materials were used according to the method in the jade, and Wang Lin had refined himself a black Ghost Sail.

This sail was weaved after melting countless materials. Although it looked like cloth, it was only its looks.

However, it was not complete yet. Its body was formed, but it was still missing a dead soul. Once a dead soul had been added, it could be used to cast the multi-layered illusion spell.

Wang Lin’s eyes lit up inside the cave and his right hand reached out at the sail. He grabbed the sail and left the cave for the first time in five days.

He remembered Esteemed Green Bull saying that he had seven days. He only had two days left, so he was going to the ghost peak to find a dead soul to fuse with the sail.

His figure disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was outside the burning mountain. He looked to the north. According to the map of the Great Soul Sect, the ghost peak was there!

Without hesitation, Wang Lin charged toward the ghost peak.

In the north end of the Great Soul Sect, there was a forbidden land surrounded by endless fog. Few disciples came here. Only when they needed a dead soul would they come here to look for one with their respective teachers.

Only core disciples with high cultivation levels might come by themselves.

There were large amounts of dead souls gathered here by the Great Soul Sect. Although the quality wasn’t high, they were easy to obtain. After all, the Great Soul Sect was famous for its illusions, and without the ghost peak, most disciples wouldn’t be able to complete their Ghost Sails.

Over the countless years, although the dead souls were constantly replenished, there still weren’t many dead souls there. After all, the Great Soul Sect had great demand for dead souls.

Many of these dead souls had been gathered by people of the Great Soul Sect countless years ago as a task from the sect. However, few to little could cultivate on their own,so they had to be refined over time.

A vast majority of them were directly sealed here and were left to be taken by a disciple in the future.

On the evening of the fifth day, the sky was hazy and looked very depressing when Wang Lin arrived outside the ghost peak. This mountain was covered in fog and was extremely gloomy. There were gusts of cold wind, making it seem like the underworld.

However, Wang Lin didn’t feel any discomfort at all. Maybe it was due to his cultivation, or the fact that he had turned his domain into the underworld river before.

Life and death cycle, the changes of the underworld river. Wang Lin was no stranger to such things. He didn’t pause as he stepped toward the ghost peak.

When he got close, there was a ripple of restrictions echoing around Wang Lin, as if it was determining if Wang Lin had the qualifications to enter.

Soon, the restriction dissipated and Wang Lin calmly entered the ghost peak!

The ghost peak was a bare mountain and very tall, as if it was going to pierce the sky. There was no grass, only graves!

These graves were densely packed, and there were thousands of them filling up the mountain.

Bursts of cold aura shrouded the area. If one stood there and closed their eyes, they would feel endless roars echoing here. Although it was silent here, this feeling was extremely strong.

Wang Lin walked past the graves. They each contained more or less a dead soul inside. They were all in a sealed state, and sometimes the seals were loosened and some of their aura floated out.

Wang Lin was silent along the way. His divine sene spread out as he walked toward the top of the mountain. As he walked up, the number of graves decreased. He was about to reach the top when he saw an extraordinary grave!

This was the only grave with a tombstone. The writing on the tombstone was blurry and gave off the smell of decay. It was unknown how long it had been there.

There was a woman with long hair wearing white below the tombstone. She was kneeling there and was weeping.

The crying entered Wang Lin’s heart. It was very clear and seemed to stir something inside his heart. This place was completely quiet besides this cry. A small gust of wind blew by and slightly lifted her hair.

Looking at the woman in white, Wang Lin stopped. He didn’t continue climbing up the mountain but calmly looked at her.

The crying slowly stopped. The woman seemed to have noticed that there was someone behind her, but she didn’t turn around.

“This is my tombstone…” After a long time, a ghostly voice came from the woman in white. This voice was very faint, as if it came from far away. Unless one listened carefully, it was difficult to hear clearly.

Wang Lin silently pondered a bit and then slowly said, “I can see it.” 

The moment Wang Lin spoke, the woman in white suddenly trembled as if she wanted to turn around, but after pausing for a second, she didn’t.

After a long time the woman asked, “Can you see me? Can you hear me crying?”

“I can,” Wang Lin said calmly. In truth, if he wanted to, he could see all the dead souls here. This was greatly related to his life and death essence.

Life and death, the difference between the left and right hand. Similar yet different.

The woman touched the writing on the tombstone and softly said, “You aren’t not the one I’m waiting for… Nor am I your soul…”

Wang Lin looked up past this point and at the top of the mountain. There were seven or eight more graves that gave off a dark aura. There was a number of dead souls, and about two or three of them are powerful enough to be refined into middle-grade Ghost Sails.

These were the best quality dead souls at the ghost peak.

“I can’t find my body, I can only find this tombstone…” After the woman in white spoke, she began to cry again.

Wang Lin silently pondered for a bit as he raised his feet to talk toward the top of the mountain, toward the few high quality dead souls. However, after a few steps, the crying of the woman in white became a bit more intense.

“Where is my body, where is my home… Where is my home…” The woman’s voice entered Wang Lin’s heart and he stopped.

“What is your name?”

“Forgot…” The woman shook her head as she cried.

“From now on, you will be called Brillant Void.” After Wang Lin spoke, he suddenly turned and waved his right hand. The woman disappeared and the only things that remained was the grave and tombstone.

Shortly after, Wang Lin left. He didn’t choose any of the high-quality souls, but this woman in white, even though her soul could only refine a beginning-grade Ghost Sail.

But when the woman asked where her home and family were, Wang Lin’s heart trembled.

The process of fusing the dead soul into the Ghost Sail didn’t take long; one day was enough. After the dead soul of the woman in white fused with Wang Lin’s Ghost Sail, its color changed to white.

The sound of crying would come out of the white sail and enter one’s heart. It would make one think of the figure of a woman in white crying.

On the seventh day, a jade penetrated layers of protection and arrived before Wang Lin, who was inside his cave.

“Wang Lin, listen to this order: go to the Heavenly Bull’s third key point and guard it!” Esteemed Green Bull’s voice came echoed in the cave and the jade floated motionlessly before Wang Lin.

Wang Lin opened his eyes, his gaze calm. His divine sense scanned the jade and information entered his mind.

Generations of ancestors of the Great Soul Sect had spent immeasurable amounts of time to create seven key spots on the Heavenly Bull Continent. They were based on the seven meridians of the Heavenly Bull.

At these seven meridians, one could borrow the power of the Heavenly Bull through a powerful formation. At the same time, it would bring a lot of mysterious benefits to the cultivators of the Heavenly Bull Continent.

The Great Soul Sect’s first generation ancestor had divinated Wang Lin’s arrival and the Green Devil Continent’s large scale invasion. How could they not have anything prepared?

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