Chapter 1852 - Speculation!

Wang Lin was confused about one matter: the strange feeling he had when he saw the paper cranes. Whether it was the Green Devil Continent or the Heavenly Bull Continent, they all belonged to the Celestial Clan.

The sects of the two continents might have killed each other before, but to refine the Pill Seal to blast open another continent and invade made Wang Lin have other thoughts.

This matter was no matter private grudges between sects, but real war!

“Interesting… I hope my speculation does not come true. Otherwise, the more people that die, the less connection I will feel with the Celestial Clan.

“If it really is just for what I guess, then this really chills one’s heart! Whether it's the Green Devil Continent or the Heavenly Bull Continent, perhaps…” Wang Lin silently pondered as he sat on the back of the mosquito king. He thought about a lot, about how the Great Soul Sect had left him three gifts and how Esteemed Great Bull had said that the first generation ancestor had divinvated his arrival.

There was a huge purpose in all of this. This purpose was very important for the Great Soul Sect and the Green Devil Continent!

Therefore, the Green Devil Continent launched countless smaller assaults on the Heavenly Bull Continent. This time, they went big to refine the Pill Sea to blast their way inside to the Heavenly Bull Continent!

Therefore, countless years ago, the Great Soul Sect moved here. The first ancestor of the Great Soul Sect divinated the changes in the future, all for this long-hidden secret!

Wang Lin silently pondered and opened his palm. A small person appeared in his hand and he looked at the little person. After a long time, he didn’t use it to divinate the changes in the future but closed his palm to put it away.

“So what if I know in advance? With my dao spell, I simply can’t divinate it. The old ancestor left me three gifts, and one of them was his own divination. I guess he knew I would question it and left me with an answer.” Wang Lin smiled and he didn’t use that gift. He didn’t need to know how, and from clues, he found he had some speculations. Now he just needed to confirm them until he found the real answer!

Wang Lin was good at this kind of thing, or he could ignore the war here and leave early.

After 10 days, Wang Lin appeared outside the Great Soul Sect. The moment he appeared, several rays of light flew toward him. Wang Lin felt that the Great Soul Sect seemed to be in a haze and was shrouded in distortions.

Bursts of killing intent that made his pupils shrink came from the distortions. This killing intent wasn’t targeted at him, it was just part of the protection formation around the Great Soul Sect.

The distortion shrouded the sect, making it impossible to see inside. Wang Lin felt that the Great Soul Sect was in battle mode. It was like a volcano that was about to erupt, and it was somewhat oppressive.

This was just the feeling Wang Lin had when he saw this. It should be true, or it could just be an illusion. The rays of light closed in on Wang Lin. There was caution and killing intent within the rays of light.

However, after this killing intent clearly saw Wang Lin, it slowly dissipated, but they were still on guard. Several rays of light turned into seven people before Wang Lin.

Among the seven of them, there were two elders of the Great Soul Sect, and the other five were disciples.

“Elder Wang, sorry to offend you!” One of the elders had talked to Wang Lin once. He had observed Wang Lin and Yan Lu’s battle.

One of the elders clasped his hands and slowly said, “The Green Devil Continent has broken open the barrier of my Heavenly Bull Continent and the ancestor has ordered us to seal the sect. Everyone who returns, regardless of whether they are elders or disciples, or their status, must be rigorously inspected before entering the sect.”

The other elder also clasped his hands at Wang Lin. After they saw Wang Lin enter the seventh and eighth floors back to back, very few people in the Great Soul Sect were willing to offend him.

The five disciples beside the two of them bowed their heads. They would occasionally glance at Wang Lin. This was their first time meeting Wang Lin in person.

“No problem. It is a time of war, so it should be like this.” Wang Lin nodded with a smile and didn’t mind.

Seeing Wang Lin smile, the two elders relaxed a bit. Unless they had to, they really didn’t want to get on Wang Lin’s bad side. If they had to get into an unpleasant situation due to an order from the sect, it really wasn’t worth it.

Seeing how easygoing Wang Lin was, the two of them also smiled and wanted even more to be friends with Wang Lin.

“Elder Wang, please take out your token. Then mark it with your divine sense to verify your origin soul and then drip a drop of blood to verify your body,” one of the elders said as he clasped his hands.

Wang Lin nodded and his right hand reached out at the void. The token he had used to enter the Soul Scripture Pavilion appeared. He marked it with his divine sense and then dripped a drop of blood it before throwing the token at the two elders.

One of the elders grabbed the token, formed a seal, and then pointed at the restriction behind him. A powerful  pressure surged out and charged at Wang Lin. It instantly swept through his body.

Wang Lin’s mind trembled. He clearly felt that this pressure was very strange. The main role was to expel any excess origin souls or divine senses on Wang Lin. It even judged how well-adjusted his origin soul was to his body.

These methods were used to judge his identity. Then the pressure locked onto the token. Only after doing the two-step verification did the pressure slowly disappear.

It was only at this moment that the two elders relaxed completely. They returned the token to Wang Lin and one of them laughed. “Elder Wang, sorry for the trouble. You can enter the restriction and return to the sect. We are still on duty, so we need to head back and can’t accompany Elder Wang. I hope Elder Wang understands.”

If others were polite to him, then he would naturally be polite to them. He had become a grand scholar in the dream world, so he naturally had a mysterious temperament to him. He smiled and clasped his hands at the two. Just as he was about to leave, he suddenly asked something.

“Did something happen in the sect recently…”

The two elders looked at each other. One of them whispered, “Seven days ago, there was a Green Devil Continent cultivator trying to blend into the Great Soul Sect. He was found by Elder Xu Dongde and was immediately killed!

“The old ancestor was very angry and then…” At this point, the elder smiled bitterly and left after clasping his hands at Wang Lin.

Wang Lin silently pondered and then flew into the Great Soul Sect. The feeling of pressure became even more intense.

The entire Great Soul Sect was filled with rays of light as disciples flew between the various peaks. Some large refining materials that might be too large to put into storage spaces were being manually moved by cultivators between the various peaks.

There were also large amounts of disciples on the several large herb mountains gathering herbs and delivering them to the several alchemy specialist elders to begin refining pills.

There were various fluctuations of cultivation coming from the many mountains. It was clear that the elders were all in closed door cultivation to keep themselves at their peak in order to complete the tasks the sect would hand out.

All the peaks in the sect were bustling, beside Wang Lin’s fire mountain, which didn’t have any movement or sound.

When he looked over, he saw Fan Shanmeng sitting motionlessly in her cave.

Wang Lin pondered a bit and waved his sleeve. He didn’t return to his own mountain but headed toward the depths of the sect, where Old Ancestor Green Bull was.

“Greetings, Elder Wang!”

“Dao Burning Peak disciple greets Elder Wang!”

“Breaken Peak disciple greets Elder Wang!”

Along the way, all disciples that saw Wang Lin stopped to greet him before returning to their tasks.

Wang Lin didn’t stop, he simply nodded as he flew away. His cultivation was not ordinary, so it attracted the attention of the elders he flew past. However, after they saw that it was Wang Lin, they all withdrew their divine senses.

Shortly after, the Green Heavenly Peak appeared before Wang Lin. Wang Lin teleported and appeared outside the Green heavenly Peak. He clasped his hands toward the peak and spoke calmly.

“Wang Lin requests to greet Esteemed Green Bull!”

The Green Heavenly Peak looked different from before. It was now covered by a thin layer of green mist. After Wang Lin spoke, the mist moved, revealing an opening.

“Come in!” Esteemed Green Bull’s voice echoed.

Wang Lin didn’t hesitate to charge into the opening. After he entered, the mist covered up the opening. Wang Lin followed the mist and arrived at the Green Heavenly Peak. There, he saw Esteemed Green Bull sitting in the distance with a solid origin soul that looked like little person in his palm. This little person was kowtowing toward Esteemed Green Bull.

Wang Lin stood on the side and silently looked at the little person in Esteemed Green Bull’s palm.

A moment later, the little person kowtowed six times in a row and looked tired. Esteemed Green Bull closed his palm and the little person disappeared.

“I have obtained your jade. This matter will be considered a merit!” Esteemed Green Bull slowly opened his eyes and looked at Wang Lin with a smile.

“The Green Devil Continent has had many small conflicts with my Green Bull Continent, but this is the first time they do something so big. They actually found a way to refine the Pill Sea...

“This matter won’t end in a short period of time. The Green Devil Continent has three big sects, and their ancestors are all at the same cultivation level as me. However, it is no problem. I alone can fight two of them!” Esteemed Green Buill’s eyes revealed a cold light. For him to take the initiative to say this, it meant that what he saw through the Soul Eye Dao was not good.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same and he sat opposite of Esteemed Green Bull. He looked at Esteemed Green Bull and suddenly spoke.

“I want the multi-layered illusion in the ninth floor of the Soul Scripture Pavilion!”

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