Chapter 1851 - Soul Order

Countless people among the tens of thousands of cultivators died in the Pill Sea. Void Cloud’s avatar was too close and was the first to die. No matter how powerful his sword intent was, when facing the explosion of the Celestial Pill, he was as fragile as a piece of paper!

Under the collapse, the entire Pill Sea disappeared. The Green Devil Continent lost over tens of thousands of cultivators. The rest could not escape this destructive force and were filled with despair when a huge shadow appeared. This shadow looked like a person, but it was impossible to see the person’s appearance clearly. He waved his sleeve and enveloped the remaining Green Devil Continent cultivators.

As the destructive force closed in, the figure retreated again, barely avoiding the destructive force. Then the figure disappeared without a trace, but in truth they were still wounded.

The Pill Sea became a void, and the land near the Pill Sea on the Heavenly Bull Continent began to collapse. The impact kicked up a dust storm that would last for an unknown amount of time.

The earth of the Green Devil Continent also shattered. The shattered earth flew into the sky like clouds and spread far and wide.

Fortunately, the Celestial Pill exploded at the center of the Pill Sea. If it was closer to the Heavenly Bull Continent, it would have done serious damage to the land.

From this, one could see how extraordinary and mysterious the origin of the Celestial Pill was!

Three days later, the destructive power of the explosion of the Celestial Pill finally weakened until it disappeared. However, the dust storm that enveloped the edges of the two continents still existed.

On the Green Devil Continent’s side, after three days of silence, they didn’t change their plan of entering the Heavenly Bull Continent. The three main sects joined together and gathered disciples and elders to form a 70,000 cultivator army that marched toward the Heavenly Bull Continent that no longer had a barrier!

A portion of the cultivators that had reached the Void Tribulant stage broke off from the main army. Dozens of lights charged forward; they were the vanguard of this war! They were also a force that would play a great role in this war!

Heavenly Bull Continent, a mountain range close to the Pill Sea. The mountains here had collapsed. The sky was dark and covered in dust, making it gloomy.

There was also the howling of wind. The wind sounded like screams of resentful souls, eery enough to shake one’s mind.

In the mist, there was a collapsed mountain with a white-haired youth sitting inside. He was Wang Lin.

At this moment, Wang Lin’s face was deathly pale. He had spent the last three days recovering from his injuries. There were stains of dark red blood on the ground. He had coughed this blood out due to his injuries.

The destructive power was within Wang Lin’s expectations, but he was still hit by the aftershock.

Although it had only swept by his body for an instant, at that moment, Wang Lin felt like he heard the sound of his bones breaking, flash shattering, and origin soul being destroyed. After he arrived here, he could no longer hold it in. He coughed out blood and quickly recovered.

If it was an ordinary cultivator, if they didn’t die, they would’ve had to find another body. However, with Wang Lin’s Ancient Dao body, he was only injured.

On the evening of the third day, Wang Lin opened his eyes for the first time and took a few breaths. He frowned as the dust in the air made breathing bitter. He looked up at the sky. Although it was dusk, the dust made it impossible to see the sun or moon.

“It was worth it! Although I’m injured. When he said he wouldn’t let me go before his death, it meant that he likely came with his avatar. However, that avatar is now completely dead!

“The death of the avatar will affect the original body! I just don’t know how big the impact will be… It shouldn’t be small!

“And I also obtained this!” Wang Lin shook his head and his pale face turned slightly red. He then waved his hand and there was a flash of light. A compass appeared in his palm.

This compass looked very ordinary and the map of the Pill Sea had disappeared from it. Instead, it was the area around Wang Lin right now.

There was no light on it.

“This set of restrictions is mysterious, and after I devour it, my restriction essence will increase… However, it is still useful, so there is no rush to devour it.” The reason Wang Lin dared to heal here was partially due to this restriction.

Before he started healing, he set up the restriction here. He made it smaller, which made it even more powerful, and it only allowed people to leave rather than enter!

“My injuries have recovered 70% to 80%, so there shouldn’t be any problems… Now that my water essence is complete, I need to return to the Great Soul Sect. I wonder if they got my jade.

“Looking at the time, it shouldn’t have arrived, but the trembling of the Heavenly Bull Continent three days ago should have attracted some attention.” Wang Lin pondered as he stood up. His eyes shined as his left hand reached out and a jade appeared in his grasp.

This jade looked very ordinary, but it contained a recording of Wang Lin entering the Pill Sea the second time, when he destroyed the three flags, stole the compass, cut the Celestial Pill, and killed Void Cloud.

It recorded until Wang Lin left the Pill Sea.

Wang Lin was not a young cultivator who didn’t know anything. After joining the Great Soul Sect, he knew that merits were the main method to obtain treasures, pills, and cultivation methods from a sect!

If he just told people, others would suspect or not believe him. The best method to prove himself was, of course, to record everything in a jade. As for whether it was real or fake, just looking at it would be enough!

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin wiped away the scene of him obtaining the compass, leaving only him cutting the Celestial Pill. This was enough!

“With this, I can ask for the multi-layered illusion spell from Esteemed Green bull!” Wang Lin put away the jade and compass. After removing the restriction, Wang Lin flew toward the depths of the Heavenly Bull Continent.

After flying more than 100,000 feet, ripples echoed and he disappeared. When he reappeared, he was far away from the Pill Sea, in the inner part of the Heavenly Bull Continent.

He didn’t pause at all as he quickly flew ahead.

Time slowly went by. In a flash, more than half a month had passed. Wang Lin was not far from the Great Soul Sect, but this was only from the view of using Spatial Bending. If one were to fly, they would still need several months.

This was also deep within the Heavenly Bull Continent. There were mountain ranges everywhere and green grass covering the land. This area hadn’t been affected by the impact from the Pill Sea at all. After all, the Heavenly Bull Continent was simply too large, and the area affected by the explosion in the Pill Sea was only a small part.

During the intervals between Spatial Bending, Wang Lin would sit on the mosquito king, who quickly flew foread. Aside from using Spatial Bending, he sat on the back of the mosquito king and recovered. After more than half a month, he had recovered up to 80% or 90%. The remaining injuries were negligible.

On this day, while Wang Lin was flying, he suddenly raised his head and his eyes narrowed. Before him, there were several flashes of ghostly light. There were black paper cranes inside these lights!

These paper cranes flew off in different directions, and they were even faster than Wang Lin, disappearing in a flash. Fortunately, one passed by Wang Lin, and the moment it was about to disappear, Wang Lin used the Stop spell to stop it a few hundred feet away. He waved his hand and it flew into his hand.

His divine sense entered the paper crane and a powerful voice suddenly echoed in his mind.

“The Green Devil Continent is invading. The Pill Sea has been destroyed and so has the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent. Their army will arrive soon. The Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect are issuing the Soul Order. All sects are to seal their sects, and all combat-ready cultivators will gather at the seven key points on the Heavenly Bull Continent that were created countless years ago!”

Wang Lin loosened the paper crane and it disappeared in a flash without a trace.

Wang Lin pondered as he looked at the sky before him and thought of a lot of things. After a long time, he frowned and no longer pondered all the strange thoughts that had appeared in his mind. He calmed down, sat on the back of the mosquito king, and flew away.

While Wang Lin was on his way back to the Great Sect, on the 20th day after the explosion, dozens of Void Tribulant cultivators from the Green Devil Continent arrived as the advance team. Their goal was to consume the third step cultivators in the Heavenly Bull Continent at all costs!

The more they killed, the bigger the chance of victory!

About one month behind them, the Green Devil Continent army of 70,000 cultivators covered the sky and slowly advanced.

Behind this army of 70,000 cultivators, there was a terrifying sword shadow slowly following with a terrifying sword intent. This was a golden ancient sword, and on top of the sword sat a young man in blue. His long hair was draped over his shoulder and he was almost demonically handsome. He was calm, but his face was a bit pale as he looked into the distant Heavenly Bull Continent. There was a flash of coldness in his eyes.

“He has destroyed my avatar and forced my cultivation level to fall to early stage Void Tribulant. We will slowly deal with this grudge!!”

The golden ancient sword under him gave off an extremely noble aura, and the shadow of a golden-armored giant in imperial robes appeared behind the sword. This figure was incomparably large and gave off an ancient aura.

This sword was extraordinary!

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