Chapter 1850 - Celestial Pill Collapses!

The thunderous rumbles echoed across the entire Pill Sea. Void Cloud was very serious as his hands continued to form different seals. The 300,000 feet of sea water condensed once more to 100,000 feet!

Void Cloud’s face was pale. Even for him, this was no small burden. When the sea condensed to 100,000 feet, he waved his right hand and a jade bottle appeared.

He crushed the bottle and a drop of golden liquid flew out.

The moment this drop of golden liquid appeared, dense celestial energy appeared. The celestial energy was so dense, it felt like it was solid. Void Cloud took a deep breath and waved his right hand. The drop of golden liquid flew toward the sea vortex before him.

“The Pill Sea was formed by a Celestial Pill. Many people know this. Many people have wanted to refine it back into the Celestial Pill, but no one has succeeded because they were missing a primer!

“The primer is this drop of golden liquid!” Void Cloud smiled. This drop of golden liquid was very precious. It was something the Green Devil Continent had found after searching for countless years.

This used to belong to the Celestial Pill that made the Pill Sea! Without it, it would be impossible to reform the Celestial Pill; 100,000 feet would be the limit!

Many people had to stop at 100,000 feet and couldn’t condense it anymore. The sea water would disperse and then turn back into the Pill Sea.

But this time, since he, Void Cloud, had decided to act, he was fully prepared and wouldn’t allow any mistakes!

“I’ll personally refine the Celestial Pill and destroy the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent. This should be enough to become famous across the Immortal Astral Continent!” Void Cloud smiled and the water before him changed drastically after absorbing the drop of golden liquid. The sea seemed to boil and began to churn violently.

It suddenly shrank from 100,000 feet, breaking this threshold, and turned into 50,000 feet, 30,000 feet, 10,000 feet!!

“The smaller it condenses, the more powerful the Celestial Pill will be! 10,000 feet isn’t enough!” Void Cloud closed his eyes and a startling sword intent spread out from his body, covering the sea vortex! This was him fully integrating his divine sense into the sea vortex without holding anything back.

Thunderous rumbles echoed. As all the cultivators in the sky watched, the 10,000 feet of sea water shrank to 8,000 feet, 5,000 feet, 3,000 feet!!

This was not over yet; it was rapidly shrinking toward 1,000 feet.

As it shrank, the vortex of sea water could no longer be seen clearly. In an instant, half a Celestial Pill began to form inside! However, at this moment, no disturbance was allowed, because this was the last stage of condensing this half a Celestial Pill. The pill was extremely unstable, and if it were disturbed, it would likely explode early. The consequences of that would be unimaginable!

This was why the Green Devil Continent had cleared out the entire Pill Sea, to make sure nothing could go wrong before Void Cloud acted. However, because of the restriction, no one knew of Wang Lin’s existence!

This restriction now belonged to Wang Lin. If he wanted to hide himself, then no one could detect him inside the formation.

Void Cloud was about to succeed, but at this moment, an aura appeared from the seaweed below him. This aura was Wang Lin, and the instant he appeared, he took a step forward.

He instantly disappeared, and when he reappeared, he was outside the 1,000 feet of sea water Void Cloud was going to refine back into the Celestial Pill!

Although Wang Lin had appeared very suddenly, countless divine senses locked onto him instantly. Some of the people in the sky immediately noticed him. Their expressions changed and they charged at Wang Lin.

Although they were fast, Wang Lin was faster. He merged with the restriction and appeared outside the 1,000 feet of sea water Void Cloud was refining. He raised his right hand and the blood sword appeared and sliced down!

He wasn’t slicing toward Void Cloud but the 1,000 foot sea vortex!!

“Stop!!” Shocking roars came from the sky to deter Wang Lin, but Wang Lin’s will was not something they could stop!

Void Cloud had focused himself completely in the sea water, and it was very difficult to divide his attention. Wang Lin had also appeared very suddenly; his timing was exceptional!

But Void Cloud didn’t become one of the four geniuses by accident. As Wang Lin’s sword descended, he actually opened his eyes and looked up. When he saw Wang Lin, he didn’t have time to be shocked. He immediately bit his tongue to spit out a mouthful of blood. At the same time, his divine sense rapidly withdrew from the sea water. 

That mouthful of blood immediately turned into a sword shadow and collided with the blood sword. There was a loud bang as they collided. Blood flowed out from the corner of Wang Lin’s mouth and the blood sword was knocked back.

Void Cloud’s face was pale and the sword shadow formed by the blood exploded.

“It’s you!!” Void Cloud’s expression was fierce and his divine sense rapidly withdrew. Once his divine sense returned, he could free up his body to battle Wang Lin. He just needed to delay Wang Lin for a few moments for the hundreds of cultivators above to descend. Then it would be very difficult for Wang Lin to escape!

But Wang Lin had waited for a long time, and he always planned several steps ahead, so how could he let Void Cloud escape? He had accounted for all possibilities, including the time it would take for the cultivators above to arrive!

The restriction was in Wang Lin’s hands, and with Wang Lin’s control, they couldn’t merge with the restriction; they could only fly toward Wang Lin. However, as they closed in, the restriction suddenly changed from only being able to enter, to only being able to leave!

The restriction also shrank greatly and appeared before the hundreds of descending cultivators. The hundreds of cultivators slammed into the restriction and were blocked. However, the impact caused the restriction to tremble and show signs of breaking.

However, Wang Lin didn’t want to trap them, he just needed time. With the formation delaying them, it was enough!

The moment Void Cloud’s divine sense was about to withdraw from the water, Wang Lin’s blood sword was knocked back. However, his fire essence true body appeared, caught the blood sword, and cut down once more!

With this, a sea of fire filled the area, and the timing was extremely good. It came directly after the first strike, and although the first strike had collapsed, the second strike was the real attack!

This strike closed in. Void Cloud’s eyes were bloodshot, and he let out a roar as the strike cut into the sea vortex. When the vortex was cut, it stopped rotating.

A destructive aura came from the 1,000 feet of sea water. This aura felt like it could destroy the world countless times over; it was powerful enough to kill everything in sight!

Void Cloud still had some of his divine sense inside the sea water. When the sea water was cut, the destructive aura spread out and his divine sense inside was destroyed, causing him to cough out blood. He retreated without hesitation, and at this moment, he no longer cared about Wang Lin or the sea water. Although he had come here with his avatar, if this avatar died and his sword intent collapsed, his original body would suffer a blow that would be difficult to recover from!

Also at this moment, the hundreds of cultivators charging down and the army of tens of thousands of cultivators trembled. They felt a destructive aura that could wipe out all life spreading out in all directions, ignoring the restriction.

“The Celestial Pill is going to explode!!!” In an instant, the tens of thousands of cultivators lost their wits and began to desperately escape. They wanted to fuse with the formation and leave, but with Wang Lin controlling the formation, none of them could leave!

Wang Lin turned around without hesitation and took a step toward the Heavenly Bull Continent. Ripples echoed and he was about to disappear.

But just at this moment, the 1,000 feet of sea water released a thunderous rumble that spread across the Pill Sea and reached both the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent. The countless cultivators in the sky coughed out blood and their ears buzzed.

Void Cloud staggered and his eyes were filled with despair!

“I will not let this go!!” As he roared, the 1,000 feet sea of water suddenly exploded. The sky distorted, the earth trembled, and an indescribable force of destruction spread out.

The Celestial Pill exploded early!

It should have exploded near the Heavenly Bull Continent. It would break the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent while shaking its foundation. A large portion of the Heavenly Bull Continent would disintegrate and cause a great deal of damage.

But at this moment, the Celestial Pill exploded at the center of the Pill Sea. As a result, the Heavenly Bull Continent was not the only one that was damaged - the Green Devil Continent suffered as well.

Void Cloud was far too close. Even though he was running like crazy, he was still too close to the destructive force. Although his sword intent was powerful, before this destructive force, he collapsed with no chance of fighting back.

Wang Lin merged with the world and was about to leave when the destructive force swept by like a giant mouth that was going to devour all life. As it closed in, Wang Lin’s body disappeared ahead of time.

Wherever the destructive force swept, the earth collapsed, revealing the dark void below!

This destructive force instantly swept by the entire Pill Sea, and the Pill Sea disappeared. Then the destructive force smashed into the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent at the same time.

Rumble, rumble, rumble, rumble!!

The entire Heavenly Bull Continent trembled. A sound like a mirror cracking rang out and then the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent collapsed! The Green Devil Continent suffered the same; a thunderous rumble echoed as the earth cracked and mountains collapsed!

A giant phantom of a bull seemed to appear above the Heavenly Bull Continent, and it let out a silent roar toward the Green Devil Continent.

Shortly after, a giant green scorpion that shrouded the entire Green Devil Continent let out a silent hiss to match the giant bull’s roar!

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