Chapter 185 - Master of the Blood Sea

Chapter 185 - Master of the Blood Sea

The person that stood there was over ten feet tall. He emitted a strong killing intent and wore purple armor with extremely sharp bone thorn sticking out from various places.

His black hair flowed behind his head without wind. His face was very handsome and sharp. He looked like a devil, especially with his ruthless expression.

His eyes glowed red and stared at Six Desire Devil Lord. After pondering a while, he slowly said, “Yi Er, you still remember your teacher. Very good. But my name is now Demon God Ti Su.”

After Six Desire Devil Lord heard those two words, he was shaken in his heart and couldn’t believe his eyes. If it was just someone who looked like his master, he would not be so shaken, but this person called him by a nickname only a few knew. Besides his master, Sky Devil Magician, who else could it be?

Six Desire Devil Lord took a deep breath. His face was full of uncertainty as he stared at the person in front of him and said, “, are you a human or a demon? Why were you turned into a demon like Hunchback Meng? Also, a thousand years ago did you...”

Sky Devil Magician closed his eyes, but quickly reopened them and said, “What you wanted to say was that I should have died a thousand years ago, then ask how did I revive, correct?”

Six Desire Devil Lord was secretly very alarmed. With the appearance of Hunchback Meng and his dead master’s resurrection, he felt that this place was simply too weird. He felt a sense of horror in his heart as he knew that there must be some big secret here.

His doubt that the Land of the Ancient Gods was not as simple as just him reaching the body of the Ancient God and receiving all the treasure within grew.

That doubt began a thousand years ago, when his master received the inheritance treasure from the Land of the Ancient Gods and became like a new person.

That point had always puzzled him throughout the years, but now, like a bolt of lightning, a very bold speculation appeared in his head.

“I am not possessed!” Sky Devil Magician said, while he slowly looked at the direction Hunchback Meng went.

Six Desire Devil Lord was surprised within, but his face was calm as he stared at his master and slowly retreated.

Sky Devil Lord said, without even looking at Six Desire Devil Lord, “Retreat ten more steps and I’ll be forced to act!”

Six Desire Devil Lord stopped and whispered, “Master, what is all this about? Even if you want to kill this disciple, you have to at least tell me what all this is about.”

Sky Devil Magician turned and looked at Six Desire Devil Lord. He pondered a little and said, “Fine , there is no harm in telling you. This…”

Before he finished speaking, Six Desire Devil Lord made the youth’s body in his hand explode with a bang. Even though the youth had been dead for a while, his blood hadn’t dried out yet and it seemed as if he had only just died.

As the body exploded, a mist of blood suddenly scattered and instantly warped around Six Desire Devil Lord. His whole body looked like it had fused into the mist of blood and disappeared as he charged toward the exit of the third trial.

“Blood Desire Escape...Very good. As expected of my disciple. When things don’t look good, he escapes.” Sky Devil Magician said with a smile of approval on his face as he looked at the direction Six Desire Devil Lord went.

All of Six Desire Devil Lord’s techniques were personally taught by him. The cultivation method he taught was the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method. People have six innate desires. The cultivation method trained one to controls one’s own desire, then to use it to influence others’ desires for one’s own purpose.

Compared to the death curse technique, it was only slightly less vicious. The most important part of the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method was to control one’s desires. If one could fully control four desires, they would reach the Soul Formation stage, and if one could control all six desires, they would reach the Soul Transformation stage.

Six Desire Devil Lord had already gained control over five of his innate desires. The last one, that he hadn’t gained control of yet, was obsession. No matter how hard he tried, he couldn’t gain control of that desire. His only obsession was his own cultivation. Since the first day he had started cultivating, he made a promise to himself that he would reach the Soul Transformation stage.

This had always been his dream and life goal. Sky Devil Magician once predicted that this obsession would become Six Desire Devil Lord’s greatest obstacle, and it had come true.

This Blood Desire Escape technique was from the Mysterious Sky Devil Cultivation Method that was used as a last resort. By sacrificing one’s training over one’s control over one of the desires, it would give them an unimaginable boost in speed.

Six Devil Desire Lord had always been a very decisive person. The moment he saw his master, he felt a sense of horror. He decided to bite the bullet and escape with his life.

At that moment Wang Lin was moving quickly to the northwest, toward the exit of the third trial. All the wandering souls in the way automatically moved aside, making a path for him.

His body was moving so fast, it was almost a blur. He was getting closer and closer to the exit. As for the life and death of Six Desire Devil Lord, Wang Lin didn’t have time to care. They hardly knew each other. Whether or not Six Desire Devil Lord’s death helped him escape was all that mattered.

However, what made him disappointed was that, through the wandering souls, he saw the moment that Six Desire Devil Lord met his master.

And that Hunchback Meng only paused for a moment before continuing to chase him.

Wang Lin took a deep breath and drank another mouthful of Liquid spiritual energy. He waved his right hand and a cold blue fire appeared. He slammed his bag of holding and the poisonous black sword came out, emitting cold pressure.

Wang Lin’s body became unsteady for a moment as he shot the blue fire and the poisonous black sword backwards, then continued charging forward. The blue fire and the poisonous black sword split apart and charged toward Hunchback Meng from two different directions.

As Hunchback Meng chased, he secretly concluded that this was the person that gave off that disgusting smell that he couldn’t stand. He was very confused on this matter, and acted on impulse with the urge to catch up and rip that person apart to appease his anger.

But Hunchback Meng, in his heart, actually admired this person. He could tell that they were only at the mid stage of Core Formation and that this person was very crafty. If he started chasing after them, they would immediately escape as fast as possible.

What really stunned Hunchback Meng was that all the wandering souls here didn’t have any aggression toward this person. Even though this person heedlessly charged through the third trial, they wouldn’t attack him.

This caused his heart to feel very strange. The only reason he wasn’t getting attacked was because his master gave him a magic treasure that devoured souls.

But how was the other person doing the same? Hunchback Meng was very confused. He took a deep breath. Then he took a step and quickly rushed forward.

However, shortly after he started moving, he immediately felt the blue flame charging at him. He sneered and charged forward even faster.

He didn’t even bother to dodge and just slammed into it. The blue flame flickered a few times before it exploded into countless ice flame flowers and dissipated.

Hunchback Meng sneered and was about to accelerate when his face suddenly changed. Although the ice flame was slowly dissipating, he looked at his chest and noticed that it was blue. There was a layer of ice on his chest.

The ice quickly started to spread across Hunchback Meng’s body.

Hunchback Meng stopped. He looked down and put his right hand on the ice, causing it to crack and stop spreading.

At that moment, he noticed a flash in the distance. Following the flash, a weirdly shaped black sword instantly arrived next to Hunchback Meng’s shoulder. The flying sword’s shape was very odd. There were many tiny blue thorns on the short blade, indicating it contained very poisonous toxins.

The moment Hunchback Meng saw the sword, his heart was shaken. He felt a very strong sense of familiarity from the word, as if it were something very important to him.

For only a short moment, Hunchback Meng lost concentration, and the sword stabbed into his right shoulder. A ping sound could be heart as the sword made contact. Although the sword’s speed was very fast, it was only barely able to pierce Hunchback Meng’s skin.

But even though it only barely broke the skin, the toxin in the sword started to invade Hunchback Meng’s body. Hunchback Meng didn’t even bother with the toxin and grabbed the sword. He had a strong feeling that the sword was originally his.

With Hunchback Meng’s cultivation, catching a flying sword was like child’s play. As he reached out with his hand to grab the sword, layers of Qi wrapped around the sword, forming a whirlpool that made it unable to escape.

Wang Lin was almost at the exit when his face suddenly changed. He noticed the danger that the flying sword was facing. He didn’t stop, but both his hands moved rapidly, forming signs, until he finally spat out a mouthful of golden Qi.

At the same time, the flying sword trapped in the whirlpool of Qi felt it and the blue toxin on the sword intensified.

As Hunchback Meng reached to grab the sword, the whirlpool loosened and the sword made a popping sound as eight thorns came off the sword and charged at Hunchback Meng at extreme speeds.

If one were to analyze the toxin on the sword, they would find that it really couldn’t compare to the toxin on the thorns. When Wang Lin made this flying sword, he paid a lot of attention to the 99 thorns.

Almost all the toxins were stored on the thorns, and as a result, the amount of toxin the eight thorns contained was very high.

If it was used against anyone else, it would be very effective. But Hunchback Meng was a poison cultivator. The main toxin in the thorns was Wang Ding Poison. This poison was originally Hunchback Meng’s treasure, so the toxin wasn’t able to harm Hunchback Meng.

Earlier, when the sword pierced Hunchback Meng’s shoulder, it only took a moment for him to absorb the toxin.

But even if the toxin on the thorns was harmless, the force of the thorns was still like eight flying swords. If it was anyone else, their palm would be pierced, but Hunchback Meng’s demon like body already reached an imaginable level of hardness. As the thorns hit his palm, they split in half under the impact.

Although the thorns were broken, they did slow down the hand that was reaching toward the sword. At that moment, the flying sword escaped. Hunchback Meng was only able to grab the edge of the sword before it disappeared from his hand.

But Hunchback Meng’s cultivation was very strong. Just by touching it, he was able to make the sword’s color dull and caused a crack to appear on the blade.

The flying sword quickly disappeared without a trace as it escaped to more than 1000 feet away from Hunchback Meng.

Hunchback Meng’s face darkened. Staring at the direction the flying sword disappeared to, he waved his right hand and tore open a rift.

A very overbearing Divine Sense came out of the rift and swept the nearby area, then proceeded to cover the entire third trial. However, it carefully went around the place that the soul devourer was sleeping

“What is it?” The Divine Sense sent out a cold message.

Hunchback Meng immediately kneeled down when the Divine Sense came out and said, “Master, there is a cultivator who is too close to the exit. I request help.”

“Okay.” The Divine Sense replied.

Hunchback Meng immediately charged toward Wang Lin after he heard the reply. He was assured that with the help of the messenger, there was no way this mid stage Core Formation kid could make it to the exit.

The messenger’s Divine Sense quickly scanned the third trial and found Wang Lin and Six Desire Devil Lord. He first focused his Divine Sense on Six Desire Devil Lord, who was covered in a ray of blood colored light that increased Six Desire Devil Lord’s speed greatly. However, the deeper Six Desire Devil Lord went, the more wandering souls there were. It was more than his treasure could handle.

As a result, he was hit by many wandering souls on the way. He relied on his spiritual energy to fight against the wandering souls rampaging within his body.

The moment the Divine Sense appeared, Six Desire Devil Lord was greatly shaken. After finally getting rid of the wandering souls, that abnormal Divine Sense appeared. He knew that the person’s cultivation must be abnormal to send out such a powerful Divine Sense.

After the Divine Sense scanned Six Desire Devil Lord, it sent out a wave of power that caused the blood red light to fade little by little until it disappeared, revealing Six Desire Devil Lord’s horror filled face.

“I can’t act with the soul devourer around. I can only help you block him(Six Desire Devil Lord) once.” After finishing the act, the powerful Divine Sense sent the message to Sky Devil Magician, who was indifferently chasing after Six Desire Devil Lord.

Sky Devil Magician’s face was calm. He nodded his head and immediately accelerated forward.

Six Desire Devil Lord groaned and gritted his teeth. Without hesitation, he gave up another desire to active the Blood Desire Escape Technique again. This time, his body could barely handle the technique, and he coughed up a mouthful of blood. The wandering souls in his body started to eat away at him. He give off a wry smile and charged forward.

The Divine Sense scanned Six Desire Devil Lord again, but didn’t act this time. After one look, he left. He arrived at the exit to the third trial and saw Wang Lin 1000 feet from the exit.

The Divine Sense sent out a wave targeting Wang Lin. Wang Lin noticed the Divine Sense the moment it appeared. Although it was very powerful, Wang Lin felt a bit strange. He felt like there was something wrong with this Divine Sense.

As the Divine Sense attacked Wang Lin, he suddenly realized what was wrong. This Divine Sense didn’t belong to a cultivator, but to a wandering soul who was about to become a soul devourer.

This was the first time Wang Lin met such a large wandering soul, however, a wandering soul was still a wandering soul. Until it become a soul devourer, no matter how large it was, it still below a soul devourer. That was still a large gap the wandering soul had to cross.

That large wandering soul dared to attack Wang Lin, who was a soul devourer. From Wang Lin’s point of view, this large wandering soul was basically a super immortal pill. If Wang Lin could devour him, his soul could not only recover to what it originally was, but even surpass it to an unimaginable degree.

At that moment, the wandering soul’s attack hit Wang Lin, causing him to be stunned. This surprised the wandering soul greatly.

“Soul devourer! You...You are a soul devourer!” The wandering soul exclaimed. Although there was a hint of surprise in his voice, there was also a sense of excitement.

Wang Lin had some doubts in his heart, but he started to devour the wandering soul that entered his body. The wandering soul immediately withdrew his Divine Sense, but a part of him had already been devoured by Wang Lin.

Wang Lin licked his lips. He could clearly feel that his Ji Realm Soul was rapidly increasing, but he felt a bit of regret. If he could have devoured the whole soul, his own soul could have increased much more.

After the large soul escaped, it used a complicated method to open a rift and disappear from the third trial.

At that moment, in the Blood Sea of the Demon God, a rift appeared in the sky as the large soul appeared through it. He quickly went to the tallest pillar that reached the heavens. As he got near it, his soul took the form of a young man. He kneeled in the air with a weak look on his face, but his expression was full of excitement.

“My lord, in the third trial I saw a … soul devourer!”

On top of the pillar sat a man with red hair. He was looking down, so his hair covered his face. However, a sense of arrogance was constantly radiating from his body.

The moment he heard the voice of the wandering soul, his body suddenly trembled and he raised his head. It revealed a bloody face. The moment he raised his head, a dense mist of blood appeared in the Blood Sea.

Meanwhile, all the cultivators on the pillars, and even the ones sitting on the blood soaked ground, immediately looked at him with a look of ecstasy on their faces.

“Soul devourer...Are you sure?” The man’s voice was low, but filled with overwhelming majesty.

The long haired man formed by the soul said, “ Master, I am sure that that person is a soul devourer. That person is near the exit of the third trial. If you want to catch him, you must go now!”

“Soul devourer…” The red haired man’s eyes revealed a dull look. He waved his hand, and a rift thousands of feet long appeared.

“Demon God Ti Su, all of you, go catch and that soul devourer and bring him back!” The red haired man said, then looked down again and became silent.

After he finished speaking, all the cultivators in the Blood Sea leaped off their pillars or the ground and disappeared into the rift.

The large soul also followed them through the rift. The entire blood sea was suddenly empty. Only the red haired man remained. He used his red hand and gently wrote a row of small words on the ground.

“I’ve been sealed in the Blood Sea of the Demon God for tens of thousands of years. Today, I heard of a soul devourer appearing again. My heart is very excited…”

Next to that row of small words, there were several rows of handwritten words.

“Entering the third trial, I immediately realized that this place was a rift connected to the World of Decay. After searching, I found the entrance to the World of Decay, but didn’t enter.

“This Land of the Ancient God has been exaggerated by the rumors. Aside from the third trial being a bit fun, the other realms were very disappointing. I originally wanted to leave, but since I’m here, I might as well check it out, or else I would have just wasted my time.”

“The fourth realm is just a transfer array. The transfer array transfers the person based on the speed they passed the three realm. It is very intricate. After spending a long time studying it, I can now use it to enter any part of the body of the Ancient God.”

“How is this the Land of the Ancient Gods? It is clearly a Land of the Demon Gods.”

“The Ancient God Tu Si… this person really is a cultivator of great wisdom. I greatly admire him… to have come up with this method.”

“I never thought I would be trapped at a place for thousands of years…”

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