Chapter 1849 - Pill Sea’s Celestial Pill!

The compass in the woman’s hand began to blur as she continued to place seals on it. It was about to reverse time and reveal the scene of Wang Lin turning into smoke and taking over one of the green-robed cultivators.

At this moment, the group of cultivators Wang Lin was in was still 10,000 feet from the woman. The cultivator Wang Lin was in stepped forward and moved past several cultivators. As they looked at him in shock, he arrived behind the cultivator at the front of the group.

The cultivator at the front was a middle-aged man at the third step, around Nirvana Void. He seemed to notice something and turned around. The eyes of the cultivator Wang Lin was controlling revealed a strange light and a strange of smoke came out of his forehead and entered the eyes of the middle-aged man.

All of this happened very quickly. When it happened, the middle-aged man’s body trembled and revealed a hint of struggle. However, the struggle soon dissipated and was replaced with calmness.

The woman staring at the compass also trembled. The compass in her hand began to tremble violently. Just as it was about to reveal what had happened, the middle-aged man Wang Lin had taken over charged toward the woman that was 10,000 feet away.

“I found a drop of black liquid and I don’t know what it is!” the middle-aged man said in a hoarse voice before flying more than 1,000 feet. When the cultivators that were sitting there opened their eyes, the middle-aged man took out a drop of black liquid and it flew forward.

The moment the drop of black liquid appeared, a powerful surge of water essence appeared. The moment the woman heard the middle-aged man’s voice, she looked up and saw the drop of black liquid.

Her pupils suddenly shrank.

“Ten Thousand Refined Corruption Liquid!” The woman’s eyes were filled with shock.

Borrowing the moment of shock, the middle-aged man controlled by Wang Lin flew several thousand more feet. He was now only a few thousand feet from the woman.

However, just as he got within 1,000 feet, the three flags caused ripples to echo and let out a loud whistling sound. At the same time, the compass in the woman’s hand clearly showed the scene of Wang Lin turning into fog and entering the ear of the middle-aged man!

“Stop!!” The woman’s heart trembled and she let out a scream. She was about to retreat, and the young man with the white jade-like face was also filled with fear.

“Essence, scatter!” The moment the woman screamed, the middle-aged man controlled by Wang Lin let out a roar. His body collapsed and a strand of smoke came out and turned into Wang Lin.

The moment Wang Lin appeared, the black liquid he had flicked at the woman exploded. The black ink-like liquid quickly spread, and everything within 10,000 feet became black!

The hundreds of cultivators had just realized what happened when they let out miserable screams. Their bodies rapidly decayed and instantly turned into black liquid.

Even the more than a dozen green-robed cultivators behind Wang Lin couldn’t escape from the black ink in time and all died.

At the same time, a roar came from behind Wang Lin. The Yi Si Puppet that had lost its right arm charged out toward the three flags. There was a loud bang as Yi Si broke one of the flags and charged toward the remaining two!

All of this happened the moment the woman said “stop.”

Wang Lin stepped forward and closed in 1,000 feet in an instant as the woman and the young man retreated. The young man recognized Wang Lin and was terrified. The woman pressed her left hand on the compass and was about to report it to the others!

Wang Lin suddenly raised his right hand and pointed at the two of them!


With one word, countless threads filled the world and wrapped around the woman and the young man. Their bodies trembled and were completely stopped by Wang Lin.

The young man’s fear was solidified and the woman’s left hand was less than an inch from the compass but was frozen in the air!

Wang Lin closed in instantly and took the compass from the woman. There was no mercy in his heart as his left palm landed on the woman’s forehead.

The woman’s body turned into a mist of blood and even her origin soul collapsed with it. Wang Lin waved his sleeve and a gust of wind blew the blood mist toward the young man. As the blood mist shrouded the young man, Wang Lin swung his hand and there was a flash of blood light. The blood sword followed and cut off the young man’s head.

It was also at this moment that a thunderous rumble echoed and the second and third flags were broken by Yi Si’s left arm!

All the black ink within 10,000 feet shrank like crazy back into a drop of black liquid before Wang Lin, and he swallowed it back into his body.

Everything ended, hundreds of cultivators were dead. The woman and the young man named Zhao were dead as well. Even the three large flags were destroyed!

Wang Lin’s face was slightly pale. He wanted everything to finish quickly. He put away Yi Si and disappeared into the sea. 

Inside the sea, Wang Lin quickly charged forward. He held the compass and his divine sense rushed inside. His eyes were filled with blood lines as his restriction essence rushed in. He wiped the divine sense off the compass, making it his own.

If it was someone else, they wouldn’t have been able to do this, but Wang Lin had the restriction essence, so he could do it.

With the compass in hand, he controlled the restriction above the Pill Sea. Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he carefully swam through the Pill Sea and carefully looked at the compass. He could see that inside the Pill Sea, there were only three to five green dots, and one of them was extremely dazzling!

The remaining green dots were all above the sea. It was obvious that it was inconvenient to stay inside the sea when Void Cloud was refining it.

Staring at the dazzling, green dot, killing intent appeared in Wang Lin’s eyes.

“Void Cloud, you’re next!” Wang Lin merged into the restriction formation and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was at the center of the Pill Sea.

Just as his body appeared, he noticed the sea around him rotating, and thunderous rumbles echoed. He felt like he was going to be pulled along with the sea.

Looking at the compass, he was not far from Void Cloud. However, Wang Lin looked around at the sea that was being pulled.

“Perhaps I don’t need to give up the 30 million dao souls…” Wang Lin pondered and no longer moved forward. Instead, he sank into the bottom of the sea and hid himself.

Monstrous waves seemed to set off across the Pill Sea while the rumbles continued. Eight vortexes rotated along the edges, with the ninth vortex in the center of the Pill Sea.

This vortex rotated faster and faster. Soon, the eight vortexes gathered up the sea and began to rotate with the ninth vortex as the center.

Deep within the ninth vortex sat Void Cloud. His face was a bit pale and his hands continued to form seals.

“Rumor has it that the Pill Sea was formed when a Celestial Pill landed here. However, the truth is that it wasn’t a full Celestial Pill, only half of one!” Void Cloud’s eyes lit up and his right hand reached toward the void before him.

“Pill Sea, condense!” With a bang, the vortexes begun rotating even faster. As they condensed, the sea decreased in size and strands of celestial energy spread out.

The Pill Sea was like a basin, and at the center was a giant vortex pulling in the water. In the sky, tens of thousands of Green Devil Continent cultivators looked below.

They were waiting for Void Cloud to condense that half a Celestial Pill to break open the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent!

Wang Lin was also hiding inside the vortex. He was waiting for Void Cloud to condense the Celestial Pill before launching his attack!

Time slowly passed. Void Cloud couldn’t observe his surroundings at all. The tens of thousands of cultivators in the sky were all focusing their attention on Void Cloud. No one expected any Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators to remain in the Pill Sea after purging it many times.

With the restriction here, there was no need to worry about what was happening inside!

Even at this moment, no one noticed that the three large flags had been broken and that the compass had changed owners! At this moment, their gazes were all drawn by Void Cloud.

After all, there was nothing more important than watching one of the four geniuses, Void Cloud, refine the Pill Sea into the Celestial Pill.

Even Void Cloud didn’t expect Wang Lin to return after leaving!

He was inside the ninth vortex with a serious expression on his face, and his hand formed a seal, causing the vortex to rumble. The vortex quickly shrank from its endless size to less than 1,000,000 feet!

The sea water in the giant Pill Sea was refined into a vortex of 1,000,000 feet. This scene excited the Green Devil Continent cultivators in the sky.

Void Cloud revealed a smile. He took a deep breath and let out a roar at the sky as his cultivation erupted. His cultivation was very strange; even at this moment, it was impossible to feel his exact cultivation level. One could only feel a powerful surge of sword energy.

A sword intent surrounded the area.

“Teacher allowed me to come to form the Celestial Pill from the Pill Sea to push my reputation one step above the other three. Then, as the number one genius in the Eastern Continent, I am to head to the Imperial Capital in the Central Continent to obtain the qualification to enter the ancestral temple!” Void Cloud’s eyes lit up. The 1,000,000 feet of sea water began to condense once more into 500,000 feet, then it shrank again to 300,000 feet!

If one looked down from the sky, only 300,000 feet of area was covered in water. Seaweed and coral were revealed, and the numerous beasts in the sea exploded!

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