Chapter 1848 - Concealed

Wang Lin moved forward and appeared above the Pill Sea. Below him was the invisible restriction. With the restriction there, he wasn’t worried about being found by the cultivators inside the restriction.

But Wang Lin was still very cautious and hid his aura. He moved like a ghost as he flew toward the other side of the Pill Sea.

With a few steps, Wang Lin merged with the world and disappeared. When he reappeared, he was in the sky near the Green Devil Continent. Here, even the sky had a large amount of Green Devil Continent cultivators.

These cultivators all had varying cultivation levels. Most of them were at the second step, while a few were third step cultivators. There weren’t many of them, but they still could be seen every now and then. When they passed, their divine senses swept the area as if they were guarding against something.

As more and more Green Devil Continent cultivators appeared, Arcane Void cultivators appeared, causing Wang Lin to move even slower. After pondering a bit, he dove down into the invisible restriction below. His eyes were filled with blood lines as he immersed himself in the fog.

Wang Lin had the restriction essence. At this moment, he could copy the restriction around the Pill Sea with his restriction essence, so he was confident he wouldn’t be noticed in a short period of time.

After entering the seventh layer of the fog, Wang Lin carefully moved within the fog to find the compass that was the center of this restriction. As he got closer to the Green Devil Continent, more and more Green Devil Continent cultivators flew by above him.

These cultivators were often in groups of dozens. They often had serious expressions as they flew by.

“There are at least tens of thousands of cultivators here. With so many cultivators, if they say they aren’t invading the Heavenly Bull Continent, no one would believe them.” Wang Lin turned into fog, then he looked up at the Green Devil Continent cultivators above him and sighed.

The slaughter between sects and cruelty between the continents was the same everywhere. It was like this in the cave world, and the Immortal Astral Continent was the same.

There were no laws in this world. The ones that existed were there because powerful cultivators existed to suppress everyone, so they didn’t dare to have other thoughts.

While silently pondering, Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed and he looked up. He felt a powerful fluctuation from the distance. This didn’t come from a cultivator but a treasure.

When he looked over, 100 Green Devil Continent cultivators flew by. There were four Arcane Void cultivators, with one in each side, acting like escorts.

In the center of this team, there was a giant drum about 1,000 feet large!

This drum was completely black and even its surface was black. A large amount of fierce beasts were sticking out from its sides and a gloomy aura spread out.

There were countless resentful souls around the drum. They let out silent roars that formed invisible ripples that spread out.

This drum seemed to be very heavy. There were nearly 100 cultivators using their full cultivation to carry it, but they were flying forward slowly.

The moment Wang Lin saw the large drum, his eyes narrowed. He turned into gas and remained motionless. He clearly felt a cultivator hiding inside the big drum.

This cultivator seemed to fuse with Wang Lin, and when it passed above Wang Lin, a divine sense spread out from it. After scanning the area, it slowly left.

After the 100 cultivators left, Wang Lin looked at the vague outline of the drum and began to ponder.

“A treasures that is fused with a cultivator…”

After this, Wang Lin saw eight of the same drum. He also saw other large treasures that were obviously used for large scale slaughter between sects.

These treasures were all nearly 1,000 feet large. Shocking auras spread out from them, forming a pressure.

“I can’t stay here for long… I must finish the battle as soon as possible and leave!” Wang Lin’s heart pounded, but this just made him more calm. He fused with the restriction and slowly moved closer to the Green Devil Continent. Here, he felt the presence of the center of the restriction.

“It’s just ahead!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up and he moved through the fog. Soon, he saw three flags that pierced in the sky.

These three flags moved with the wind and flapped in the air. Ripples echoed from them. They were clearly extraordinary!

Under the three flags, there were a beautiful-looking woman. She was holding a compass in her hand and was currently frowning as she looked at it.

Next the woman, Wang Lin saw someone he had met before. It was the young man with the white jade-like face. He was holding a fan in his hand and was looking down at the sea. It was unknown what he was thinking about.

There were hundreds of green-robed cultivators around them. They were like guards and remained motionless as they cultivated with their eyes closed.

Including the woman, no one knew that Wang Lin was in the seventh layer of the invisible restriction above them. Wang Lin coldly looked at them and especially at the compass in the woman’s hand.

“That’s the compass! Once I obtain it, I won’t need to hide inside the fog layer. It is the only thing that can know I entered the Pill Sea…” Wang Lin had the restriction essence and had studied this restriction for a bit, so he knew that the key to this restriction was that compass.

Only with the compass in hand would no one know he had entered the pill sea. Then he could find Void Cloud, kill him, and escape safely. The compass was also the key to finding Void Coud. It was very difficult to find a single person in this vast Pill Sea, and he could only rely on the compass!

However, this was a difficult situation. If he wanted to obtain the compass, he would still have to come out, then the people below would know he had arrived.

“Everything must be fast, I can’t allow one of them to leave and I can’t allow that woman to send the information out…” Wang Lin frowned as he looked at the 100 cultivators below and the three large flags.

“Those three flags should be a protective device… It’s going to be a bit difficult.” Wang Lin remained motionless in the mist as he looked below and began to ponder.

Under the three big flags, the woman looked at the compass in her hand and frowned even harder.

“Strange, it is clear that there are no foreign cultivators left, but there are still layers of ripples appearing. It is clearly something the restriction is doing on its own when it detects something abnormal.”

The compass in the woman’s hand was filled with green dots and was without a single white dot, but there was a constant wave of fluctuation-like ripples on the water’s surface.

The woman’s eyes lit up. Her left hand continued to form seals that landed on the compass, but she still found nothing.

Her actions caught the attention of the young man with the fan next to her. He stepped forward to look at the compass and smiled.

“Don’t be so paranoid. With Senior Brother Void Cloud here, everything will be fine.”

The woman silently pondered for a moment and nodded.

“Senior Brother Void Cloud has already acted, and soon the Pill Sea will disappear. Then we can see the power of the legendary half Celestial Pill!” The woman looked up into the distance.

Wang Lin was inside the fog in the sky and vaguely heard what they were talking about. He also noticed some clues from their expressions, and his heart skipped a beat.

However, just at this moment, a thunderous rumble came from the Pill Sea, and it began to surge violently. The waves began to rage across the sea.

Nine vortexes appeared at different points across the Pill Sea. The vortexes were rotating slowly, but a heaven-shattering roar echoed.

“Senior Brother has begun!” The woman stopped looking at the compass in her hand and looked into the distance with expectation in her eyes.

At the same time, a group of about a dozen cultivators flew out from the sea and flew toward where the woman was.

This was a group of Green Devil Soldiers that had followed the woman’s order and were returning.

These more than a dozen Green Devil Soldiers quickly flew across the sky. They didn’t attract the attention of the woman or the cultivators around her. It was clear that this kind of movement was very common.

No one noticed that were was a flash of ghostly light in Wang Lin’s eyes as he hid in the restriction fog in the sky. He turned into a strand of smoke. The moment the group of Green Devil Continent cultivators flew by, he rushed out and entered the ear of one of the cultivators.

The moment he entered, the cultivator paused for a moment and his eyes revealed a glint of confusion. However, that confusion was soon replaced with calmness, and he quickly closed in on the three flags and the woman below.

However, the moment Wang Lin charged out from fog and entered the ear of the cultivator, the compass in the woman’s hand trembled a bit as if it was giving a warning. The woman immediately looked down, but by the time she looked down, everything was over.

 The young man next to the woman noticed the change in her expression and quickly asked, “What’s the matter?”

“Something is wrong. The compass trembled by itself as a warning. It should be because a non-Green Devil Continent cultivator has entered the Pill Sea!!” The woman’s expression was very serious.

“This person is good at hiding and I can’t find him right away. Senior Brother Zhao, help me. I’m going to reverse the compass to see what happened at that moment!”

The young man with the white jade-like face raised his right hand and placed it on the woman’s back without hesitation. The woman took a deep breath and her eyes revealed a strange light. She stared at the compass in her hand and, using the method her teacher had taught her, her left formed a seal and pointed at the compass.

She didn’t notice the more than a dozen Green Devil Continent cultivators that she had sent out and were returning. They got closer and closer to her!

A hidden gaze of killing intent loomed within these dozen cultivators!

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