Chapter 1847 - Sudden Trust!

Their gazes met at this moment, and Wang Lin’s mind rumbled. He carried White Tiger and company into the sixth layer and charged toward the seventh layer. His face was pale and his expression was serious.

As for Void Cloud, his mind also rumbled as he looked at the sky with a strange gaze.

“I thought that apart from those old fellows, only Yun Yifeng could arouse my interest in the Heavenly Bull Continent… I didn’t expect to meet another today! The coldness in his eyes… He is also a ruthless person…” Void Cloud smiled as he held the sword and stepped into the sky.

Wang Lin charged into the sixth laye. Only the seventh layer was left before he could leave the Pill Sea with White Tiger and company. However, Wang Lin didn’t have time to choose. The seventh layer was the most dense, and he couldn’t find  gap in a short period of time.

In addition, with the cultivator named Void Cloud below him, he didn’t have much time. Wang Lin’s eyes flashed as he flew through the sixth layer. The sword energy seemed like it was going to break through when the blood lines appeared in his eyes and the two bloodshot eyes appeared behind him.

“Restriction essence, use the essence to enter the restriction!” As Wang Lin roared, the two giant eyes behind him suddenly collapsed. The countless blood lines inside flew out around Wang Lin to form a meteor that smashed toward the seventh layer.

The moment Wang Lin charged out, the sixth layer of fog below him collapsed. The sword energy charged out, and the powerful sword intent felt like it could destroy everything!

“Fellow Cultivator, stay!” Void Cloud’s voice echoed as the sword shadow broke the sixth layer. It quickly reformed into a heaven-splitting sword shadow and flew toward Wang Lin.

If Wang Lin was stopped by the sword energy, he wouldn’t be able to leave the seventh floor. Although it was a moment of crisis, Wang Lin had faced these numerous enemies. The more dangerous it was, the more calm he would become.

The moment the sword energy closed in, he turned around and raised his right hand. His essence true body appeared and his palm pointed at the sky. The fog in the seventh layer rumbled and a giant palm appeared!

War Spirit Print!

It wasn’t just one. Wang Lin’s fire essence true body also raised its hand. Inside the fog almother burning palm print appeared. The two prints smashed down on the sword energy one after the other.

At the same time, below Wang Lin and Void Cloud, in the sea that was split in half, the divine sense Wang Lin had left in the sea felt Wang Lin’s command. The sea surged and a giant palm print made of sea water suddenly rose up!

When the palm print appeared, the sea level decreased greatly, as if the water had been condensed by the palm print to fly into the sky!

Three palm prints, two above and one below, all flew toward Void Cloud and that ray of sword energy!

Wang Lin’s own palm print closed in first and collided with the sword energy. Burst of crackling sounds echoed as the palm print collapsed. At the same time, the palm print from the fire essence true body descended.

Just at this moment, the water essence palm formed by the sea water flew into the sky toward Void Cloud and his sword energy. This was a fusion of water and fire, a combined attack of the fire and water palms!

As the fire and water palm prints closed in, the water gave off fog as if it was going to dry up. At the same time, the fire palm print looked like it was going to extinguish from being covered in water vapor. However, both the fire and water essences came from Wang Lin’s body, so not only did they not disappear, but they grew even stronger!

Not even Wang Lin had expected that using both the water and fire essences at the same time would have such an effect. The palm formed by the sea water began to boil, and large amounts of water vapor spread out. It made the fire palm print look hazy, but the fire seemed even more intense.

At this moment, even Void Cloud’s expression became serious. He swung his sword and the fire palm print collided with the sword energy. At the same time, the water palm print closed in from below.

A violent rumble echoed as the water and fire palm prints collided, with Void Cloud and his sword energy at the center. The water and fire essences fused and formed a force stronger than just a single essence!

This force was gas!

Gas was an extremely difficult essence to obtain. More accurately, it was impossible to obtain. A person would have to master both water and fire essences and combine them to form the gas essence!

This essence was far more precious than a single essence!

The moment the gas essence appeared, the water and fire palms immediately collapsed, but Void Cloud’s sword energy collapsed for the first time. A powerful shockwave spread out in all directions. Wang Lin retreated and borrowed the force to move toward the seventh layer with White Tiger and company.

Void Cloud’s body trembled and he retreated several steps as the water and fire palm collapsed. A roar rang out and the Yi Si Puppet was released by Wang Lin. It charged at Void Cloud.

Yi Si had appeared too suddenly, as if it had been waiting for this moment. It was very fast and instantly closed in. Its black hand reached toward Void Cloud.

The timing was very good, and its killing intent closed in. Void Cloud’s expression changed and he bit the tip of his tongue to spit out blood. That blood instantly turned into a blood-colored ray of sword energy that sliced down on Yi Si!

All of this happened too fast. In a flash, the sword energy landed on Yi Si and cut off its right arm. Yi Si let out a cry and suddenly retreated. However, the right arm that was cut off turned into five strands of black gas and rushed into Void Cloud’s body!

Void Cloud let out a muffled groan and blood flowed out from the corner of his mouth. Those five strands of black gas contained powerful killing intent and began causing destruction inside his body. They were very difficult to remove, because they also contained Ancient Dao power!

“Fellow Cultivator Void Cloud, there is no need to send me off anymore. We will meet in the future!” In the sky, Wang Lin’s voice echoed. Void Cloud looked up to see the Yi Si Puppet that had lost its right arm turn into black fog. It was then collected by Wang Lin. Then Wang Lin carried White Tiger and company into the seventh layer and disappeared without a trace.

Only after Wang Lin had been gone for a while did Void Cloud smile, except his smile was extremely gloomy.

“Entering the Heavenly Bull Continent should be very interesting… Next time, I won’t let you escape. For a powerful cultivator like you, you should become my sword furnace!!” Void Cloud’s eyes lit up and he stepped away. His face was slightly pale. He had been injured in that battle. However, now was not the time to heal, as he still had to complete the order from the those old ancestors to refine the Pill Sea back into that half Celestial Pill!

Right now in the Pill Sea, not a single Heavenly Bull Continent remained. All of them were dead!

The entire Pill Sea had become the domain of the Green Devil Continent!

Outside the Pill Sea, over the Heavenly Bull Continent, Wang Lin flew out tens of thousands of kilometers. Blood was flowing out from the corner of his mouth as he turned around and looked at the restriction around the Pill Sea with a vicious gaze.

“White Tiger, the three of you leave… I still have other matters to attend to, so I won’t leave with you. This place is far from the Great Soul Sect but close to the Gui Yi Sect. If you guys want to report it to them, then you need to hurry.

“As for the Great Soul Sect, I’ll notify them!” Wang Lin looked at the Pill Sea and his eyes revealed a cold gaze. He waved his right hand and a jade appeared in his hand. This was a message jade from the Great Soul Sect. After leaving the message, Wang Lin waved his hand and the jade quickly disappeared.

Due to the structure of message jades, they were several times faster than cultivators, but Wang Lin didn’t know exactly when the Great Soul Sect would receive it.

After seeing the message jade, White Tiger and company recognized that it was something the Great Soul Sect used internally. They looked at Wang Lin as if they wanted to speak, but they stopped themselves.

Wang Lin withdrew his gaze from the Pill Sea. He noticed their expressions and slowly said, “I have joined the Great Soul Sect and became an elder.”

“Take care!” White Tiger and company clasped their hands. They didn’t say their thanks, but whether it was this matter or what happened in the cave world, they remembered it in their hearts.

“You guys also take care!” Wang Lin revealed a sincere smile. He clasped his hands at them and took a look at the Vermillion Bird.

The Vermillion Bird let out a sigh as if he wanted to say something, but in the end, he didn’t say anything. The three of them quickly flew toward the Gui Yi Sect.

After the three of them disappeared from the horizon, Wang Lin turned around toward the Pill Sea and killing intent appeared in his eyes.

“Since arriving the Immortal Astral Continent, I have never suffered such a big loss! Void Cloud, if I don’t take advantage of the fact that you’re injured to kill you, I won’t be able to bear it!” Yi Si’s screams were still echoing in Wang Lin’s heart, and his heart was aching. That Void Cloud’s cultivation was very strange. His cultivation level was not high, aside from the shocking sword energy!

Wang Lin had already wiped out Yan Lu’s divine sense from the two treasures he had won from her. The gourd with the 30 million dao souls could release an extremely powerful attack, even if there was only one chance!

Now that he had made up his mind, he charged toward the Pill Sea.

His behavior seemed reckless, but he was confident that Void Cloud wouldn’t expect him to return after spending so much effort to leave. This was what made Wang Lin so determined!

“If I want to kill Void Cloud, I must obtain the compass that controls the formation!” This was the first person Wang Lin wanted to kill since he arrived at the Immortal Astral Continent.

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