Chapter 1845 - The Eastern Continent’s Genius Void Cloud!

The voice appeared very suddenly, as if it had merged with the sea and then come out. As the words echoed, the surrounding sea began to move.

Wang Lin slowly walked out of the sea. He was very calm and his white robe wasn’t stained by the sea at all. His white hair was hanging over his shoulder and wasn’t moved by the sea. He looked at the two Green Devil Continent cultivators before White Tiger coldly.

“Wang Lin!” White Tiger was startled. The Vermillion Bird and the Black Tortoise were also dumbfounded. They would had never expected to meet Wang Lin here!

Wang Lin nodded at the three of them and his gaze swept toward the two cultivators from the Green Devil Continent.

The cultivator named Qian was filled with killing intent. He didn’t think Wang Lin was a threat as Wang Lin’s cultivation level was only peak Spirit Void. It was not enough to be a threat, he only had to worry about Wang Lin’s ability to hide.

“This person must be good at hiding; otherwise, he couldn’t have appeared here without me noticing!” The cultivator named Qian sneered. Not only did he not stop, but he flew even faster toward Wang Lin.

“Since you all know each other, then all of you should stay. You can accompany each other on the road to the afterlife!”

In contrast to the cultivator named Qian was the young man with the white jade-like face. When he saw Wang Lin appear, his pupils shrank and he stopped. Instead of charging forward, he rapidly retreated.

“This person looks ordinary, but there is an invisible sense of blood around him. He has clearly killed many inside the Pill Sea!” The youth with the white jade-like face cultivated a method that made him sensitive to blood. The moment Wang Lin appeared, he felt a sense of blood that was strong enough to suffocate him, though no one else could feel it.

As he retreated, he raised his right hand and covered his right eye, leaving only his left eye open. His left eye’s pupil rotated strangely and he suddenly saw thousands of resentful souls around Wang Lin. These were all Green Devil Continent cultivators killed by Wang Lin!

When he saw this, the youth with the white jade-like face trembled and retreated at full speed without warning his companion.

A stark contrast formed between him and the cultivator named Qian as one retreated, while the other charged forward!

“Courting death!” Wang Lin sneered. As the cultivator named Qian closed in, Wang Lin waved his hand and black fog spread out. A roar rang out and the Yi Si Puppet appeared. Its scarlet tongue came out of the fog and it revealed a cruel smile as it pounced at the cultivator named Qian.

This cultivator’s cultivation was extraordinary, but compared to the Yi Si  Puppet, it was like the difference between heaven and earth!

The moment Yi Si appeared, the eyes of the cultivator named Qian widened. He was covered in sweat and a life and death crisis filled his body. At this moment, his body distorted and he changed directionS without hesitation to escape.

“Damn it, how could he have such a powerful puppet!? What is his identity!? To actually have an early stage Void Tribulant puppet!!” The cultivator named Qian was filled with fear, but his speed could not compare to the Yi Si Puppet’s. As he retreated, the puppet caught up and he was surrounded by black fog. Thunderous rumbleS echoed inside the fog along with bursts of blood.

As for the youth that had escaped first, he was filled with fear and quickly extended the distance between himself and Wang Lin. He was about to fuse with the restriction and teleport away.

Wang Lin remained calm and looked at the Green Devil Continent cultivator that was going to leave. His right hand reached out at the void and this caused currents to appear. The water formed a giant hand that reached toward the youth whose face was like white jade.

With a thunderous rumble, the youth opened the fan in his hand. On the front side of the fan, there was a painting of ten thousand horses galloping. The moment his fan opened, the sound of horses suddenly appeared. At the same time, an illusion of ten thousand horses galloping appeared behind him!

The sea trembled as the illusory horses charged out and collided with the arm Wang Lin had formed from the sea.

Thunderous rumbles echoed across the Pill Sea and a giant vortex to appeared. The vortex rotated and caused the sea to rapidly rotate with it.

As the thunderous rumbles echoed, the arm dissipated along with the ten thousand horses. As for the youth, he merged with the restriction and disappeared.

On the other side of the Pill Sea, near the Green Devil Continent, where the three big flags were, the youth appeared next to the woman holding the compass. The moment he appeared, he coughed out blood. His face was filled with terror and his eyes still held lingering fear.

He wiped the blood from the corner of his mouth and said, “There was an accident. It is likely that brother Qian is dead… When did the Heavenly Bull Continent have such a cultivator? His name is Wang Lin! I need to report this to Teacher at once.” 

The woman beside him was still staring at the compass in her hand. Her eyes were locked on to the white dot that represented Wang Lin.

After a long time, there was a flash of killing intent in the woman’s eyes and she softly said, “He is inside the formation, so he can’t escape! And I have already reported this matter to the sect. The three ancestors have sent Senior Brother Void Cloud here… Once Senior Brother Void Cloud comes, the army of the three sects will also arrive… We just need Senior Brother to refine the Pill Sea into the half celestial pill and blow up the barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent! Everything will be over then!” 

“Senior Brother Void Cloud!!” The eyes of the youth with the white jade-like face was filled with respect when he heard the name. Void Cloud was very famous in the Green Devil Continent and even across the Eastern Continent!

Void Cloud, one of the four geniuses of the Eastern Continent! He didn’t have a fixed sect and all three major sects of the Green Devil Continent were his sects. He could go to any sect and learn their spells. He was the senior brother of all disciples of the Green Devil Continent!

“It is said that Senior Brother Void Cloud went to the Northern Continent and joined Grand Empyrean Wu Feng’s sect to learn dao. Now his cultivation is unfathomable. With him, here that Wang Lin will without a doubt die!” The youth with the white jade-like face was excited.

As for Wang Lin, the cultivator named Qian was not Yi Si’s match at all. The battle ended with a cry and his body collapsed. Yi Si devoured the body, but the origin soul remained due to Wang Lin’s order.

Wang Lin began searching the origin soul of the cultivator named Qian before White Tiger and company. After he finished searching, he released the origin soul. The Yi Si Puppet’s tongue lashed out at the origin soul but Wang Lin sealed it and put it away first.

Yi Si was startled and stared at Wang Lin with a fierce gaze.

“I still have a use for this person!” Wang Lin looked at Yi Si with a calm gaze that contained monstrous killing intent. The Yi Si’s roars slowly weaken under Wang Lin’s gaze. It lowered its head and no longer roared.

When Wang Lin’s cultivation level increased, his imprint on Yi Si became more profound. Unless it was pushed to the limit, it wouldn’t resist Wang Lin’s orders.

“Three old friends, we hadn’t met in many years. I didn’t expect to meet you all here…” Wang Lin turned around to look at White Tiger and company, who had complicated expressions. He clasped his hands and smiled.

White Tiger and company were emotional and felt embarrassed.

“Wang Lin, since the Green Devil Continent has acted, they will move like lightning. At this moment, I fear most Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators have been killed. We… How will we leave…” The Black Tortoise looked at Wang Lin and let out a sigh.

The Vermillion Bird pondered a bit before he said, “This is the first time the Green Devil Continent has tried to enter the Heavenly Bull Continent on a large scale. However, they were stopped by the barriers set by the ancestors of the Great Soul Sect and the Gui Yi Sect. However, they started by killing all Heavenly Bull rogue cultivators in the Pill Sea, so their objective must be great!” 

“The changes here are being masked by the Green Devil Continent so the Great Soul Sect and Gui Yi Sect don’t find out what is happening. As people of the Heavenly Bull Continent, we need to leave and send a message to them!” White Tiger said in a deep voice.

“This is not the time to talk, let’s leave first!” Wang Lin waved his sleeve and many currents appeared. The currents carried them forward.

They quickly moved forward and encountered cultivators of the Green Devil Continent several times. Each time they met, Wang Lin immediately used Ethereal Fire to kill them in a flash.

However, as they moved forward, less and less Green Devil Continent cultivators appeared. In the end, there were none, as if they disappeared.

“Something isn’t right…” Wang Lin’s eyes narrowed. He was already not far from the Heavenly Bull continent; they were near the edge. As they moved forward, the sea floor began to rise and the four of them flew out from the sea.

The sky was dark there was no moon tonight!

The dark world made the sea a blur. Only the gusts of wind caused waves to surge and rumble. One could faintly smell blood hidden in the waves.

Breaking out from the sea, the four of them floated into the sky. Aside from the sound of the sea, everything was silent.

White Tiger and company also noticed that something was wrong. They looked around and their eyes lit up. They were surrounded by darkness and they could only see a faint outline of the Heavenly Bull Continent.

“The three of you, protect me. I’m going to see how powerful this restriction is!” Wang Lin focused himself. After pondering a bit, he pressed his right hand on the sea below.

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