Chapter 1844 - An Opportunity!

When Wang Lin’s water essence was completed, many shadows appeared near him. The moment those shadows appeared, a green light spread out.

Wang Lin had long sensed the shadows that had suddenly appeared. He remained calm and his right hand grasped at the sea above. All the black liquid in the sea gathered in a flash and formed a drop of black liquid.

This liquid was the Ten Thousand Refined Corruption Liquid!

The shadows appeared one by one, followed by the auras of their powerful cultivation. As they all charged toward Wang Lin, he mercilessly squeezed the drop of black liquid.

“Water can isolate all auras. It can stop fire from burning, can suffocate life, can turn the world colorless…” Wang Lin murmured as he squeezed and the drop of black liquid in his hand until it collapsed. Large amounts of ink-like water spread out with Wang Lin as the center.

The 1,000 figures that had closed in on Wang Lin were trapped by the black liquid before they could even get close.

Miserable cries echoed inside the Pill Sea. All the green-robed cultivators touched by the black water trembled as their bodies rapidly corroded and their origin souls dissipated.

Some seemed to suffocate. Their eyes widened and they died. The water not only cut off air, but also celestial energy and the burning flames of their lives.

Some collapsed directly and the blood in their bodies came out of their pores. It crushed their bodies and shattered their origin souls.

There were also many that trembled violently as their bodies rapidly withered until they became bone-like corpses. Their origin souls weakened to the point of collapse.

Everything happened the moment Wang Lin’s right hand formed a seal. He was calm as he slowly walked forward through the corpses. Black liquid came from the corpses and entered Wang Lin’s body to fuse with his blood. 

After walking forward seven steps, Wang Lin suddenly turned around and looked into the distance. Far away in that direction was the location of the three flags where the woman was!

The woman’s body was trembling and her eyes were filled with fear. All the green dots around Wang Lin had been extinguished. The black that covered half the Pill Sea had also disappeared, leaving only a white dot that moved slowly before disappearing.

“Who is this person?! Why did he not show up when we investigated the powerful cultivators here!?” The woman silently pondered and clenched her teeth.

“All Green Devil Soldiers in the Pill Sea, listen to my order. Chase after this person and don’t let him leave. He took the Ten Thousands Refined Corruption Liquid. You must kill him to get it back!” the woman said before coughing out a mouthful of blood. The blood merged with her words and turned into gas that drilled into the compass.

When the blood dissipated, all the green-robed cultivators beside the woman quickly marched forward.

At the same time, all of the Green Devil Continent cultivators trembled as the woman’s voice echoed in their minds.

The reason her voice was able to spread so far was not because her cultivation level high, but through the compass in her hand. The compass was no ordinary object; it was the center of the restriction that surrounded the Pill Sea!

Wang Lin remained calm and moved through the Pill Sea. His pace was not fast, but with every step, he moved very far away, he was gaining speed.

“These people have sealed the Pill Sea. Although I don’t know why… since they only allow others to enter and not leave, it is obvious they don’t want the news to leak out…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up as he raised his right hand. A small person came out of his palm.

This little person was a soul Wang Lin had formed through the Soul Eye Dao. As Wang Lin walked forward, his gaze met the little person’s eyes. The little person trembled and kowtowed toward Wang Lin.

The moment the head of the little person touched Wang Lin’s palm, a rumble echoed in his mind. Just as he was about to divinite the future, a powerful force interrupted it by force.

His eyes narrowed and his expression became even more serious.

“There is someone interfering… Not against me, but all divination spells in this place…” Wang Lin closed his palm and the small person inside disappeared.

“I fear there will be a big mess here…” Wang Lin pondered as he stepped forward and ripples echoed under his feet. He disappeared without a trace as he used Spatial Bending.

Less than 10 breaths after he left, almost 1,000 figures appeared here. These figures were all wearing green robes, and after looking around a bit, they disappeared once more.

As for Wang Lin, when he got near the Heavenly Bull Continent, he walked out of the ripples and frowned. He didn’t leave the sea but looked up. His gaze seemed to penetrate the sea. He saw the dark sky above.

“The restriction here made it so Spatial Bending can only move within the Pill Sea and not leave… This restriction is a bit mysterious…” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up. He was not afraid of restrictions. It was difficult for a restriction escape his restriction essence. The more restrictions he encountered, the more beneficial it would be to his restriction essence.

If he could absorb and refine a powerful and ancient restriction, his restriction essence would increase greatly.

“The restriction here can be refined and absorbed into my restriction essence…” Wang Lin murmured to himself. When he was at the Soul Scripture Pavilion, he felt like it would not be good to refine the restriction there as an elder of the set. Also, those restrictions weren’t that mysterious; they merely contained the will of powerful cultivators.

While pondering, Wang Lin was very calm and waved his right hand. Dozens of flames began to burn in the sea to Wang Lin’s right.

The moment the fire appeared, miserable screams echoed and more than a dozen cultivators in green appeared. Their bodies were burning from a black fire that not even the sea water could put out. This fire was Ethereal Fire ignited by their killing intent!

Wang Lin rarely used Ethereal Fire, and this was his first time using it on the Immortal Astral Continent! But it was still extremely powerful when used unexpectedly. Those more than a dozen cultivators weren’t even at the third step. They were merely scouts sent to find Wang Lin, and they had no chance of resisting.

Wang Lin was about to rush out from the water to observe the restriction covering the Pill Sea. However, his expression changed and turned around and looked into the distance.

“The three of them… are actually here.” Wang Lin revealed a smile as he changed directions and stepped forward.

Thunderous rumbles rang out deep inside the sea. The White Tiger coughed out blood as he carried the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird to rapidly escape. The cultivator named Qian licked his lips and revealed a ferocious expression.

“Your body is pretty strong; it might be a good choice to refine you into a puppet.”

“The three of your have pretty good cultivation. According to my sect’s investigation, you three moved here only a few decades ago and belong to no sect. How about joining my Wu Ji Sect to avoid death?” The youth with the white jade-like face smiled.

The White Tiger’s face was deathly pale. He didn’t speak as he escaped like crazy with the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird, who were on their last breath. However, no matter how fast he moved, he was unable to create any distance from the two cultivators chasing him.

“White Tiger, the three of you should not be nameless. Why is our investigation of the three of you three blank for the countless years before you three came to the Pill Sea…” the youth with the white jade-like face slowly said as he pointed forward with the fan in his hand.

A strand of green gas appeared from the fan and turned into a golden celestial holding a gold sword. It stepped forward and sliced down on the White Tiger!

The moment the golden sword descended, White Tiger turned around. With a roar, a white tiger shadow appeared and separated from his body to pounce at the golden-armored celestial.

A thunderous rumble echoed and the celestial collapsed, but the white tiger also let out a miserable scream before collapsing. White Tiger trembled as he coughed out blood once more and retreated 1,000 feet.

“This old man is the White Tiger General, one of the four great generals of the Seven Dao Sect. I won't change my name or my sect. Little child, remember this well!” White Tiger didn’t look good, and he stopped fleeing. He understood that it was unlikely he would escape death in this situation.

Since he was going to die, then he was going to go out with a bang!

“Vermillion Bird General, one of the four great generals of the Seven Dao Sect!” Behind the White Tiger, the Vermillion Bird had blood flowing out of the corner of his mouth as he stared at the youth.

“Black Tortoise General!” The Black Tortoise also understood that the three of them would likely die. He let out a sigh and no longer hid his identity .  

“Seven Dao Sect? The Heavenly Bull Continent has such a sect?” The youth with the white jade-like face pondered for a moment but couldn’t think of such a sect in their investigation.

“Seven Dao Sect!” The cultivator named Qian carefully looked at the three of them after hearing this name.

“I once saw this name in the sect’s investigation of the Heavenly Bull Continent. It was a sect from a long time ago, and their sect leader was called the Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign or something. His cultivation was extraordinary, but that was a long time ago. He is likely dead.”

Hearing the name “Seven-Colored Celestial Sovereign,” White Tiger and company became silent. They had complicated expressions on their faces.

“Although the sect master is dead, there is still one more person! If he comes out, he will immediately become famous across the Immortal Astral Continent!” the White Tiger suddenly said.

The Vermillion Bird and the Black Tortoise looked at each other and nodded.

“Famous across Immortal Astral Continent? This matter is interesting. Could the person you’re talking about be Yun Yifeng from the Gui Yi Sect, or the four geniuses of the Eastern Continent? Funny!” The youth with the white jade-like face laughed as he charged forward filled with killing intent along with the cultivator named Qian!

But as they closed in and White Tiger and company were going to fight to the death, a voice appeared like the chilly wind.

“It is funny…”

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