Chapter 1843 - Breakthrough!

The three of them were the Vermillion Bird, the White Tiger, and the Black Tortoise who had come out of the cave world. They had returned many years ago and saw that the Seven Dao Sect no longer existed. They chose to leave and then came here to become rogue cultivators.

They had already been famous and had their time in the spotlight. However, they were near the end of their lifetimes; they were just tried and wanted to rest.

With their cultivation levels, they could have done great things in the Pill Sea, but the three of them chose to live a calm life.

However, although the trio wanted to be quiet, the wind wouldn’t allow them. Although they wanted to live in peace, now they were running for their lives. The Vermillion Bird and the Black Tortoise had been seriously injured. The White Tiger was the least injured and was carrying his two lifelong friends as they did their best to escape the Pill Sea.

When the words from those two entered his ears, White Tiger’s pale face revealed a miserable smile.

“There is no need for you two to speak. How can I escape alone!? We entered the cave world together and now Azure Dragon is dead, but it was understandable. However, didn’t we agree to stay here until we die of old age? Didn’t we agree to find three talented juniors to pass down our dao...

“We haven’t done these things yet, so how can I live by escaping alone!?” The White Tiger let out a roar as he carried the Black Tortoise and the Vermillion Bird while escaping.

Behind the three of them, the youth with the white jade-like face slowly chased with a fan in his hand. The youth named Qian revealed a vicious gaze as he let out a cold laugh and chased.

The two of them were in no rush. The Pill Sea was sealed, so there was no way for the three of them to escape. Toying with them like this was much more fun for the cultivator named Qian.

These five people continued their escape and pursuit. However, under the three flags, the woman’s eyes revealed a strange light as she stared at the compass in her hand.

She had a bad feeling! 

“In one day, the sea level has dropped hundreds of feet, several times more than yesterday! There is a problem!” She stared at the compass that was covered in green dots. There weren’t many white dots left, less than 1,000.

The three largest lights had disappeared. As for the nine weaker dots, after the first four disappeared, two more had disappeared. Only the three dots that were together were slowly moving, with two eye-catching green dots chasing them.

The woman carefully scanned the compass and frowned even harder.

“There is nothing wrong… How did the water level drop so much in two days… There are still two days left… Forget it, I’m not waiting until the end. The sudden reduction in the sea water is too strange… I’m going to use the Ten Thousand Refined Corruption Liquid to sweep the remaining cultivators!”

The woman felt a sense of unease. After hesitating for a bit, she clenched her teeth and took out the black liquid. She then flicked it toward the sea.

The drop of black water immediately flew down and disappeared into the sea. After it disappeared, the sea water before the woman turned black!

The ink-like black water rapidly spread at an unimaginable speed.

“No matter what kind of secret remains inside the Pill Sea, it will die to the Ten Thousand Refined Corruption Liquid!”

As for Wang Lin, after two days, he had absorbed a large amount of sea water. He condensed it inside his body in an attempt to form a water essence, but none had formed yet. After pondering, he absorbed even faster.

Several hours later, more than half of the Pill Sea had turned black. All Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators that were touched by it screamed one by one. Their bodies were corroded by the water, and not even their origin souls could escape.

Even the group of green-robed cultivators slowed down in the black sea, but they weren’t injured. The woman under the flags couldn’t see it, but the compass in her hand clearly revealed the changes that were happening.

Half of the Pill Map on her compass had turned black. All the white dots touched by the black sea had disappeared as if they were erased.

“Whoever is causing the problem, I want to see how you will absorb the Pill Sea once it has been defiled…” the woman murmured, and there was a cold flash in her eyes as she searched the hundreds of white dots on her compass.

She was very concerned about the fact that the sea level was decreasing rapidly. She had to find the reason!

The white dot representing Wang Lin was overlooked by the woman once more. However, as her gaze swept past, hey eyes locked onto the white dot representing Wang Lin and revealed monstrous killing intent!

“Every white dot represents a non-Green Devil Continent cultivator… All the white dots are slowly moving toward the Heavenly Bull Continent to escape, but this White Dot has remained motionless!!

“I should have noticed it a long time ago!” There was a flash of killing intent in her eyes.

“Directly north, 97 million kilometers way, send 30 sets of Green Devil Soldiers to kill…” Before she finished speaking, the white dot that represented Wang Lin suddenly disappeared.

This happened so suddenly that she stopped talking and was startled.

As for Wang Lin, he had continued to absorb sea water during these days, but he was still not able to condense any water essence. Shortly after, he began absorbing even faster, making his body tremble. He opened his eyes and they shined brightly.

“Water essence!! I feel the aura of a water essence!!” Wang Lin’s eyes lit up, and after hesitating a bit, he revealed a decisive gaze. He stood up and stepped forward. Ripples appeared under his feet as he merged with the world and disappeared.

When Wang Lin reappeared, he was above the other half of the Pill Sea, where the black liquid was. When he appeared, he felt a terrifying force from the black sea water that could corrode all flesh and even origin souls.

“This is another power of the water essence!” Wang Lin’s body was currently in the ninth cycle of completing his water essence. He had more resistance to the black sea water than ordinary cultivators.

Although this sea water was terrifying, it could not corrode his body right away. More importantly, it contained the water essence Wang Lin needed right now!

After he appeared, Wang Lin sat down without hesitation. His hands formed a seal and the 36,000 pores in his body opened to absorb the black sea water into his body!

As he rapidly absorbed it, he felt a stinging ping in his body, but at the same time, an extremely comfortable feeling came from his heart. His body was being nourished and the ninth cycle was slowly being completed!

Far away from Wang Lin, on the other side of the Pill Sea, near the Green Devil Continent, under the three flags, the woman’s pupils shrank. She stared at the compass in her grasp and her right hand trembled.

The black ink that covered half the Pill Sea was rapidly dissipating on the map. When she saw this, her expression changed and she gasped.

“This…” Disbelief appeared in her eyes as she looked at the compass in a daze. Soon, she noticed that there was a white dot within the black part of the Pill Sea. This dot wasn’t bright, but it was the only white dot in this half of the Pill Sea!

“It’s that person!” The woman’s eyes filled with killing intent as she pointed forward with her left hand.

“50 set of Green Devil Soldiers, kill that person!” With that, more than half of the 1,000 cultivators beside the woman stepped forward and disappeared.

In the woman’s compass, large amounts of green dots appeared around Wang Lin, surrounding him.

As for Wang Lin, he was rapidly absorbing the water essence and his body was rapidly recovering. His dried-up hands quickly recovered and his blood began to move as if he had regained his vitality.

His body, head, and hair were no longer dry as he continued to absorb the black sea water.

The ninth cycle of the water essence began to move once more after Wang Lin injected new power into it by absorbing the black sea water.

This speed was very fast and the sea level in this area was rapidly dropping. Wang Lin’s water essence’s ninth cycle quickly completed!

The moment the ninth cycle completed, Wang Lin opened his eyes. His body was no longer withered; it had completely recovered!

The moment he recovered, the eighth essence appeared in his body. It was the water essence!

The appearance of this water essence caused Wang Lin’s cultivation level to suddenly increase. A powerful aura spread out around him. This was the aura of his true cultivation level, late stage Spirit Void.

At this moment, his aura increased like crazy and broke through!

At the moment of breakthrough, his aura continued to increase until it reached the peak of Spirit Void and was only one step away from Arcane Void!

At the same time, the inside of Wang Lin’s body raged and popping sounds echoed. His eyes revealed a light like that of a water crystal!

“Water essence, condense in the blood of my body. From now on, my blood will be the water essence!”

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