Chapter 1842 - Cultivators of the Green Devil Continent!

The caves inside the depths of the sea were broken into by the groups of cultivators in green, and they ruthlessly killed the people inside. Anyone who tried to escape would be chased by groups of green-robed cultivators. They wouldn’t give up until their target was dead!

Due to the fact that the entire Pill Sea was sealed and there were too many green-robed cultivators, it was difficult to escape!

Slaughter loomed within the roar of the Pill Sea. The smell of blood slowly attracted the fierce beasts inside the Pill Sea.

This was a massacre; this was a slaughter of unequal cultivation levels. The green-robed cultivators were high level cultivators, and they strictly followed commands as they annihilated all the Heavenly Bull Continent cultivators in the Pill Sea!

On the other side of the Pill Sea, near the Green Devil Continent, there were three large flags inserted into the sea. There were thousands of cultivators below the flags, and they were all silently looking ahead with a cold gaze.

At the center of the thousands of cultivators, there were three people not wearing green but white. It was two men and one woman. They looked fairly young, only about 30 years old.

The woman was very beautiful, her head was lowered, and she was looking at a palm-sized compass in her hand.

Among the three, there was a young man whose face was like white jade. He pondered a bit and said, “Senior Brother Qian, Junior Sister Zhao, the slaughter in the Pill Sea has already lasted seven days. If we don’t speed it up, I fear we can’t complete the old ancestors’ order.” 

The other young man looked ordinary but would occasionally reveal a poisonous gaze. After hearing what the white jade-faced youth had said, he slowly answered, “At most four more days for this slaughter to end and kill all the Heavenly Bull cultivators in the Pill Sea!”

“The Pill Sea is the gateway for my Green Devil Continent to enter the Heavenly Bull Continent. There are many powerful cultivators here, so it's difficult to deal with them all quickly. However, it is as senior brother Qian said - four more days should be enough.” The woman smiled as she moved a strand of her hair behind her ear with her left hand.

“Senior brothers, look at the compass of the Pill Sea.” As the woman spoke, the compass in her right hand shined and the entire map of the Pill Sea appeared.

There were thousands of green dots all over the map of the Pill Sea, and they seemed to be slowly moving.

Aside from these green dots, there was also a large amount of white dots. The white dots were like candle fire that could extinguish at any moment. In just these few moments of talking, hundreds of white dots disappeared and were devoured by the green dots.

The white lights had different sizes. There were three dots far brighter than the others.

“The three strongest cultivators in the Pill Sea are at the mid stage of Void Tribulant. The ancestors have already sent out Green Devil Messengers to deal with them, so we don’t need to worry about them!” the woman slowly said.

Aside from those three brightest lights, there were less than 10 lights that were smaller but still far larger than others. They were surrounded by green dots and seemed to be engaged in a fierce battle.

“Aside from those three rogue cultivators, there are nine more with slightly inferior cultivation levels, at around seven or eight Arcane Tribulants. They are the targets for the three of us! As long as we kill them, the rest of the cultivators in the sea will not be a problem. With this item, four days should be enough to kill them!”

The woman smiled and raised her left hand. She waved her jade-like hand and a drop of black liquid appeared in her palm. The black liquid was crystal clear and gave off a strange light. Rich water essence aura came from this drop of liquid.

“With the treasure from the Poison Devil Sect, the Ten Thousand Refined Corruption Liquid, do you think the cultivators in the Pill Sea stand a chance, senior brothers?” The woman looked up at the two youths.

The youth whose face was like white jade smiled and slowly said, “We can’t be careless. Since our three sects have joined forces, no accidents can happen, and we can’t let the Heavenly Bull Continent notice anything. The three ancestors have already begun using spells to disrupt people from divinating what will happen. We must slaughter the Heavenly Bull cultivators in the Pill Sea and refine it back into half of a celestial pill. Then we will use the pill to break open the invisible barrier around the Heavenly Bull Continent!” 

None of the three saw that on compass map in the woman’s hand, there was a very ordinary white dot near the Heavenly Bull Continent.

This very ordinary white dot was where Wang Lin was! Green dots would occasionally pass by, but they didn’t notice him at all.

Wang Lin was calmly sitting in the depths of the sea, and his body had fused with the sea. He slowly condensed the water that entered his body to form water essence to nourish his body.

However, it was very difficult to condense water essence from the sea water. Perhaps if he condensed the whole sea into a drop, he could form water essence, but no matter what, Wang Lin had to try.

His divine sense was fusing with the sea, so he noticed the slaughter happening in the Pill Sea. The entire Pill Sea was immersed in the slaughter.

Time slowly passed. In a flash, one day went by. During this day, more than a dozen groups of green-robed cultivators flew above Wang Lin, but none of them noticed Wang Lin in the seaweed below them.

After this day of time, the giant Pill Sea had sunk 100 feet, as if the water had disappeared into thin air. This slowly attracted the attention of the cultivators, but with all the slaughter, no one paid too much attention.

The three people under the three flags that pierced the heavens on the Green Devil Continent side were like this.

The beautiful woman looked at the compass in her hand and spoke, “Northeast, 390,000 kilometers away. One set of Green Devil Soldiers, go!” Dozens of cultivators suddenly moved forward. They entered the water and disappeared without a trace.

They couldn’t use Spatial Bending, but the Green Devil Continent was well prepared. Not only did the restriction seal the Pill Sea, it could also allow Green Devil Continent cultivators to merge into it to move.

“Southeast, 1.98 million kilometers away. Five sets of Green Devil Soldiers, go!” After she spoke, over 100 cultivators stepped out and disappeared.

Orders came from the woman and she continued to deploy troops based on the compass map in her hand. With the help of the large amount of Green Devil Continent cultivators, they wiped out the resisting white dots.

“Senior Brother Qian, Senior Brother Zhao, it's up to you guys. Out of the nine, four have died and five remain. Two of them have scattered, so there is nothing to worry about, but three of them have gathered together...

“These three people are probably good friends and are good at joint attacks. I ask you two senior brothers to kill these three!” On the compass in the woman’s hand, there were three slightly larger points of light that were moving toward the Heavenly Bull Continent. The green dots that got close to them extinguished one after another, representing death.

The young man whose face was like white jade smiled and raised his right hand. A fan appeared in his grasp and he knocked the center of his left palm with it as he looked at the young man named Qian before him.

“Senior Brother Qian, Little Brother will follow and see the Grand Devil Dao Spell of the Devil Dao Sect.”

The cultivator named Qian revealed a poisonous expression, and without a word, he stepped forward into the formation. He disappeared without a trace. The young man whose face was like white jade shook his head with a smile and followed

After the two of them left, the woman surrounded by thousands of cultivators frowned and looked at the compass in her hand. She was confused about something.

“Strange, why did the water in the Pill Sea decrease so much in a day…” Her gaze swept by all the white dots, including the one that represented Wang Lin.

However, the white dot that represented Wang Lin was simply too common and didn’t attract her attention. She pondered for a bit before burying this matter in her heart. She continued to deploy troops to work with the cultivators of the Green Devil Sect to wipe out the few remaining rogue cultivators of the Heavenly Bull Continent in the Pill Sea.

The slaughter was endless, and Wang Lin ignored all of this as he spent all his effort absorbing the sea water. He was like an endless hole that continued to condense the sea water in an attempt to gather water essence.

However, it was simply too difficult to condense this water essence. Even 100 feet of sea water was still not enough.

“Then let’s absorb more!” Wang Lin opened his dried-up eye and watched a group of green-robed cultivators fly above him. He frowned.

A moment later, Wang Lin withdrew his gaze and closed his eyes to continue absorbing more water. After a day, the water line continued to lower until it had lowered more than 800 feet! Even some of the reefs were now exposed to the surface.

Even the many cultivators who were part of the slaughter could no longer ignore this change, but they had no idea what was happening!

“Where did all the sea water go?”

“Could it be that someone is using a powerful spell?” The green-robed cultivators in the Pill Sea couldn’t remain calm anymore.

At this moment, at the bottom of the sea, far away from Wang Lin, there were three people running away. Two of them were obviously seriously injured, but the last person didn’t abandon them to escape on their own.

“White Tiger, leave by yourself… Vermillion Bird and I are seriously injured. Taking us along would just drag you down.”

“I didn’t expect to encounter this death calamity after we left the Seven Dao Sect and came here to cultivate in peace… Alas, White Tiger, leave by yourself!”

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