Chapter 1841 - Shocking Change!

As these words echoed, the earth rumbled and a giant fist made of earth appeared. It flew toward Wang Lin.

Wang Lin’s expression remained the same, but there was a flash of coldness in his eyes. As the fist made of earth closed in, he threw a punch.

A thunderous bang rumbled. Wang Lin didn’t move, but the fist made of earth trembled before it collapsed. A terrified cry came from inside the earth.

An earth yellow figure appeared from the earth. Without hesitating, he took a step and escaped into the ground.

From afar, the grass on the earth swayed and hid this person within.

At the same time, the third person struggling against the fire with the green light let out a miserable cry and suddenly stopped.

The mouth of fire devoured him in an instant. The monstrous fire formed a fire storm, and Wang Lin’s essence true body walked out of it. 

“Want to run?” There was a flash of coldness in Wang Lin’s eyes. He looked at the figure trying to escape in the earth, stepped forward, and landed on the ground.

“I didn’t want to kill you, but you’re all courting death!” Wang Lin let out a cold snort and raised his withered hand. He didn’t chase but pressed his hand down on the ground.

This caused an aura to erupt from the ground under him, and his dried-up hair drifted upwards. The grass began to rapidly wither and water vapor was rapidly absorbed by Wang Lin’s dried hands.

This absorption was very fast, and large amounts of green grass around Wang Lin withered. Strands of water vapor flew toward his arms.

The grass before Wang Lin withered especially rapidly. If one was above, they would see the shocking scene of the grass before Wang Lin rapidly withering. Strands of water vapor entered Wang Lin’s body, and the withering seemed to be chasing the person escaping.

The cultivator in the earth felt his heart tremble like crazy. He felt the powerful aura of death chasing him. If that aura touched him, he would die.

As he fled, the grass behind him withered even faster. Some of the caves nearby were about to be affected. The escaping cultivator gritted his teeth and rushed toward those caves.

“Damn it, how can he be so strong?! But it is only one person. If he angers everyone, then he will die!”

The person who had escaped using earth escape was very fast and was charging toward those caves. The grass behind him rapidly withered and almost caught up to him. When he got close to the caves, there was flash of coldness in his eyes when a powerful aura suddenly erupted from one of the caves. Following that, a white-haired old man walked out from one of the caves.

The moment he appeared, the aura of an early stage Void Tribulant cultivator spread out. The old man didn’t hesitate to charge toward the escaping person and wave his hand.

Thunderous rumbles echoed and a shockwave spread across the earth, reaching toward the escaping cultivator. This caused the cultivator to pause for a moment, then he was quickly knocked away.


The escaping cultivator coughed out blood and was pushed out from the earth. The moment he was knocked back out, the withered prairie looked like a giant mouth and touched his body.

At this instant, the cultivator let out a miserable scream and his body rapidly withered. He lost all water and blood and as his body died his origin soul flew out. However black gas surrounded his origin soul and as he tried to escape the Yi Si Puppet caught up. His origin soul was shrouded by black fog as miserable screams echoed and then slowly dissipated.

“Fellow Cultivator, this old man is Zuo Zou. The person who provoked you have died, so please dissipate this dao spell. This is the lowest point in the entire Heavenly Bull Continent and can’t be lost. Please don’t destroy the foundation of all the rogue cultivators in the Extreme Sky Prairie!” The white-haired old man appeared in the sky. He looked at Wang Lin in the distance and clasped his hands.

After he said those words, the grass on the earth no longer withered and water vapor flew toward Wang Lin’s body. However, this much water, along with the essence from that cultivator, wasn’t enough for Wang Lin to complete the ninth cycle.

At this moment, he raised the hand from the ground and looked at the old man in the distance. Then he looked at the prairie and his pondered.

“Most of the rogue cultivators here are underground… Strange! The lower part of the continent… Or so to say, this is the place closest to the heart of the earth…”

After pondering a bit, Wang Lin didn’t speak but glanced at the old man before leaving.

The Yi Si Puppet was called back and returned to Wang Lin’s side with the mosquito king. He waved his sleeve and it was put away.

As Wang Lin stepped forward, ripples echoed and he merged with the world. He used Spatial Bending to disappear and leave this prairie.

It wasn’t until Wang Lin left that the old man relaxed. Shadows came out from the earth and more than a dozen people looked at where Wang Lin went.

“Left Senior is decisive. This person is not someone we can provoke. His puppet is very strong and his beast is very strange. He himself is also very powerful! Such a person can’t be without a sect!”

“Yes, that person’s is very decisive and even killed the Black Mountain Dao’s four people. He is indeed fierce, and based on his appearance, he is clearly a demonic cultivator!”

“The Black Mountain Dao’s four can only blame themselves. They followed him for many days. They’re dead now, so let this matter be over. Fellow cultivators, scatter!” the old man said before turning to leave.

As for Wang Lin, after he used Spatial Bending for a second time, he appeared in a mountain range. According to Yan Lu’s map, he was three months away from the inland sea.

“The Heavenly Bull Continent is too big…” Wang Lin summoned the mosquito beast and sat on its back as it flew east. The mosquito beast was very fast. This place was near the Green Devil Continent, so there weren’t many cultivators around; only mortal cities occasionally appeared.

Wang Lin didn’t know much about the Green Devil Continent, but Kang Ren had an extreme fear of the Green Devil Continent, as if anyone from there was terrifying.

Ten days of time went by in a flash, Wang Lin crossed paths with some cultivators, but they didn’t interact with each other, just passed by. Even if their divine senses spread out, after seeing Wang Lin’s appearance, they hesitated a bit and left.

After ten days, Wang Lin used the third spatial bending and disappeared from this mountain range.

The Eastern Continent was very large, and the sea between the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent was called the Pill Sea. Rumor had it that this sea was created by a pill that fell from the sky.

However, this rumor was simply too ridiculous; it was impossible to imagine what kind of pill could create a sea like this. No one believed it, but this was passed down as a rumor for generations.

The Pill Sea was endless as the waves raged. Although it was an inland sea, the wind and waves were still fierce.

Because this was a place that belonged to both the Heavenly Bull Continent and the Green Devil Continent, the cultivators here were rather chaotic. Dark clouds covered the sky as thunder rumbled and rain fell to merge with the sea.

Below the clouds, ripples appeared in the rain. Wang Lin’s figure walked out from the ripples and stood above the sea.

Looking at the sea below, Wang Lin’s dried-up eyes shined brightly. He was only half a cycle away from completing his water essence. He didn’t need much, just a sliver!

However, the only method he could think of to obtain it in a short period of time was to condense it from the endless sea. Whether he could successfully condense it was still unknown.

While pondering, Wang Lin’s body slowly sank toward the seafloor. After an unknown amount of time, land appeared below him.

There were many colorful corals and seaweed covering the seafloor, as well as countless fish and shrimp swimming nearby. Wang Lin sat down within the seaweed and closed his eyes, placed his hand on his knees, and formed a seal with his hands.

The moment his hands formed a seal, the sea water around him trembled. Invisible ripples spread out in all directions.

Wang Lin murmured, “Water essence, gather!” 

After he spoke, the endless sea began to surge and thunderous rumbles echoed across the world.

Wang Lin’s body gave off no aura at this moment, as if he had merged with the Pill Sea. It was impossible to distinguish them, as if he was part of the sea.

As the Pill Sea trembled and boiled, it should have attracted the rogue cultivators from both continents. However, a bloodbath was raging inside the sea, so no one paid any attention to the sea raging!

The entire sea was surrounded by a layer of restrictions. This restriction was very mysterious, and even Wang Lin hadn’t noticed it when he entered. Only when he was absorbing the Pill Sea did he vaguely notice it.

This layer of restrictions allowed one to enter but not leave, thus completely sealing the Pill Sea!

As Wang Lin absorbed the water essence, many miserable screams came from within the sea. Many rogue cultivators from the Heavenly Bull Continent were being slaughtered by cultivators surrounded by a green ghostly fire.

There was a large amount of cultivators like this in the Pill Sea!

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